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Sounds good to me. Keep working on getting those original Indy games, keep working with From Software in making original core gamer titles like demon souls and bloodborne. Get them to make a VR game based on kings field.

Keep working with Capcom and get them to put out new IPs with the creativity and fun of games of yore like mega man, bionic commando, ghost and goblins, etc. Even get them to remaster,remake or create sequels to games like Power Stone,onimusha, Dino crisis...

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It's just more piling on of nonsense. The optimum cost for the best experience on Xbox one is more than $300 with XBL. With the elite controller, more than $400.

The optimum experience for my PS4 was more than $300 with PSN. My optimum experience for my PSVR is $500.

I like PS4 for the games but some are trying too hard to discredit the Switch before it even launches which is wrong.

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That's like saying gaming wasn't credible when i was playing atari, early computers or the Nes until something like playstation came out. No wait, too early as the games weren't looking realistic until ps3,Xbox 360 days.

So, as gamers, we should have skipped all those years and just waited for modern systems to come out and then play games.

Doesn't make sense just like your comment on vr. It has to start somewhere. What is legitimate vr ...

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Gamers are no longer patient and willing to wait how things play out or allow Nintendo to do corrections based on the market. They'd rather be negative and complain and complain with negative opinion articles that aren't even news. Now it's "negativity for gamers(N4G)."

Games have gotten negativity before launch, consoles like PS4 Pro have received it and new platforms like PSVR have. There's corrective criticism and then there's bandwagon nega...

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Games aren't a priority. Microsoft wants developers creating games using their tools and released on their windows platform. If games were a priority, they would have more studios already doing so after 15 years. They don't.

Microsoft looks at profitable revenue streams and this is one of them. Nothing more. Just like the acquisition of Mojang and Minecraft. Not because of the game, but the profits they will receive from gamers buying it on multiple platforms.

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Microsoft still looking to be the gatekeeper where they get paid for access. Buying Havok. Buying Simplygon. What's next? Unreal? Crytek?

EA tried that with buying criterion with Renderware. Instead of licensing, game companies ran to Unreal last gen. Wonder how this will play out?

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I wouldn't count them out as they do have money and some cool ideas.

But um... There isn't any third generation curse for Microsoft as they have never won a generation. Nes then SNES. PlayStation then PlayStation 2. Microsoft... Um... Yeah.

I agree with the rest but that.

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Everyone knows I do a lot of supporting of Sony and the fact that they push for game variety and quality. They make solid systems and put in effort. But I think gamers are being really harsh on Nintendo. And Jim spent all that time saying absolutely nothing but being a blowhard. 4 minutes talking about Switch online and 9 minutes being a pompous @$$.

Microsoft can sell an elite controller for more than $120 or more, but Nintendo can't sell their Pro controller for $70? ...

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I thought the same thing. Like my phone and tablet, If the game is processor intensive, it drains faster. If its a less intense game, it drains less. We all know this. But a system that plays games that look like Mario and Zelda on the go or Arms that looks like a virtual on type fun game is not given the same respect. When we know battery packs are always made for portable devices to extend life.

Like the Netflix article. A big deal was made on the fact Netflix won't b...

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PS4 Pro sales suggest that this opinion passing as an article is a fail.

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I find the captions funny too. Then I end up forgetting trophies ever existed and move on.

I must be a relic as my achievements or trophies were beating games like mega man, contra, castlevania and ninja gaiden by myself or with a friend and that was the end of it. Competition was in sports games or street fighter. But I never bragged. I enjoyed the combat. If I lost,I practiced. If I won,I encouraged them to get better so that we can battle again.

This n...

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I'm an old school gamer that has been playing since pong and early computers like commodore and Texas instruments.

Trophies, achievements and all that extra fluff mean absolutely nothing to me.I play a game to have fun and to beat it like chess.I only worried about high scores and time when it unlocked something useful in a game. But if trophies are removed from PS4, I wouldn't miss them.

For example, I just played and beat Inside ($10 sale) and e...

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I just have to say first...

What kind of fool rates his shower? It's like rating a $#lt you just had and giving a rating on that."I give this $#lt a 7/10." Ridiculous.Podcast starts off horrible. I stopped listening.Anyway...

I highly doubt there are going to be just 2 games for launch. There are going to be more games and more announcements before it's release in 2 months and more throughout the year.

The system is fi...

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Don't want any hints.

Want an announcement and a release date.

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Sony's focus right now is game content and they and their partners are working on them. It's a game system first and focus should be there first. Secondly, it just came out 2 months ago. Doing those other things with TV, movies, music and shows take time. But Sony has that on lock as they have pull in those areas as a company.

Right now, streaming apps allow you the experience of what the future will be as said in the article. Sony announced what 3D videos are compa...

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Looks good. Don't know if I'd play using that controller. Now that I'm older, that's arthritic, carpal tunnel, knuckle cracking right there. Lol! Maybe on the Pro controller.

Does make you wish games like Street Fighter 5 were hand drawn. It would look amazing.I miss Capcom hand drawn games.

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That's Nintendo's way. Always been. Appeal to families and make portables out of their consoles.

NES-GB/GB color
GC/Wii/WiiU-N Switch
3DS was an evolution of Nintendo exploring 3D from the Famicom 3D system.
To the virtual boy
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Oh I do agree tetsujin that there should be more couch coop.I prefer that to any online gaming and would rather have a multi tap or multiple Bluetooth support any day.

But the world has changed and companies now want more and more profits so they took it away. Sucks when the family wants to play together sometimes and the multiplayer games are few.

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Microsoft had games like halo that offered couch coop...

They REMOVED it. Why?

Because online makes them money. Halo offered online with single player lacking the punch other halos offered previously. If your were them, would you offer a game that 4 players could play on the couch, or push online where all 4 players had to buy their game individually?

With XBL, they get 4 gamers to buy 4 games where all have to pay for online each to pl...

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