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My take...

1.PS4 will get awesome exclusives while the Neo will get awesome exclusives...

2.PS4 will get PSVR support while Neo.... will get PSVR support.....hmmmmmm

3. PS4 has a big social gaming community while Neo will have a big gaming social community.... Maybe I'm missing something....

4.PS4 will allow you to play online while the Neo will allow you to play online... Why are things looking so similar?.... Ge...

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More like a copout from Microsoft. Basically abandoning their user base again for a new market. Don't you get tired of that?

OG Xbox, 360, kinect, kinect 2 and now Xbox one and Xbox S for Scorpio. They didn't even try to create VR for its current base. Just left them again and are asking them to buy a new system for new capabilities. If I was a fan, I'd be asking "what about me on Xbox one?"" I want VR too. "

Sony is saying...

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Assumption 1: Scorpio will get all PC Indy support. False. You have no idea. And it's 2 years from now. PSVR comes out in 3 1/2 months.

Assumption 2: PSVR won't have movies. Everything from PS vue, Netflix, bluray, DVD, etc will show on it.

Assumption 3: using someone else's product makes their decision better. Microsoft never take risks. It's why they are always losing to Sony. Always trying to piggyback off of other's success.

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That doesn't make any sense.

Don't buy any item until it has proven itself without buying it?


That's like saying in the gaming world, don't buy a pong or Atari system until gaming has proven itself. Makes no sense. Someone has to buy it for it to succeed and be improved upon over time. No one but it, it will no longer exist.

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Past presentations, Sony have given everyone and their mom a share of their stage at E3. This time, they decided that in order to come off of last year with an even better presentation this year, they went with mostly first party games. And they have that right.

EA,ubisoft,Square, Bethesda etc presented their games. Sony mostly presented their games. They could have easily spent another hour presenting first, third party and indie games. But gamers told Sony they don't...

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No. My opinion...

Loved RE1 for capitalizing on alone in the dark's style. RE2 blew me away from every angle. Both discs, pacing, music, characters.. It was just an awesome game. Then RE3 showed up and built on RE2. When I played code Veronica, I liked it, but the camera changed my fear of the zombies. I knew they were coming. But I also noticed I was becoming zombied out.

But RE remake on GameCube brought me back. Floored me on its presentation and u...

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If you did your research properly, you would see that you're wrong again. That external box has no CPU or GPU.

Processing 3D audio and sending video to the TV normally is not extra power.

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Weren't cars, cellphones, televisions, microwaves, medicines, airplanes, etc all gimmicks?

Yeah.. It's always risky to try something new and untested. But it would seem most of these gimmicks improved our lives. VR is just improving your immersion in games and media. None of these things are required to have. Doesn't mean they aren't useful.

Sony went with 3D over 2D graphics with PS1. A gimmick. But I bet you enjoy modern 3D gaming becaus...

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PT wasn't a real game. It was a preview of the tone Kojima was going for on Silent Hill.

But gamers need to understand the RE demo is just a teaser as well. As explained in the interview, the final game has herbs, guns, etc. They just changed the perspective to create fear like RE1 did initially. And it works.

Do you have to play it in VR? Nope. But you'd be scared if you did.

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Some gamers don't want to hear that. We all know Microsoft's end goal:


By releasing their games on PC, they want you to buy into the windows 10 OS.(and make back money on software that isn't selling in high volume on consoles) And those who buy Xbox games on console get free digital copies on windows 10. Why? To sell windows 10. Microsoft's bread and butter is windows OS. Their main profit generator. Giving it away initiall...

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If PSVR is coming out this October, and works on existing PS4s, how about you prove to us you're right. Because, right now, your wrong.

It's like saying Microsoft is releasing Xbox Scorpio because the current Xbox one and Xbox s aren't powerful enough to produce quality games with high frame rates or resolution. Would that be true? Or FUD spreading?

Right now you're FUD spreading.

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He knows.

Sarcasm can't be this hard to see.

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Actually I wish you did keep going. It's more refreshing to hear facts than all the lies and misinformation being spread around. If you posted more, I'd read it. It's better than these articles.

We know it's Microsoft's way of selling more software that's not selling on console and to solidify and sell windows 10 as the go to OS.

They lost to Sony and Microsoft thinks it's about power alone while not developing new studios , n...

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Stop lying to yourself and others. People are tired of misinformation being spread.

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Basically, some haters have to keep spreading the lies because Sony is getting VR and have no competition on consoles any time soon from their competitor.

The hate will increase as we get closer to October. One incomplete game that launches next year doesn't justify a poor article that I won't read

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Correction "no release sky on Xbox"

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They recycled an accurate controller that works in 3D and is inexpensive.

Developers, journalists and gamers have already used it with no problems.

Try harder.

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It's like a person who owns a Ferrari complaining that his neighbor's Honda doesn't quite drive like his expensive car. Sure Sony could have made a more expensive holding device, but then, the cost would be higher for the general public. And assuming all gaming experiences on PSVR is the same.

Saying Sony is deceptive when no one knows the price of the oculus controllers on top of $599 or vive's $799 with a compatible PC to use both vive and oculus. What'...

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Yup. I'm with you.

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Here's my opinion for you...

If you have a competent PC, you don't need an Xbox. None of them. You'll be able to play all Xbox games on PC. PCs can be hooked up to TVs. Why would you buy an Xbox over a device that does more and plays Xbox games? Multiplatform games already run better on PC. Another reason you don't need an Xbox.

The message of choice is great. But it kills your sales. Why buy the current Xbox one when the Xbox s is arrivi...

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