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"John 8:32 “And you will know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free.”"


10 years. It took 10 f*cking years but it's finally being released. Finally! #7
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Konami can suck it. In the end Kojima got the last laugh. #1
Suck it, Konami. Kojima's the one getting all the praise. #15
He's still got it. #1.2
Seriously. Why couldn't have the first one been real? I'd buy the sh*t outta that. #6
What I did was sell my old games off Ebay. It's a pain in the a** to make an account but in the end it was worth it. Saved alot of money. #1.4
Lmao #1.1
PLEASE let this be real. #24
Yes, but my point is if you screw up and hit a building you won't be getting another life to try it again. How you possibly practice doing this? #3.1.1
Impressive indeed. Though in real life this would be extremely dangerous. Also impossible. #3
Seeing as Wada was the main reason games took so long to get released, now that he's gone I don't think it'll take that long. #2.2.2
Might as well give us a HD remake then. #4
That joke is so tired I was hoping I'd never hear it again. Just the mere mention makes me cringe. #11
If you have to defend your work then there's something wrong. A good game would defend itself.

Edit: On a side note, this guy should just get over it already. #1.2
Lol really. They had no business adding themselves to that list. #1.2
This looks EXACTLY like Destroy all monsters. It's like they rehashed the last game and sold it again! I'll bet they did. #4.2
Why are some of these games listed full price? If they are then what was the point of adding them if they aren't on sale? #17
Hell yeah! Congrats to Mr. Suzuki for a successful kick starter. This game is frickin happening! #2
Does this guy ever learn his lesson? Outsourcing = Bad game in the making. Borderlands is the only good game they can make anyway. #7
It's not a flash sale if I'm not taken by surprise. That's why it's called the Flash Sale. It comes out of nowhere. #5
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