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"Disgaea 3 is a lot of fun. Now if only Sony would give us PS+ members more of this..."


This is why my PS4 is collecting dust and I'm PC gaming lately. It sucks being a Canadian gamer right now unless you're on PC because otherwise it's so damn expensive.

Oh and to the guy that's going to bring up the console price vs. PC price (sir, you know who you are) I already own both so bam, preemptive in---yo---face. ;) #1.1.2
I'm not seeing many great deals. I wish developers would offer deals on PSN like they do on Steam. #2.1
Not that I was bad mouthing this man, but you need to learn to differentiate between games and life.

RIP Mr. Iwata, may you be in a better place in peace. #1.1.15
It must be some sort of VR tech I'd imagine. Something no one else is doing or planning to do in the next year or two. That's the only way they hit 20M.Oh and it has games at launch. #16
RROD is what turned me off as well. #1.1.13
Paleblood, what they're saying DOES make sense. They don't want to spend hundreds on a console that doesn't have a lot of lifespan left. Not a good investment. If he wants one I'm sure there will be many used options available for pennies on the dollar in a few years if Nintendo has indeed given up on the Wii U. #1.1.7
Just "bought it" on my phone via PSN (NA) and sent it to my download queue on my PS4. Will play later. :) #1.1.5
Won't matter much there because the next project is already in the pipelines. Whatever NX is, it's coming hell or high water now. #7.1
I remember many sound bites from Square as to why they have not (and will not remake FF7) in the past. So much so that I was totally shocked and speechless when the announcement came.

I played all the games you're talking about. Let's hope they bring more to the table than that because while those were good, I wanted to see something more, something new added like online vs. battles, battle arena like in FF10, etc.

I'd also like to see a "d... #5.1.2
Nintendo should give current Wii U owners a discount on the next system. I don't own a Wii U. #6
Well we are getting a FF7 remake. Everyone else before now has basically told the fans to go f'themselves. #5
No, you can add voices. I'm not one to toss out the word stupid like you're doing but you're missing the point and focusing on trying to win a nerd fight that doesn't even exist.

I'm stated my opinion on what I want and that being a traditional JRPG and not an action adventure game. I love action adventure games but I also love well made traditional JRPGs. The latter are few and far between these days from Square. #4.2
Why does it matter? #1.4.6
Just curious, what is your opinion based on? We hardly have ANY information on the thing. #1.8
Read below. I answered you. #3.1.3
Adriane, sure, here's a start:

- Turn based JRPG
- Strong story telling
- Chocobos
- Mogs
- Cid
- Biggs & Wedge
- Unique battle & character build system #4
I think I have no choice but to purchase Chivalry.

To anyone who's not played Witcher 2, now is the time. It's almost a crime to sell such an awesome game (including visuals even by today's standards) for that cheap. It's the best deal on Steam. #4
So.. Ummm you're saying what here exactly? People who hate nostalgia will hate this game? Was there anything in this game demo that looked "traditional final fantasy" to you? #3.1
These deals have nothing to do with "making a better game". #1.1.11
Vita memory cards are pretty expensive. This isn't that great a deal if you plan on having decent storage. #12.1.1
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