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Pretty good cast.I like the ESPN type setup and I see room for improvement. Just guys being real and telling it like it is.

The immersion sold the guy on VR. And played tricks on him that the real world was virtual taking the headset off. That's when you know it's going to be fun. #1
I think Sony and VR developers have been plain in talking about it, but not hyping it like Microsoft did with kinect and 500 million in marketing.

Sony isn't putting actors on stage miming gameplay like this

Or fake conversations with Milo... #5.1
Saw this a day ago. So much awesome is in it even if it's basic.

Just think if the first Nintendo system was VR and where we would be today. Power glove, the zapper,the advantage and Rob would be viewed differently today. #2
Not only does proper 3D look great,it will return again in VR as an option as well.

If headsets can deliver visuals to each eye, then it makes sense developers will make SOME games in 3D to support it.

My guess is:

*Games in VR that simulate you looking at a large screen TV.

*Games,movies and music in 360 degree VR.

*3D games,movies and music NOT in 360 degrees.

There will be multiple options... #2.1.1
Can't wait to try VR.The naysayers will try their best to downplay it,but the tech works and won't be expensive like oculus except for all in one bundles.

But some seem to misconstrue **support** for 100% mandated and replacement.Sony supported 3D.They NEVER said anywhere it would replace current viewing.3D movies were and still are popular at the theater.Sony makes TVs.So it made sense to support 3D movie releases on bluray.PS3 supported bluray.So,it made sense to up... #3
Used to go there to watch videos.but later,I didn't like having to log in to watch certain things when other places like YouTube let me watch without question.

Also stopped going because last gen they were so biased and bought and paid for by advertising. When they got caught with videos or side by side comparisons claiming it was PS3 vs 360 when it was the same system they were comparing. or they captured videos wrong saying games were washed out when they were not. Shut... #40
Sounds reasonable. But the Japanese are buying the system and games because it is fun. AAA title or not. Saying you don't like *ANY* Indy games limits your definition of games.

Either it's fun or not.

No point of Sony making or pushing devs to make expensive games when western gamers aren't buying it for *games.*

So your choice is indies,psnow and remote play. While the Japanese don't care as long as it's a *good* game. So... #20.2
Lol! Egg to face. #3.2.1
See above comment for hiawa. #27.1
You're the perfect example that I spoke about above. You want CONSOLE quality games for a portable.

REMOTE PLAY gives you NEXT GEN quality games on a portable NOT capable of those graphics. You can play Until Dawn,Uncharted 4,the next Gran Turismo,Ratchet and Clank,SF5,etc,etc on it from anywhere in the world with good internet connection.

There's no point in making graphically intensive games for it when Western gamers aren't buying the system li... #20.1
It's a tougher market today with so many phones and tablets on the market. And with Nintendo's continuous near monopoly on the handheld market. But it's not for a lack of trying. It's selling great in Japan. It was the west that shunned PS Vita.

Gamers complained it might be expensive,but then,Sony revealed the price to be the SAME price as PSP when it launched at $249.Better technology for the same price. Then Nintendo dropped its overpriced 3DS (because we k... #17
More supporters and backers the better.

It's time to have more optional ways to view content and not just the old way we have been using for over 35 years.

What's the point of developers making rich,3D polygonal content if it's only going to be viewed in 2D on a screen? What's the point of making an FPS game or camera view if you don't get to SEE it from YOUR point of view?

It's time for more companies and more options... #2
The more the merrier. Skepticism is understandable but let's reality check...

3D wasn't a replacement for gaming but to ADD to your gaming experience.There wasn't a mandate for all developers to make 3D games.No executives stating that current gaming was over.And 3D movies are made to this day and 3D bluray movies sold.Somebody is watching.I suspect some 3D content will be released on VR.

Next,there WILL be compelling games made.When polygon games... #2
Poorly written article.Poor title as well.

If we are talking graphics potential,then yes,oculus with the right PC setup will offer a better experience.

However,since both have not released on the market,no final games have been played or final controllers used, the assumption is premature.

"Better gaming experience" to me would be which VR unit offers better gameplay,fun and enjoyment across game titles.That could go either way.The... #3
Actually otaku, the tech was there.It was just very expensive for consumer use. But Nintendo calling it virtual didn't mean it was a virtual reality device.

They get no credit because it didn't even succeed at anything but failure. Journalists bring it up because of their lack of knowledge or why supposedly VR failed back then. I was there when it launched. It was garbage and you couldn't even wear the thing.

Nintendo did not launch VR in any way... #1.3.4
They are strong pieces of hardware.They work and work well.This isn't like last gen with waggle or occasionally working with motion control with your hand.It's accurate. And gamers require accuracy when playing.

Just like steering wheels,flight sticks,keyboards,mouses,etc, gamers like when things work and are immediate in response.Would it have been okay to occasionally have a fireball or dragon punch show up when you tried to win a SF fight? Possibly having a button... #1
He didn't speak the truth. He spoke like a fanboy downplaying consoles. Consoles evolved. That's like saying that there is no need for disc, online store, hard drives, universal USB ports, wireless controllers,no online gaming, etc.

He wants a console like the first NES. That means a powerful console that does nothing else. To expect a console to be the same in the 21st century is retarded.Over 30 years has past. Just like above, that would mean other tech like phones... #8.1.1
The article writer sounds like a retard.I'm sorry.It's the truth.Complaining on what consoles have become,but neglect the fact that PCs have changed from simple applications to multifunction systems too.And,you still get updates,broken games,expensive games,crashes,freezes,driver problems,incompatibility issues etc.

To say consoles don't have exclusives means his brain is not working.To say there is something wrong with improving a console over time is foolhardy.T... #2
Of course gaminbolt.

This deserves a "well duh!" Comment.

Sony has between proactive since the introduction of PSVR. Giving instruction, classes, tips, suggestions all along the way. It is up to companies and developers to take that information and use it for the betterment of the platform. You can only impress once and get it right to create fun and excitement for VR.

There will be missteps like the PSX demo with Dr Marks. But that... #1
An incomplete article lacking in crucial information to come to its conclusion.

No price yet for PSVR

No comparison of the amount of PC gamers capable of running oculus in comparison to 40 million or so potential customers when psvr releases

The actual launch date and marketing of PSVR in comparison to oculus's marketing.

The economic climate for this year and buyer habits.

There are so many issues to add... #22
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