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Either that or your post.

Gamers have some responsibility with that. They complained about premium cars compared to standard cars and the result is Polyphony went and built all cars premium which takes longer to make for current gen. I think project cars 2 even has a short list of 182.

Same as their complaints about PS3 being expensive so Sony took out hardware losing direct BC and now we PlayStation gamers don't have BC or even the cell processor thi...

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Maybe Sony should do cross play. It's not like they're dominating in the amount of games, awarded games, exclusive games, console sales, amount of players, innovative devices like VR or anything like that./s

With cross play, then they really can take the lead./s

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I imported both last time. Lol!

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We've seen this before

And the result ended in one system having more exclusives and consoles sold. But enjoy those graphics as the company only released one exclusive strategy game for ...

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Correct. It's understandable some aren't interested. But there are others who want it to fail because the competition doesn't have it. So they want no one to have it.

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Correct. Every developer knows Sony's stance at this time on cross play. It wasn't accidental. We'll see how this effects that developer going forward.

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Sony don't have to if they don't want to with their closest rival that does what they can to cut into Sony's sales. Some here are acting like it's not a competition to lead the market.

Moldy, you mean like having no consoles but relentlessly defending one company but not the other while claiming to be a"PC gamer?"

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Who cares about this when the red dead redemption 2 trailer was at Sony's press conference at the Tokyo game show.

Sony already does cross play.

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Awesome sauce. I like and hate Konami for this. But if they're willing to do it, then Namco and Bandai need to get on Macross after ace combat 7 and update it for PSVR. If it went from this on Sega Saturn
To PS2
Then I want VR Macross next to go along...

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Or just metal gear VR missions for PSVR.

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Looks great. Hope they do ICO as well.

Speaking of remakes, zone of the enders 2 in VR just announced. I'm hyped and upset at Konami at the same time with them doing this without Kojima.
But o yeah! Jehuti and Anubis

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Sounds like a good deal. And I'd say go get one if you're interested in buying one this fall. But not new when it comes to deals as it happens periodically

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I hope the pressure keeps mounting on Microsoft and it finally does the right thing in making and keeping actual exclusives. We're seeing unprecedented levels of exclusive competition titles and the balance between all platforms having them could finally be fulfilled if Microsoft truly was acting 'for the players'.

Let's see... Sony does cross play. They don't need to with Microsoft if they don't want to.

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I have to agree. That experience was a joke and I support PSVR. Only way to make up for that poop burger is to have PSVR support in the upcoming spiderman game next year.

If they removed all the pedestrians, cars, etc and just let me web swing through the city like spiderman 2, only then would that make up for that lazy thing that came out in July. Only good thing about it was the "start screen" with Spidey standing there and that it was free.

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They are a business that doesn't care about the end user. That's why they have so much dlc, micro transactions and season passes and shallow games. You think them going to a subscription service will benefit gamers? No it won't. Over time, they will stick it to gamers.

Subscription service means no used games, you don't physically own your content(just the license to use the product) while prices stay high with no refunds or exchanges. That does not benefit ...

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This seems to be directed towards me or others who made statements like me

Let's be clear article writer.... EA are **GREEDY**. Everyone knows it. Let's not be shy about it. They also won worst company many times because of their decisions over companies you would think more deserve it in everyday life. Don't forget it. Don't also forget t...

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Remember game fan and gamer's republic?
Miss those days of more news,less opinions. It was fun just reading the mag. Now it's click bait and ad revenue.

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And, I'll use the hotas for ace combat 7 next year

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No VR.
Criterion said that they feared gamers couldn't handle all the information of space battles and left it out and that VR is in their "future." Which I think is bull. If it was because of profit, there are three hmds on the market that could generate revenue.

If you look at the original star wars VR mission, EA put ...

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Gaming bolt... Too many exclusives coming...We already knew this captain obvious knowledge... It's great everyone is doing well as long as it's positive for gamers but...

Remember when gaming sites gathered real news? Don't you miss it?

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