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That's exactly what is going to happen.

Instead of gamers using that money to buy an Xbox one, they'll end up reinvesting in PS4 and using the money to buy psvr. #5.1
I have been playing games for years.I mean really.for a very long time.I started with a knob,two lines and a dot.
Videogames were considered a gimmick.

I went from a knob to a joystick and one button with Atari.Back then, that also seemed lik... #1
It's so secret that no one knows about it.

Again,useless metrics to create some type of win.

Stop it. These articles are getting ridiculous. #17
Stop the fall season three month nonsense.either promote the Xbox one as a viable platform or stop the flamebait. Because then,PlayStation fans will have to counter with what really matters:

Sony is beating Microsoft enough on hardware sales that they can't even announce sales.

Sony is beating Microsoft on software sales.

Sony is beating Microsoft on the amount of exclusives and the announcement of exclusives.

Sony is bea... #17
It shows that Sony's studios have pretty good optimized engines so far and the horsepower to stack on more to that engine to make a better visual presentation.

It's why there is nothing wrong with 30fps as an option because it's playable.sure 60fps is smoother but just think if Sony could have something like Driveclub's weather stacked onto Infamous,Bloodborne or any exclusive 30fps game and it not take a hit would be awesome as an option.

A g... #2
Clickbait,flamebait,broken link targeting PSVR and not VR as a whole. The fact that others can see what you're playing and interact with you in that environment says otherwise. Sony even says pass it around like you do a controller.

Expect more negative articles the closer it gets to release. #3
Reading too much into it when the basic facts always seems to be ignored:

People who have a social or mental illness will always be influenced by any media no matter the form it takes be it spoken,paper,music or video.consuming it in private is no different than in public.second, there always seems to be a lack of personal responsibility when it comes to the consumption of media.

Virtual reality is just another form of visual media. How it influences you is u... #1
Lead it to death to spin something about Sega to be a negative about Sony.unsurprised.

I loved blast processing.commercials were funny. #3.1.3

This is a partial list of games that were remade or remastered from past to of my favorites being metroid to metroid zero mission.
https://www.youtub... #5
Maybe its just me but it seems Microsoft always seems to mislead gamers when it comes to halo in search for the truth seems to be that they NEVER seem to show GAMEPLAY or in engine.I looked at their commercials and maybe I missed it.I look at uncharted commercials and it's either in engine or gameplay.

We're always told using CG is misleading gamers into thinking the type of graphics you'll see.not that graphics matter but Microsoft always uses live... #3
Yup.and this is EA we're talking about. They would love it.

Less overhead and more profit.

They will have less trade ins for more profit.

More micro transactions,dlc,season passes and EA access for more refunds.

High prices for more profit.we've seen what happens when someone challenges them to lower their prices through competition(nfl2k). Expect to be gouged. EA future with digital... #1.1
Ah.fond memories..back to reality..

1.EA destroyed them.

2.ubisoft would rather make a billion assassin's creed games,ruined splinter cell and won't allow Michael cancel to make one sequel to beyond good and evil.

3.left the 70's vibe,made boring sequels and drove their game into the ground chasing GTA.

4.EA has the license now and will milk it to death.

5.square forgot what made them famous and t... #3
I will boycott it just like I boycott all of EA's games and services. After the effect they have had destroying companies, milking gamers, repeating the same games with new tweaks and buying up licenses where they can monopolize and control what can be made or only by them, I have not looked back.

We all know EA could have made an awesome star wars game. But instead, they made a cash register to collect again, buying a license.

Gamer's have c... #6
The problem is the impatient gamers that can't seem to hold an attention span on something long enough before wanting something new.

Trade away their own games and systems so fast before they have been home long enough to collect a layer of dust.

The ones who aren't content with replay from fun factor. Days of old,if a game was fun like mike tysons punchout,contra,mega man,super metroid,streets of rage,gunstar heroes,etc,you played it again and again... #3.1
Get off his butt,create a team, and make me a ghost in the shell stand alone complex game.a remake of the ps2 game with bandai namco's permission.or based on the new arise series.

It fits him as it is similar to meta gear.awesome lead characte... #1
As to why I said *it's good to be skeptical.*

You did read that right? I'm skeptical too. but I'm also open-minded about it too. You and death have been negative about it in EVERY thread on vr. Not one positive comment. Not one thought about how it could change the experience as good *option*. Not replace the way we play and be the *only* option.

So tell me what you like about vr(oculus,vice,psvr)? and I'll just leave it to agree to disagree. #3.1.6
And you guys know for certain about ALL these potential games because YOU **played them all**

So, since you played all the vr games, you can review them for us right? You can tell me your experiences on them. I'm patient.

It's good to be skeptical, but judging before release is terrible thinking. Everything blows until gangsta red says it's okay for us all. #3.1.4
Because all you're seeing IS demos. It's like saying if you played a 15 minute demo of uncharted or halo, you aren't sure to get the whole game.

It's a demo of what it would be like. No extra monsters, no extra cities, no secret characters like ultraman, no extra powers, no extra modes or online play.

These are DEMOS. Lack of common sense just amazes me. Vr hasn't been released. Games haven't been released. The way some think, we'l... #3.1.1
Doubt it. Asking for franchise updates from Sega is like pulling teeth.and not having their top developers from yesteryear doesn't help.

The possibility of getting a new Skies or Arcadia, phantasy star 5,shinobi, streets of rage, outrun,virtual cop,house of the dead and all the greats of previous generations is next to impossible.

But with ffvii and shenmue returning,I guess anything can happen.but I'm not giving my hopes up. #1.1
No one discredits the attempt to put more games on the system.that should have been their *modus operandi*

I used to buy every game system out there growing up.I wanted to experience every type of game from anywhere it showed up.nintendo,sega,capcom,konami ,namco were my heavy hitters.i didnt have to question the fun factor.but then i grew its about principle.

By principle alone,there are certain aspects of the industry I do not support.for the greater... #10
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