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"John 8:32 “And you will know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free.”"


Might as well give us a HD remake then. #4
That joke is so tired I was hoping I'd never hear it again. Just the mere mention makes me cringe. #11
If you have to defend your work then there's something wrong. A good game would defend itself.

Edit: On a side note, this guy should just get over it already. #1.2
Lol really. They had no business adding themselves to that list. #1.2
This looks EXACTLY like Destroy all monsters. It's like they rehashed the last game and sold it again! I'll bet they did. #4.2
Why are some of these games listed full price? If they are then what was the point of adding them if they aren't on sale? #17
Hell yeah! Congrats to Mr. Suzuki for a successful kick starter. This game is frickin happening! #2
Does this guy ever learn his lesson? Outsourcing = Bad game in the making. Borderlands is the only good game they can make anyway. #7
It's not a flash sale if I'm not taken by surprise. That's why it's called the Flash Sale. It comes out of nowhere. #5
Oh thank the lord I thought this day would never come. Maybe now we'll actually some games get released. #14
I think I can safely say that this was the greatest E3 in existence. No E3 will ever top this. #3
Sony said it themselves: It was to test to see how much people wanted it; to see if it was in any demand. You can't blame them seeing as how the first 2 games costed $40-50 million to make each, which in today's standards would be about $70 million. They sold fairly well but didn't sell enough to cover production costs, and Sony knew that. They wanted to know that they weren't wasting time and resources getting it made and now they know it won't go to waste. Pretty genius... #2
This is just too hilarious. I've never once in my life seen a petition to get a game cancelled. #3
This could be the beginning of something huge. Imagine remakes of Legend of Dragoon or Chrono Cross happening because of this. Remakes of classic games could be the next big thing. Sony no doubt lit a spark that could light up the whole gaming industry. #13
Is this a dream? Is this all just a heavenly dream? #13
So that confirms it. This is just a major setback for the game. I would prefer my main character be quiet. #3
Might as well call it "Leak-3" at this point. #2.2
Please be as good as High Moon's games. #8
NO! This was THE game I was waiting to buy a ps4 for. I was so sure it was coming out next year! #14
Blame the publisher Warner Bros. for forcing them to make all this dlc. This is their last Arkham game so they're gonna nickel and dime it for all it's worth. #1.1
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