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This is exactly what I'm talking about.tell someone your ford engine parts aren't the same as someone's Chevy parts,and they ask you how come,it makes you question these people.

Ps3 hardware is not the same as ps4 hardware.Sony wasting time emulating ps3 instead of creating new experiences is a waste of time.

Is bc a cool feature?sure it is when there aren't a lot of new experiences to play.my genesis played master system games with an adapter... #27.1
I know what Sony should do to shut people up about BC.they should let someone put an emulator on ps4 that allows you to play 360 games since they are similar in make up.then Sony can upgrade those 360 gamers to the leading system that does better multiplats and has more exclusives.

Same stupid nonsense. Psnow is NOT BC for ps4.it is a streaming service for any compatible hardware to play PlayStation games.but knuckleheads can't seem to distinguish the two..
more first party exclusives year round.more third parties and exclusive content.more announcements that sell consoles in EVERY country.

it's why nintendo has won 3 times
why sony has won 2 times and is winning now.
and why microsoft has always been last.

even if you make second,it still means you're not first.which means you're last.just because you have lots of money,doesn't mean you can buy a win. #8
Both had great shows but Sony showed why they always have a leg up on Microsoft.

It took a slap in the face from Sony to wake up Microsoft in showing why games and exclusives matter.Droughts on 360 and moving all your games to next gen.Then telling gamers if you don't like it,there's always 360 to play with.But if all the new games are getting moved,what do you have to play?Then you got 8 months of droughts on xbox one.It was Microsoft that had to prove to gamers that... #5
we all know why microsoft is getting dominated...

sony showed their true colors by buckling down and producing GAMES for GAMERS.and, giving away GAMES even in outages.creating a service that gave back in free GAMES for as long as you subscribe.

microsoft showed their true colors by trying to take away GAME ownership away from the GAMER.

there's always a chance to make a comeback,but it was microsoft's fault on why they are in the posi... #9
i surely doubt it.but you never know when it comes to the new hard hitting sony.would be even more crazy if uncharted was announced to release THIS Christmas as the megaton announcement at playstation experience.

i mean hey...microsoft though sony was going to release ps4 after they were but sony dropped a bomb on them and announced first.dropping it this month would pile drive the message home that sony doesnt want to be f.... with this time.no parity,no 1 year head starts,n... #16
not even close to the promoted material when it was natal.

fastest selling product was a misleading marketing gimmick by microsoft to try and catch the "Wii WAVE" of success.it's called stuffing the channel and claiming retail sales as consumer sales.

microsoft stuffed the retail channel with xbox 360 and claimed sales were great but then the following year reality set in that the system was in fact not selling like the PR was saying it was.
the difference of why they are behind has always come down to strategy.sony has always given gamers options of games to choose from and a system to deliver developer visions if they put their mind to it.

Microsoft's strategy has always been to milk the gamer of their money while pushing their agenda of trying to own the living room because consumers ignored windows media.

sony built a system that created excellent graphics,they built a worldwide base... #9
it saddens me more and more to see the level of intelligence when it comes to this game and sony games in general.and the lack of patience from gamers these days astounds me.

ready at dawn shows a trailer without giving away any plot line.

ready at dawn then show us SOME gameplay to give you an idea how it plays without giving away plot line.

they then show you one of the enemies you may encounter without giving away any plot line.
... #12
came out of N4G retirement just to say i agree with both of you.i read and still see a lot of knuckleheads with no common sense.

told them for years that if they paid for online gaming,then we all would eventually have to pay for online gaming.told them if they paid for horse armor,then content that i used to onlock in games in the old days,you now have sold separately.

they have no common sense.no sense of value.no sense of how being a great comsumer works a... #4.2
EA is just a ruthless,evil company that deserves the worst company of the year award...EVERY year.it's why i don't buy their games.

they destroy developers and steal ideas from competitors and call it innovation.

critierion was a great developer.but burnout was the up and coming racer that rivaled need for speed.EA doesn't like competition but loves tech.so they took both.they bought criterion to kill competition and they wanted RENDERWARE.most co... #12
Never was.just Microsoft PR.Dr. Marks of Sony said it best years ago that motion is good for some experiences but not something you want to concentrate on.

Which is why he added a controller because there isnt any immersion without tactile feeling.its why most gamers don't like playing some games on phones and tablets.

Microsoft just saw Wii sales and decided to copy success as they always do.and to keep 360 relevant when Sony was outselling 360 even at a... #16
Because maybe....real life and real driving has weather and change in lighting conditions.

Turn 10 are lazy...

You can't claim to have a better driving game if your game lacks what the competitor is doing on previous hardware. #27.1
why even go and make that game when they could either make this...


or this....


personally,i would take infiltrator.but either would do over milking gears of war over again.same... #38
people can jibber jabber all day and say they were going to include it or was going to include the camera but the thing is...
Sony was out selling Microsoft with the Playstation 3 at a HIGHER price over Xbox 360 because that's why they got caught in sales.

And, Sony after Microsoft's retarded efforts to take away gamer's rights, would have outsold microsoft with or without the camera and still would have been cheaper with a MORE powerful system. #15
it should be...

why would a developer spend time and energy making games for xbox one when microsoft wants its base to watch tv,tv,tv and sports just to make money on ADVERTISING?

any time spent WATCHING is less time buying GAMES and PLAYING.

they should concentrate making games on a system where the owner puts GAMES and GAMERS.....FIRST... #19
retarded...N4g,you need to stop these nonsense articles from being approved...5 reasons this...10 reasons that....why I....just garbage.absolutely no screening of content whatsoever....

on topic....

yeah...the company that amazed us with ps1,amazed us with ps2 with built in dvd playback.....

then amazed us with ps3 and took a heavy loss for it by including ps1,ps2,ps3,cd,dvd,upscale dvd,bluray,3D,bluray 3D,3D games,digital games,streaming mov... #35
if you don't want to be ripped off,then yes,ps4 is needed.

and for those talking about playstation gamers now having to pay,those like me knew it was coming because of 360 knuckleheads who were stupid enough to pay for online.sure sony made it sweeter for us,but it's your own stupid consumer spending that we said WOULD EFFECT US ALL.rumors flew since 208-2009 that online was coming and other revenue streams.

so,even though ps4 will be awesome,thank th... #23

it's now normal.

HD is now standard.
HDMI is now standard.
BLURAY is now standard.
3D is now standard.

all OPTIONAL to use but here to stay. #15.1
sony STARTED with hdmi.you didn't have to buy a new console to get it.you did with 360.

sony STARTED with wifi as every device coming out from phones to psp,the DS,etc had wifi for free.microsoft asked for $99.who are you kidding?

sony STARTED with larger hdds as games were getting bigger.MS's hdd wasn't even 20gigs.more like 11.and you couldn't change it out with a reasonably priced one.you had to BUY theirs for more than market price.definit... #19.1.1
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