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"John 8:32 “And you will know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free.”"


Good luck Notch. Amazing game that you created. #13
Gamefly can save you a ton of money in the long run. All you can play for 25 bucks a month. The only downside is not every game is available or very hard to get. #1.3
Best Gaming year since 2011? #1.2
How about makes a man click? Don't deny your animal nature. It's only natural. #5.1
I am so tired of about "The cloud". If it's so powerful why don't they prove it already. #23
Honestly why would you even want one? It's slim enough as it is. #11
Seriously. Lol they can't go one minute without bashing video games. #1.4
>Just Cause 2< #5.1
Lol what a cheap way to get ratings. #15
I'm looking at Far Cry 2. Haven't played FC 3 yet. Should I give this one a try first? #6
Phil Spencer, Phil Harrison, Phil Fish, Phil Philston. #1.3.1
I work at Walmart and I can't believe I'm just hearing this. This is too perfect. #10
Ugh typical clickbait. This isn't the final art and they know it. #4
Tickets ready?! All Aboard!! #4
All aboard the Playstation Express!! The ride will never end you're here forever! #1.8
Will you be able to rent brand new games I wonder? Thinking of switching a PS3 for 4 but I'm waiting for Persona 5. No I can't afford both. #9
Too soon. #7
They are funnier because they're scripted. #3.2
What?!!! #25
Awesome. Hope I win. #115
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