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"John 8:32 “And you will know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free.”"


The joke that never ends. #3.1.2
Only if its Bethesda. No one else knows how to make Fallout games.

*Fixed* #9.1
Click was pretty damn funny, actually. #13.4
Finally! I've been waiting FOREVER for an update on this game. #13
More RPG elements. More space exploration. Less linear levels. Basically more ME1 and less 2 and 3. #16
This ....this does NOT compute. My brain can't even process this. #5.2
Please be Darksiders 3. The first two games were f**kin amazing. #5
Yes, this is all I ask. Mass Effect 1 was my absolute fav. #3.2
Probably not until E3. Good news is only less than 4 months left to go! #1.2
Alright that's it. I was gonna wait to buy this because I plan on getting a ps4 next year but f*ck that I'm getting this on Ps3. #7
Holy crap. I mean we're already due for a new elder scrolls next year. If they announce Fallout 4 AND Elder Scrolls the internet will NUKE! #47
Hope to get some DLC at some point but there's way too much content anyway so no point in being greedy. #1.3
So the theme in this one is "caped crusaders". F*cking awesome! Fighting crime only at night like in P3. Wonder how many characters are in the game. #1.3
Wait a damn minute! What was that thing all about at Pax when Randy said they're looking for help to start? If hadn't started why would they announce it this early? #8
Dear lord yes. #5
Oh yeah he would have that delicious bosom show up on every page lol. #17
Cool is that a griffin? #2
Because sex sells. #6.1
Just wait and be patient. Don't you want it to be good? #9
Best year since 2011 that's for damn sure. #1.3
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