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Yup. The game is so good. I was in the zone last night in the kitchen or whatever it's called. I should have died multiple times but somehow racked up 215 kills. Even had some enemies in my face point blank as I took their guns or blocked shot gun bullets with butcher knives and axes. Could have done more because I had a stack of guns but went and grabbed the triangle and changed my position which pulled me out of the zone and killed me.

Game is crazy fun. Sweated like ...

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And gamers said motion controls are dead...doesn't look like it. VR is keeping it going. And as we see here, Arms is keeping it going. More than half Switch owners have it?

That's that Nintendo Power!!

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I don't like the idea of paying to play. But I have gone on to see that it's benefitting me as a gamer more than I believe that it's not.

I barely play online except with family members or friends. And that's rare because I'm more of a single player gamer who likes couch multiplayer. For those that do,at least it's unified and not separate game accounts with separate game log ins per game. It's connected and has cloud save. Hope to never lose my ...

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This game shows that EA should have never abandoned NBA Street. If their sim B-ball game is garbage, fall back on something that was hot and has an open market. Or, NBA Jam since now they own it.

Good job NBA Playgrounds.

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Update: I beat the game and got extra "options" that I won't spoil. The new things you get for completion took the game up to a 9/10. Crazy fun. The only reason I stopped playing was because my feet were becoming sore standing up.

I also got better at throwing "some" objects at enemies. Saves many bullets that way. Even getting shot made me laugh because I was getting cocky trying to pull off some maneuvers that would make John Wick proud. At least ...

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You're right about having enough space. Even the game tells us that. Him sitting on the bed is ridiculous. I can't believe he said that for this type of game.

Having said that, I think tracking could be better. My throwing of objects is not accurate. Barely have I killed anyone with the stars. If tracking was compensated by where I looked, like in Lethal VR, the game would be almost perfect. When you throw a knife in Lethal, where you look will send that object to t...

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Common moldy. Kai was trolling. So Ty put him in check. You then troll him. And now you run to the mods after he jokingly said your comeback was weak?

That's sad.

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The problem is that Microsoft doesn't have user data to know if there is gamer interest on Xbox for AR/VR. Sony, Valve and Oculus spent a year or so demoing, testing and tweaking their headsets before release to journalists and gamers to gather interest. There isn't any on Xbox. Only developers have used the MR headsets.

Secondly, Microsoft is focusing on and selling an expensive mid gen upgrade that is supposed to be the only version of Xbox with the ability to pla...

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**Maybe I’m being too cynical**

Yup. You got it right right there.

QTEs were already explained. And tags on background objects to interact with and use against enemies makes sense. The game already looks great. The game wasn't rushed to meet a deadline to coincide with the Homecoming movie when Sony could have pushed them to. They are getting plenty of funding. The developer has a track record of making good and **FUN** games play.


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It could be partly the install base compared to PS4. It could be the lack of funding to produce games as an Indy developer to bring games to multiple platforms. But if you look closely,and mentioned in the video, developers and companies that once were Microsoft supporters are no longer there or not at the level of 360 support.

Witness as companies like Epic, Bioware, Bungie, Crytek, Activision, Remedy, Mistwalker, etc either support Sony more becau...

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This is exactly what happens to most people. Watching something and PLAYING something are two different things. A good VR experience for the first time can blow minds and be fun. Nesflix's family is having crazy fun.

The article does mention my home town and VR is great, and you could simulate a casino experience. Nothing replaces going or doing the real thing if you can though. I will say, most of us locals don't gamble. We benefit from those that do. But enjoy the...

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It's hilarious that this is an issue. Gamers crying over a deletable advertisement of something game related. But they're not in an uproar over advertisements that are plastered all over the what's new tag that are not deletable and been there forever.

When articles create mountains out of mole hills, it makes me question the maturity of some gamers here.

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So I went to go take a look on my PS4. It sits two spaces to the right of the "PlayStation Store" and the "What's New" tags. Both **advertisements**

When you hover over the PS Store, it advertises games on sale below. When you look through your What's New of what your friends are doing, in between, there are advertisements of games to buy or preorder on the PS Store.

Sony adds another to advertise that PS Now allows you to str...

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So, how come Nintendo is not mentioned? They sell consoles too. And are considering and researching VR. Nintendo is not mentioned in your comment either.

I would have skipped the article or contacted the writer to change the title. Like:

**Far point developer sees VR being relevant for future consoles going forward**

Something like that. The current title will end up getting the article failed.

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Gumby, you're not taking cost into consideration. PSVR, Vive an Oculus are definitely not cheap. They cost 4-6 times kinect price at launch. Of course they wouldn't sell as many units. 98-99% don't have it as not everyone has tried or are interested in VR. Also, there aren't 59 million PSVRs on the shelf to even buy. And development cost for 2 million high end VR headsets is not going to be in the same ballpark as over 100 million consoles and PCs.


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[email protected]! Upside down day. I agree with moldy again.

Kinect could have launched with better hardware. I think when Microsoft decided to not use the chip and instead used Xbox 360 and software for motion tracking, it came out weaker than it could have been. And with Xbox one,it was forced and made some gamers back off from buying something they didn't want with their console. But to get more support, it did make sense to launch with the system so that every developer had th...

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Yup. Unless I read that wrong, or comments deleted, I'm in agreement that moldy is right that this is lame. The article would be okay as the Far point developer is talking in general terms and you changed the title to something else.

But don't create a title of something said or implied unless it was said.

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All tech needs improvement and it's perfectly fine to have corrective criticism. But even John Carmack, who can build rockets, knows that not every developer is going to be on the same development level when making games. Just like every non VR game doesn't come up to the level of the top awarded games. He would also know that not all developers have the same amount of funding to make games. He would also know cost to profit based on amount of users that own a product. Common sense ag...

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And you're sounding like an unintelligent, entitled kid that doesn't understand how stuff works. Music players took time to develop up until MP3 players today. TVs didn't start off in HD. Cars weren't smaller,faster and got good gas mileage years ago. Tech takes time to grow and can be expensive in the beginning. Something a person with common sense would understand.

But you sound like the gimmie gimmie gimmie generation that doesn't know any better.

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It is unfair. Some feel that VR should become mainstream overnight. Modern, non VR gaming didn't happen overnight. It took years to develop. Gameplay, control, music, art styles, story,etc took time until what we see in today's games. To expect that from a new medium is unfair. Especially at a high price. And even when companies say VR is a slow burn, journalists and gamers just ignore it and still expect Immediate results.

Those that expect AAA development on a sma...

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