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I just like games that are fun to play, I don't need a revolution or evolution every time I play a game. I just want it to be a good game.

Some people make mountains out of molehills, I don't want to make games, I just want a game that's interesting and fun to play. Is that to much to ask?

Obviously not because there's been loads of great games this year already.

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Ok, if you want to be specific. I doubt it will make much of a dent seeing as Halo Reach is coming out around the same time.

As a gamer, I don't give a shit. If you are more corporate I suppose it matters.

Is that better?

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N4G's becoming a bit of an annoyance with it's articles mostly consisting of flamebait articles and top tens. And german sites, let's not forget them.

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Matthews a Pirate!!!!!


.....only joking.

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Just let the guy love what he loves, why are you scrutinizing him so much you weird fucks? He loves it, so what? Don't you guys love games a little too much? Maybe love a brand a bit too much?

'GT5 is a dream turned reality for car lovers. Alot of racing games are gonna get delayed cause the dev teams will be too busy playing this game. LOL.'

'I LOVE Portal. Thinking about a Full Portal game is too much for me to handle.'


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It's so interesting looking at a box. I love boxes.

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Maybe you shouldn't have commented then, it's obviously not something you're interested in. So why comment in the first place?

It says 'PS3 vs. Xbox 360 vs. Wii - Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 Sales' at the top. Unless you had the brains of a pineapple you would have seen it. Why go ahead and look at it, obviously you're not interested because you just said so? So why look and comment?

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Sackboy? Come on, all he does is flay his arms around and a bit of cross dressing. That's not much of a hero, that's your average drunk on a Saturday night wandering around in the high street. Sackboy's a tramp. Yeah, I said it.

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It's quite interesting actually. Far more interesting than most n4g submissions. It's a bit more interesting than 'Why I Must Buy Sonic Colors' anyway.

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It might be. Then again it might not.

Who cares?

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There was Mass Effect 2 wasn't there? And every other multiplat release. There were quite a few actually.

EDIT:But everyone wants Starcraft 2. I blame the console owners with pcs myself. They were jealous, they needed in on the action with their pentium 2's.

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That's true, and I'm not taking anything away from these games, they are good. For someone like me that's the problem, they are too good. I enjoyed the banter and getting involved, but the artificial life got in the way of my own. I have kids, a wife and a job, and gaming on the MMO level got in the way of my real life, which was silly.

I'm not sure how MMO gaming goes with other people, maybe they find ways around it or they have a life where it won't af...

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I know it was supposed to be an amusing article, drawing the hits in for being about 'racks' (Tits lol!)......but it was shit.

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I draw the line at MMO's. I got addicted to a text based game a few years ago, I found myself coming home early from work just to check whether I'd been killed or not, then spent the time until I went to bed playing the game. In the end common sense prevailed and I knocked it on the head.

Then I tried out WOW for a couple of weeks, I felt that same feeling I had when playing the text based game.

I have an addictive personality, I have to watch what I...

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OMG, I can't believe it! I'm pre-ordering right now! Then I'll be one of the ones that pre-order! I'm so excited!

I've creamed my pants because I'm so excited!

This is the best news I've seen all day!

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I'd prefer a new R&C tbh, I'm in the process of getting the platinum in TOD (I've become something of a trophy whore lately, never thought I'd be that way but well..).

Never really cared for the Resistance games, I didn't find them interesting at all. They are pretty standard fare fps games, nothing to get excited about.

R&C games on the other hand are fun and have some great humour, two aspects that I appreciate in a game.

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He seems to have a bit of a chip on his shoulder about games where you shoot things. Have a look through his comment history, I think he has a OCD about them.

*twitch, twitch* "I hate shooters" *twitch, twitch, drool* "Too many shooters" *twitch, twitch* "Oversaturated market"......

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If fps games on my ps3 had mouse and keyboard support the controller would not be used in those games. It's something I would welcome, but it's likely not to happen. A shame really as my enjoyment of those games would be a lot more if I could choose how I played.

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It wasn't just Sony that developed CD, DVD and Blu-Ray, development of those technologies were shared with other companies along the way. And Sega put out the add-on to the megadrive which was one of the first, if not the first, to have console games on disc. And both Panasonic and Atari put out cd based consoles before Sony. The pc had some games released on cd before the ps1 came out as well if I remember correctly.

Not really sure what all this has to do with the artic...

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It's in the post, they made it just for you. Because they often look on n4g for their ideas on what to release next. Especially if you are called 3sq.

Enjoy your game.

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