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Yup. Let's ignore the sensors, the imaging, the processors, the music, the movies, the insurance, the stakes, the patents, the streaming service, etc.

Sony is doomed and needs saving. The PS4 is Sony's only hope. Sony smashing the competition combined is a fluke. Sony has no games. VR won't work on vanilla PS4 systems. Neo will save Zion.

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The detractors have been on the move since it was announced.

What do you do?
How come you're not showing us everything?
It will be boring after a couple of planets.
Why the price?
Can you play with others online?
Etc, etc, etc

People looking forward to playing the game weren't expecting star citizen graphics. We know what you're supposed to do in the game because we researched it. Complaining that y...

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For those in the know, it's all about surviving the battle.

If you ever went up against "seven force" on hard, and enjoyed it, you know what I'm talking about.

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Some won't like VR. That's a given. But you can type in YouTube and see dozens of impressions of people trying it, some even detractors who found that it was better than than thought it would be. Some were disappointed that they didn't preorder or that it wasn't vive level. But you're not paying vive level cash.

Some in the thread, and we know who they are, will say Sony should have included the camera which IS in one of the bundles. But I'd bet thes...

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You might be well intentioned with writing this article. But it's sloppy as hell. And also promotes the idea that you need neo for playing VR. You don't. Let's break it down on your sloppy work.

4K is nice to have if you have it. But there isn't enough content out there to support it. The masses aren't watching TV in 4K. They just barely went digital with converter boxes. And others have finally made the jump to 1080P.5 years from now I can see more cont...

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Lol! Dualshockers joke.

Yeah I think Abriel is slipping on adjectives.

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Hope so. It would add to my list of VR games to get before Christmas.

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At one time, I was hoping if we never got a shenmue sequel, that Sega would have made a Virtual Fighter:Shenmue Addition with story mode. Couple of tweaks, background and character changes like Lan Di for Lau,Ryo for Akira, Hong Xiuying for either Pai or Aoi, etc etc etc it would have been glorious as well.

But Sega never thought of it. Actually, Sega is just sitting on many games that would just print money but oh well. I get an actual sequel to it. And you're right. I...

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Looks great. VR is just going to seal the deal.

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Good interview. Miss that Yu feeling. First time I played his games in the arcade like hang on, space harrier, outrun, etc, I knew I needed to play more of his games like VF. He was just as much a genius as miyamoto with the game he produced for Sega.

Can't wait for Shenmue.

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I agree on the distance, but it's not "crazy ". Was expecting maybe 6 feet by 3 feet (I'm American) I'm borderline but it should work at that range. It's only a recommendation. I might have to move two small nightstands to obtain that extra 3 feet if I need it. The camera need to see you and the LEDs.

As for seated, Sony is just getting people acclimated to VR before moving around that area standing up. You wouldn't want launch videos of people...

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I agree. Was expecting maybe 6 feet by 3 feet (I'm American) I'm borderline but it should work. I might have to move two small nightstands to obtain that extra 3 feet.

As for seated, Sony is just getting people acclimated to VR before moving around that area standing up. You wouldn't want launch videos of people falling into things for their FIRST TIME in VR. Similar to Wii videos of gamers smashing TVs. They want you to be safe.

The TOS will ...

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They say they had no assets to help Xbox sell over there. But that's false PR spin.

In order to sell something somewhere, you adapt to that environment, that culture. Microsoft didnt invest in Japan so Japan never invested in Microsoft and Xbox. The Japanese aren't stupid. People call them xenophobic but in reality, they care for **quality.**

I'm black, but looking from the outside in and being objective about them,Japanese culture was built ...

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It's on my radar. This game, abzu and no man's sky will be my purchases for next month. They all look creative and awesome. And that's coming from a contra, castlevania, mega man,streets of rage, ninja gaiden,gunstar heroes/guardian heroes,etc,etc,etc kind of guy.I learned years ago to expand my selection of games.

I like the ballet movement and presentation of the lead character. Wish P.N.03 main character from GameCube moved this fluid after they changed it to...

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Obviously. Naysayers have just being trying to downplay what we know already and what's being demoed at stores with good impressions.

Off topic, if your title of this article and it's opening sentence is 60% or so of all you typed, then this is **pitiful.**

It's like you fell asleep at your keyboard. Wake up and get back to work. Or fail this article.

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Basically this.Naysayers are like "it won't work." "Where are the games?"

Then they try it. Then their imagination and creativity starts racing on what they would want to see in VR. That's when they fully understand the implications.

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Dude made Nintendo's product look like a lazy piece of garbage. It's cool for nostalgia, but this guy made it look like a cheap cash grab.

Very impressive.

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Thing is, at least for those that wonder why we're here(I mean here in the real world), they want to explore. We can't because of atmospheric pressures, radiation, local animal life,poisons,viruses,primitive technology, etc. Most of us will never get to explore space in our lifetime. Ever.

For those of us who like science fiction novels, movies, etc, the chance to do that, even if it's in a game, thrills us with its potential.

Not combat again...

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"Now you're playing with powah"...... Additional Powah...

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