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Sigh... Gamebolt.

Captain obvious duh!!!

.2% or .3% or whatever. Obviously that's extra effort over PS4 and depends on the game.

Big oh DUH!!

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By gamers current definition, AAA means: money spent(growing up, AAA meant top quality game no matter the price to make it). Anyway..

To assume EA spent millions on VR mission because they spent money buying Dice and invested in the frostbite engine is false. Criterion may have only spent 10 million and not 100 million like GTA to make the VR add on. No one knows. But I doubt EA would authorize that much. There aren't enough headsets on the market to profit off of expen...

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Did you not get the memo?

“We know from the data we have from pre-orders that the interest we have is significant,” Ryan said during a TV interview, further saying that PlayStation VR sales will be in the “many hundreds of thousands” as the headset rolls out. “We think to be able to offer PlayStation VR… [at $399 dollars] it’s extremely affordable and we think the takeup is going to be massive,” he said.
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Article should read "The one thing stopping *ME* from playing PSVR."

Research is your friend. If you looked closely, you see Sony limited the supply and are estimating hundreds of thousands in sales initially. They are not spending millions marketing PSVR and are going on word of mouth to show the world that VR is here and that it works. They are going for a slow burn. Not fast sales. Fast sale was Microsoft's way with kinect. Now where is it? VR will take tim...

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I usually don't get into these kind of conversations. But you can clearly see one company being optimistic but cautious. And the other's overestimations without having the facts. Leading to their downgrading their first projections.

Sony could have clearly spent millions of dollars like Microsoft did in marketing kinect. But that wasn't their intentions. They want to sell well while clearly seeing how the market receives a product that may or may not make you si...

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It would be interesting to know in proving their side, if hello games used preset demos to demonstrate their innocents and not the full game they released.

How does the ASA know one way or another and just being deceived like gamers were with pre release game setups?

And as I suspected, they hid behind lawyer speak. Since it is "procedurally generated," there's no way to rule against something that may be "possible" somewhere in th...

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So, they were somehow able to go through a portal where all the gamers like myself who bought it, could not.

Maybe I should contact them and find out how they did it over millions of others.

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It is better to have whole generations in my opinion too. But if we were to translate EA's mindset, it would be "great for their pocket book lined with profits."

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I agree.Kids call it rage when in reality, it was misleading footage, interviews and pictures. I don't support threatening them. Don't want their death. But, when someone lies, you call it out.

The things he clearly said in demonstrations and interviews made gamers believe it would be there. To excuse the team because they are a small team is an excuse. One guy made this game

Since it looked like you were trying, and the website obscure, I didn't want to be too harsh on you. But research and verification of facts go a long way in killing any doubt.

Microsoft announced Xbox oculus support just to say "we're doing VR too.". And tried to overshadow Sony and PSVR with it and hololens. But they were misleading. Just like the alliance they announced with Valve and Oculus at E3 with no result from it other than a controller pack in fo...

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According to you death, Sony should not make a profit off of each unit sale.

According to you, there are no games at launch for either VR unit to justify the purchase.

According to you, all products need to be made perfect before release and cheap in price. How does one know when a product is perfect enough to put out on the market? According to who? You?

Maybe you should have followed that advice when Xbox 360 came out and had rrod. ...

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Game, don't come across stupid as you're sounding.

Death said VR came out in March. Then mentioned why PSVR has no games or disappointing games according to him. That means he was using Vive and oculus launch as proof as to why PSVR has no games or disappointing games. Only an imbecile wouldn't get it. And you didn't.

Oculus just got new games to coincide with touch controller launch. But he said nothing has released since then. Which is f...

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Death, name a game longer than 10-12 hours for single player on ps4 or Xbox one during launch?

There weren't any. Why? Because developers needed time to learn to program for the new systems and they don't want to take a hit at launch on a base they can't make money back on. Which is why games like Witcher 3,Skyrim,etc came out later.

Launch game single player campaigns were short as every generation has had. It's not new. GTA 5 only showed...

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More trashy propaganda OPINIONS to try and slow PSVR sales.BG&E had something to say about that...

If Sony is starting off slow in providing units for retail, then, it stands to reason that developers are going to make bite sized games and experiences that won't break their pocket books. If millions don't have the unit, why would developers spend milli...

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Weak broadcast man. You're so excited for streaming oculus support for Xbox one and Xbox one s but all it will do is create a cinema screen like what PS4 does.

You **WON'T** get VR gaming.
Check out that VR. It's like you're really there.... Lmao!

If you want to do that right now, just plug your Xbox one or Xbox one s to...

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Microsoft didn't partner with Sega like you think. They peddled windows CE because it was easy to program for and port games over if you were a PC developer trying to get into the console business. And they wanted their OS to be the main OS in Dreamcast. Sega instead went with CE being used as an option to their own proprietary software.

Did Microsoft help Sega with money? No.
Did they make any games for Dreamcast? No.

Not a partnership to me...

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So much talk and talk. Let's simplify this. It's getting tiring.

PS4 Pro is more powerful than PS4.
Games look better on PS4 Pro than PS4.
Not all games built on PS4 PSVR take advantage of PS4 Pro.
PSVR games look better with the helmet on than the share screen.

It's like being told an SD movie will look better on an HD TV if you touch up the film. But way better if it was filmed in HD.

Duh!! C...

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So much information to be found, so many legitimate questions to be asked, so much content to be reviewed....

But instead we're getting bargain bin news, blogs and opinion articles. So much waste. The possibility of this idea is so ridiculous to even answer.

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PlayStation lifestyle trying to sneak in an article to get those clicks as well. The title alone gives it away. Is PSVR perfect? No. But as a gamer who has played since the beginning, I could nick pick all the consoles I had starting with pong.

Price of games or consoles, launch titles,graphics, controller shapes, controller battery life, memory card space or corrupt files, having to blow in a cartridge, having to buy another accessory to play a certain game or to add to th...

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Gamebolt. That tells you right there why this article is trash.

Idiots have this idea that PS4 Pro is a next gen system. **IT IS A PS4**. How hard is that to understand? I'm not a fan of upgrades but it is what it is. It's out and must be accepted.

Sony is mandating and making sure developers and gamers understand their policy. Developers are allowed to make a better game as long as the base PS4 is not excluded. So when developers make their games...

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