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My Vita died a few years back and I opted not to replace it but I was a day one gamer. After the first year or two there was a constant flow of "is the Vita dead?" threads coming in.

I was a digital gamer almost exclusively on the device and I think a lot of gamers were. The Vita is dead when they shut down the online store.

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It already has more sales than PS Vita and it's only been out a year. Last time I checked Vita is still getting games.

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This may mean bad news for Nintendo unless they make games designed to scale up from Switch to these other more powerful devices.

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Considering their consoles has been hacked wide open and cannot be remedied the last thing they should be doing is implementing anti-consumer practices such as utilizing a paywall for save backups. They are opening Pandora's box here.

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They're already screwing it up by poorly communicating what it is and also by being oblivious to how what they've communicated makes them look like they're utilizing anti-consumer practices by currently putting backups behind a paywall. If they came out and said we'll be able to back up to a disk and that the cloud saves on a Nintendo server is part of this premium online service then a lot of the heat would be gone. If they explained whether or not N64 and GameCube would be i...

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Keefer's pay was probably based on how many lines he spoke.

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Analysis: yet no one seems to care...

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These people wishing to censor games so that they fit in with their ideals need to either:

a.) f'off


b.) make the games they expect to see.

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Well played.

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What is the play time??

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One thing lost on the Forbes writer is a large chunk of the gaming community are kids and college students. These people don't have as much money as Johnny Forbes journalist. It's appealing to them to be able to borrow games, to trade games, to trade in games, to buy games at yard sales, flea markets, kijiji, Craigslist, etc. They can't do that when it's a digital download, can they?

For me, I almost exclusively buy digital downloads but I'm not a kid...

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FreeSpeech69, you don't know anything about the guy. Some of us owned an NES in the 80's, grew up with it, and have done the emulator thing to catch anything we missed. I can relate, family and career limit playtime and so you make a choice between something you played possibly 15-20 years ago or Witcher 3 or FO4 or Ark Survival Evolved or whatever; easy choice. If I'm gonna go back in play old stuff I'm now going further than PS2 or PSP personally because I've owned a ...

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Hololense is gonna cost three times the most expensive announced VR headset.

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He doesn't sound like a winner to me so it's not really punishment, it more like a correcting adjustment.

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BossBattle has a point. Sony is a soulless cold corporation as much as any. You just happen to like their toys.

The best thing for gamers is as many competitive consumer products in the market as possible. Competition fosters value to the consumer where as lack of competition leads to higher prices, lesser quality, lesser content, etc. In a capitalist society competition is the fuel the machine runs on.

So next time you feel like dropping your pants to your...

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More like they're hurting financially and needed to make slashes. Companies don't toss out assets and sunken costs like this when they have the flexibility of a gaming business. Devs can always be redirected to new projects researched to be good investments. Instead they opt to toss these studios in the trash.

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Fable Myth.

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In the Wii days it was due to record setting demand. Can you say that now?

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Have you seen the new series the 3DS got from Square? It doesn't look low budget to me and it's essentially "FF Classic". They just won't release it across all platforms for some reason.

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Those who are upset are probably realizing that if they own a decent PC then they've clearly invested in the wrong console this gen.

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