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Not sure what the point of this article is supposed to be...

Oh wait, I hear jimmies being rustled. Now I see what the intention is here...

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This... could make for a great reboot.

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As a Nintendo fan, I welcome Smash clones. It gives me a chance to play Smash, but with characters Nintendo wouldn't consider using. Yeah, there's always hacks (textures, movesets, music, and stages can all be modded with little effort on legacy Wii, but that still requires going out of your way for the experience)

If the game is horrid, the game is horrid. The reason Smash is the standard is because Smash is just a good game series.

I always consi...

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I find it funny how the 14 year olds on here think that the number of people online correlates in any significant way to the total number of people of who bought that game.

Let's re-evaluate after the holidays. I suspect the numbers will triple by then.

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I'm diggin' that Hummer. Gonna be fun to launch some NPC traffic off the road.

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I can feel N4G's loneliness in all the attention this is getting.

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Domination is good for ranking up, Free for All is better for getting better at the game (well, in terms of getting a handle on gameplay anyway).

Nothing can prepare you for THAT GUY who stands in the doorway and doesn't move so you BOTH get killed.

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