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Also seeing as his birthday is November 3rd.

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You're the reason ME slided away from RPG elements. Glad they're taking the scenic route and giving us Mass Effect 1 again.

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Never even heard of the actress to be honest.

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Wow it's been a year already??

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Just got Darksiders 2 for 5 dollars. That's highway robbery.

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What I hated most about Inquisition was the need to complete every boring side quest in order to finish the story. I didn't even make it to the ending before I gave up and stopped playing.

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Git Gud, Scrubs.

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Ugh, screw off with this feminst crap already.

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I think I can wait. With the direction they were going with the settlement crap and the decreasing presence of rpg elements in Fallout 4 it's safe to say that it will just get worse over time unless they stop experimenting with things we don't want.

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Am I the only one who bursted out laughing when converting to usd?

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Way too early my boi. Expect news in 2018 at the earliest.

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Cool. Can't wait.

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To be fair the game is complete enough as it is, with it being 80+ hours long. Also some of it is free so you really shouldn't complain. Paid DLC in this regard is icing on a cake.

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Damn it. This makes me want to sell my 3DS.

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Or maybe it's not the only reason I'm getting a PC. Mainly because I want to mod the games I buy. (And when Sony didn't allow mods on PS4.) Also you don't have to spend a thousand to build a decent setup. I'll be paying less than $400 for mine. Excluding the monitor and keyboard/mouse.

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Bought mine last week. Only need one more year cuz I'm gonna build a PC when I get my tax refund. I'll keep my PS4 just for the exclusives. Screw Sony for this they're letting their success get to their heads.

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He'll start singing a different tune when the sales start to drop. People will get tired of the same thing eventually.

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Good. Rather they use all their resources for Cyberpunk.

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Both of them messed up: Bethesda promised something they couldn't deliver and Sony didn't give Mods a chance realizing how profitable it could be for them in the long run. Don't matter to me anyone because I'm building a PC next year. Still keeping my PS4 for exclusives only.

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