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Now add vr home run derby and you got a deal. But the way it looks, they may have lost a sale as MLB Corp is bringing their own vr home run derby game to psvr and I may end up buying that instead.

But good they removed micro transactions.

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I'm for guns as protection,hunting and sports competition. But US politicians need to stop distracting from the truth. Poor parenting, education,lack of discipline, treatment for mental illness and our gun culture has lead to multiple deaths.

Japan has guns,has violent videogames and has 120+ million people. How many gun deaths did they have last year? One death by gun.


But the Japanese have discipline...

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Why are we talking about PS5 with these lame click bait articles? Almost seems like there's this collective effort to push the idea that Sony is going to release a new console soon when that's not the case.

Are these people being paid to try and cut into Sony's sales? What is the deal? No talk of their competitor. But pushing PS5. Let Sony announce when they're ready. I mean, we haven't even gotten the big gun games yet and some of these guys are jumping...

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Most people here know I support vr and psvr. Even ar. But having had the headset since launch, I have maybe 20-30 games(guessing without counting my inventory. But it's a lot). And have not bought one game for more than $29.

The games go on sale so many times and even cheaper with Plus that there shouldn't be an expectation that Sony should give away vr games or pay for free vr games. I'm cheap and wait for sales because I was taught to for any product I buy fro...

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Got to admit, that's a good deal. I love lower prices like the regular console sales, psvr, games, etc. I doubt this guy will have enough for the demand that will show up to buy one.

But maybe he's just trying to get his shop noticed. Still a good deal. Got any good steering wheels on sale with a stick for less than $300 instead of $500? I'd like one. Put that on sale.

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It's not time yet to be getting a psvr game every month. There aren't a lot of games they could give away unless Sony pays those developers a substantial amount as vr development isn't cheap.

Secondly, Sony has discounted tons of games multiple times that everyone's library should already be over 10-15 titles. Most games aren't even over $20 at regular price. How about supporting the developers by **BUYING** games instead of expecting to get them for fre...

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The game looks great. I like wizards and the game still has a bow to use which is cool.

PSVR is just trucking along and getting games left and right. Also announced was Aeon being ported over too.

Keep them coming Sony. Before you know it, PSVR will have more and better quality games than Wii, kinect and PS move.

This definitely ain't your dadd...

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Depends on the type of gamer you are. As a core gamer, I like owning and having my games at the ready. But I wouldn't knock streaming if it works. I've even streamed my PS4 to my tablet and it worked fine from the back room to the front of the house. Short distance in the house yes. But it's still streaming.

I like movies and music. And I own movies on disc, music on records, tapes, cds and mp3s. But, I also like streaming movies from Netflix,etc. My television ...

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They're are not better. But they're **just as good and fun to play.**

The person who created this article must have never played games like Gunstar Heroes or Castlevania IV. I would put games like these and their graphics, gameplay and music against any modern game.

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Maybe this will be a good thing to get more Japanese games on Xbox. So then, some of the Xbox fans can lay off the idea that Japanese games are bad when they are just as good as Western developed and European developed games.

And, help some of the fans to stop saying they're nothing but hentai and tentacles. Some of the greatest games came out of Japan. And if it wasn't for one Japanese company and a plumber, we might all be playing something else in our free time...

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At least, part of it. Would definitely make those games more immersive besides social.

It would be like playing skyrim vr with 3 of your friends but on another level with dozens, if not hundreds of gamers playing.

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Too much talk about next Gen when there is no lack of games coming or fresh ideas.

Like some writers and gamers have ADD and need something new like a new phone every year or two. Current gaming is fine for another two to three years.

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It's as you said before morgan. Supposed journalists, bloggers, etc writing poorly made articles to sway gamers beforehand without playing the game. Or coming up with ridiculous reasons for why they did it.

Insomniac went dark making Spiderman but you don't see gamers assuming the game is going to be canceled. Or have "fatigue of spiderman games."

Torimorrow,if you wrote this, it's garbage. Plain and simple. Unless you have facts, do...

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Yeah. It's not like they made Rush of blood or anything. Or 3 games for vr. /s

I'll admit they blew this one by spreading themselves too thin as a developer and plan out their game design.

But I wouldn't take one game as proof no one is making games for vr or cares for vr. Moss came out last week as well as knockout league and Apex Construct. Try harder.

As bad as it is to do this later, maybe the team can patch the game a...

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Point was, Microsoft benefited from Sony design legally yes. But how many times had that ever happened in gaming before Microsoft entered console gaming? Yup. Zero. And in the same building and sometimes in the next cubicle. Ridiculous.

Yeah. It's as much IBM's fault too. Allowing a competitor to benefit from another company's design theory.

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I saw the same thing in the video Tyler. They were reading ken and Kaz as shady executives and the "here it comes..." they kept using as if something infamous was about to happen.

They were talking about tech yes. But the way they talked about them was telling.

I saw the same thing. Some here are now saying Digital foundry are psychologists now and can read people and their eyes.

It's a shady video they made with questiona...

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When games aren't ready, what do most companies show? CG trailers to fill in the gaps. Like I said, maybe I've gamed for too long and can tell the difference between real-time and cg. And most gamers who have played as long as me could tell the difference.

And, not once did **any** executive onstage say that those videos about to be presented are actual gameplay. Kaz, Phil and Ken not once said "all content you see is gameplay.

When Microso...

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There's no competition between the two. Both can be equally fun.

It's when companies and executives say that one is not needed, valued or have the same impact currently or in the future and create services to devalue single player game's worth, that's when I have a problem.

Or when fans of multiplayer subjectively say single player games aren't worth but one play through when I can't remember how many times I've played a game m...

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Still watching this myself.10min to go. But DF does have a negative tone. Even the video asks and is titled "what is real and what is fake?" When it should be "what is real-time, what is cg video and what is the potential of future games?

Sony showed in the beginning what was real-time from the unreal tech demo, the eyetoy demo, fight night with EA,etc and the physics potential. Since most games weren't ready, they went with cg videos of some games instea...

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