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I loved the destruction Nod had too. Those flame tanks were hilarious. The armor was weak but in numbers the shear fire destruction had me rolling.

And like septic said above, red alert series was awesome. And the removal of Hitler story line. Those Tesla coils were so much awesome. I had so many power generators that they took up a lot of real estate.

Cool that you met some developers. The only thing i haven't done is go to E3. That would be awesome...

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Yeah. It was cool. They used our local news reporters in their games. Back then, you could call a developer directly to talk or push ideas across them or tell them "great job" on their game. For a gamer, it was cool to talk shop. I was a fan of Kane and the obelisks. Lol! But loved playing with GDI and the ion cannon.

Capcom America was friendly too. I was a young teen then. But I remember them calling me back after school one time and my mother was like "a g...

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What I believe Aenea is saying is that Scorpio only has 12 gigs of ram. It's not limitless. 2, you can only use 8 gigs as the rest is used for something else like OS.

Xbox fans are not seeing the reality. Scorpio will improve game engines from Xbox one to Scorpio because most games on Xbox one are performing at 900p. If a refresh can't make that better almost 2 years later, then that would be a serious problem.

But Scorpio is held back by the fact...

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All you have to say is that they were bought by EA. Anyone that knows EA knows what happens next eventually after purchase.

What sucked was that they were from my home town. It was cool to have a developer in the game industry. Kind of like like having your own sports team.

But in the end...EA. Which is pretty much enough to be said.

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And I believe that's why Microsoft is being dominated in almost every way this gen. They're not playing. It's like a little league baseball team going against an MLB team with great outfielders and home run sluggers. It's a lopsided game to watch.

As for the article, it was O-K ish.I liked it. But there's a ridiculous fact spread in it that shows the writer doesn't fully understand one thing from another. Perfect example...

***It was ...

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Keep lying to yourself moldy. You're bound to start believing yourself eventually.

Sort of like lying to yourself that you're a PC gamer. But everyone knows you're an Xbox fan hiding behind calling yourself a PC gamer because Sony has destroyed your beloved company in almost every way as you defend it day in and day out.

It would be like calling myself a T-Mobile fan but relentlessly defending Sprint against Verizon. Lol! Watching you try ever...

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Actually no armdchaos. Sony was bumbling around with free online play. With dedicated servers for the big games. Not paying for p2p like on Xbox 360.

No. Thanks Sony for ripping Nintendo a new one for stabbing you in the back and getting sweet revenge as gamers were growing up and Nintendo was and is still stuck in the 90's with cartridges to this day.

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Thanks Microsoft./s

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They tried that last time? What happened? It didn't sell as much as if it were on PlayStation.

If Microsoft is unwilling to fund their own games and spend money to create new studios, then no. Don't expect any exclusive game unless Microsoft pays through the nose. Which is highly unlikely.

As for you lex, kionic mentioned if square was making a game. And I said don't count on it. I'm aware why they're there. So, who cares what you thi...

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It's surely not to make anything exclusive when you will have about 70 million potential PlayStation buyers worldwide by the end of the year. Don't expect FF7 or kingdom hearts exclusivity to a small base.

Sounds more like technical information gathering.

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Lol! Right on the money digital.

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So, I'm right that the article is lying about Microsoft giving away games when Sony was the one that started it first.

I'm right that PS Now is not BC because if PS4 games are being added to it, where's the logic? PS4 backwards compatible with PS4? Doesn't make sense.

And, let's make this easy for you moldy. EA access is the **only** service by a third party on Xbox one. Why? Activision, Ubisoft, Square, etc have older games too. But E...

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You mean features like adding *heatsinks* to the systems to prevent the worst console failure rate in history? Features like HDMI to the new systems but did nothing for the component system early buyers?

Features like the $100 Wi-Fi adapter that was built in for free on PSP,PS3 and the Nintendo DS? Features like the expensive HDD that on the competing system, you could go buy at a store and get more space for less , install it and not void your warranty?


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This article is Bull$%#& damage control. It's because Sony is dominating them from every angle. It's not because Microsoft is the most consumer friendly game company. It's because they lost so much market share to Sony that their only choice to win *anybody* back is to put on a facade.

Even if there are those in this thread that try to imply otherwise, Microsoft is a shady company that misleads, misrepresents and lies to gain advantage. All while throwing m...

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Do I want them to try more as a console manufacturer? Sure. The console industry being healthy should be everyone's choice over an unhealthy one.

It's just hard to take serious a company that didn't take the console industry serious for years. Only when they finally met Sony head to head, and they got massacred like most thought would happen, did they finally start changing their ARROGANT toon. And when I say hard to take serious, I mean...


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What's funny about this article, besides being click bait/flame bait is that a lot of gamers are putting their hopes into Microsoft's next gambit.

Kinect,DX12, BC, cloud and multiple exclusives have not stopped the high speed super train that is PS4. So, all Microsoft has left is to hope for better 3rd party game graphics advantage.

But potentially 1.5-2 million consoles sold this fall is not going to change what system is the lead platform. By th...

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Let me assist stuna with that empty spot

I could fill that blank with other exclusives but you and I know that it would be a long list that we can place there.

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Not sure if this is all part of the same interview from the other article, but this is another good interview and article. This is what gamers should be seeing on N4G. And not the opinion click bait nonsense.

It explains what the developer is doing at the forefront of creating VR games. That it's a new medium that needs time to figure out how the gamer interacts within VR. The games they are making that could one day become Esport games in the future. They understand h...

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Pretty good interview. More of this and less of the other articles. Gets less clicks, but gets more respect. And gamers get more inside information from the developers.

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Less than a month now. Get your aims ready.

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