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How about because it's actually a fair debate to compare two equally priced consoles and not a PC roughly 3x the price?
Besides, the PC will always win in a comparison anyway, it's pointless to even bring it up. #1.1.25
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Today feels like Christmas Eve. Much excite! #2
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If they want The Last Guardian to sell, they should release it. #12
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"She's the Mario of Sony."

There's so much wrong with that statement it hurts. #3.4
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Story quality? WTF?
Like this website? No #22
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Looks great, can't wait! #1
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I think you're really missing the point here and your comparisons really don't apply. Yes saying xbox owners only want shooters and western RPGs is quite the oversimplification. Most multiplatform games sell pretty well on xbox, but the final fantasy XIII example just shows that the majority of the square-enix fans tend to own and, dare I say, prefer playing their games on playstation.

You really don't have to point out that Square Enix is... #2.2.7
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In power save settings you can set the controller to turn off after 10 mins without use. Not quite there but close. #8.2
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Guacamelee is a fantastic game! Similar to old school metroid games with new moves letting you explore new areas of the map. Controls are tight, pacing is excellent, perfect length, boss battles are tough but fair,i could go on. #2.2.2
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Any trophy earned offline stays earned but will not show up on your profile until you sync it with online servers.

Just like PS3, just like PSVita, your BS piss off is unwarranted.

As mentioned above, the sync is necessary because your PSN is linked to multiple machines. Yes the sync is annoying, but it should be much quicker on PS4 and I'm assuming will sync daily via the PSPlus feature. I'm sure a patch to background sync is in the works as well, or... #3.1
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Same, how long til boot up of the game til I'm playing. #4.1
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Well said.

You can bet that many indie releases will be on PS4/Vita, much like how we often get PS3/Vita releases now. The PS4 AND the Vita are both easy to develop for, so make it for one, may as well make it for the other.

That being said, I do appreciate it when I play a game specifically designed for the system. I personally would love a good JRPG, maybe implement use of the touch screen (I mean like navigating menus/maps, not gimmicky nonsense).
... #1.1
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Soooooo many great PS2 games, soooo many memories. #7
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I personally will rush to get this day 1 because I want to play Killzone, Knack, and DriveClub as soon as possible...feels like an eternity from now #1.3.3
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The only place you heard that was from reading your comment out loud before posting. #2.11.1
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Just goes to show Microsoft hasn't changed at all when it comes to a generation transition. Not one 360 exclusive (that I know of) is in the works, and they're going to leave the 360 dead in the water just like the original Xbox.

That's why I respect Sony so much more, they're still releasing high budget games for their current userbase while Microsoft is basically saying "HA, you want new games? Well then it looks like you have to buy our new console!&qu... #25
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True, but it seems people love to make lists that rag on popular and well received games just to get hits on their sites.

He brings up some valid points, but it's mostly just nitpicking at an overall terrific game.

Does it derserve GOTY? Stupid question, there's lots of the year left, wait til all the contenders are in to start making that call. #2.1.1
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Makes no sense, if few people bought the game, who's gonna buy the DLC? #2.1
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Who would be opposed? Anything that gets more money into their hands to make more amazing games is fine by me. #8
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Reduced details on a much smaller screen makes it look almost as good! #1.1.3
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