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Yeah. In them 40s now. And I've been waiting for something different. Expected VR to be next Gen but I'm glad Sony pulled the trigger.

If you got any one of the headsets, hope you're enjoying it.

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Pool is great in Sportsbar. And don't forget Superhot with move controllers.

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Full Loco is moving where you want in the game freely like in most games. Teleport is when you jump from one spot to the next. It comes down to how your body handles motion.

Some games now are offering both options among other things to prevent motion sickness in players.

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Good that you are having fun moomin. take it slow on some games unless you're not prone to motion sickness. And take breaks here and there.

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I describe it as the Dr. Who phone booth.

Looks are deceiving and there's more going on on the inside.

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It happens software lover. I play more VR than games on PS4. Besides going back to play 2D games and Sony exclusives. VR is compelling.

And after years of seeing the same gameplay updated over and over since Pong and Atari,it's refreshing to have something finally different than the same old same old.

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How did you like the Playroom platformer?

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Time Crisis,House of the Dead,Virtual Cop,etc would be awesome. Even House of the Dead Overkill. But Sega and Namco are too slow.

If you haven't already, you should try Mortal Blitz. It's like those games. Short but fun.

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Yup. Serving his time. When I was stationed there, it was cool working with the Katusas and protecting their people.

He's probably regular army and not attatched to the US.

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Sony just doing what they do: mo games, mo games,mooooo gaaaammes!!!

Go psvr!

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Nah. Beenzino. But now that he had to serve his time in the South Korean Army,they might not have been able to get him.

How do i look, Always awake,Time Travel, So what, life in color, Being myself,Etc would have made him a better pick. Or even his work with Primary or Illionaire.

Oh well.

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I agree.

But also, the experience of putting the headset on for the first time sold me on VR when I bought it last year. The next 12 months of games and experiences only solidified my enjoyment of VR and gaming.

After playing for over 35 years, gaming started to feel stale with only minor improvements in graphics. And seeing the same franchises like Street Fighter or Mario or any long franchise that are still fun for most people, but I started to get th...

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Sony's not the only one doing it right. But they do understand that having a variety of games and experiences,ease of use and a lower price can be just as effective as trying to be the perfect experience and room scale. Nothing wrong with what pc is doing. But it's not the only solution in making VR successful. Just like mobile is growing VR in its own way.

All you need is to make VR fun. 180 experiences, 360 experiences, 3D experiences, long experiences or short....

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Still trying to pass garbage off as news with these worthless opinion articles.

Now Sony has "too many conferences" and "too many keynotes" like "too much variety" in a game. And the same idiot saying Sony doesn't market enough for their games when Sony is selling the most games for 1st, 2nd and 3rd party games on consoles this generation. That was a ridiculous article too.

If you're expecting new AAA games every conf...

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Should have asked Beenzino. His beats and rap flow would have fit better with Playstation.

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An article trying too hard to ding Sony on something when everything Sony has done this year has lead to the most games sold, most consoles sold, an increase in psvr sales, a high game attach rate on both platforms, more new IPs announced and released and a continuous lead.

Not making old games compatible or cross playing with Xbox isn't arrogance. Sony doesnt have to do anything with Microsoft if they are competing for market leadership. And, Sony made those games alre...

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PSVR is doing great so far. Has more quality games than any motion controller or 3D games before it. The immersion from it has no comparison elsewhere. And these games in the video are going to potentially add to what's already there.

Too bad Ace Combat 7 wasn't there though. Would like to see more about it and when its release date is.

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More garbage trying to fill the front page.

Sony has done well on hardware, software and psvr sales. Even their games receive many awards.

Based on their success with games and attachment rates for flat screen games and vr games, this article is ridiculous. Stop trying to approve garbage.

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Dreams is going to be crazy creative.

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Nothing new here. Just more license garbage where the developer and the company didn't care about making a quality game but a tie in to advertise the movie. Shame really.

I just finished playing The Mummy on PS4 which was a great Metroidvania game. But since they added Contra to the mix, it was more like a "Controidvania" game. At least the developer wanted to make a good game.

Justice League could have been better and blown away the mobile...

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