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The gameplay in Halo 5 is damn near perfect, the mp is amazing so far, played the first two levels of the campaign and they were good

The game I played is definitely not 6 out of 10, easily 9+ game

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one word to sum up halo 5 MP so far.....AMAZING

halo 5 plus the updated UI feel so great, xbox one has never been better

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holy crap this look magnificent

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absolutely, game is just clicks on all cylinders man

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i love nintendo i love their games, i grew up with them, i wish the NX turns out to be a huge success BUT

i see the chances of NX succeeding are bleak, Nintendo is stuck between a rock and a hard place

if they made it a traditional powerful systemlike ps4 and xbox one it would be too little, too late and won't have a chance to compete, the market cannot hold a 3rd identical system, heck the xbox one is having ahard time competeing with the ps4 in a two wa...

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the tony hawk series gave me some of my best gaming moments ever, the first one i played was THPS2 on the dreamcast, i was totally freakin blown away, then THPS3 on GC was just phenomenal, THPS4 on ps2 was great, THUG1 on ps2 was good but not amazing, then THUG 2 on ps2 which totally blew my mind

after that the series went downhill(no pun intended) with wii's downhill jam, american wasteland was decent but disappointing, Project 8 was so-so, proving ground sucked and fin...

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hell freakin yesss

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my godness xbox one is rocking this year, it deserve higher sales

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LMAO at this list

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that's awesome news for me cause i haven't played uncharted 3....

can't wait

these remasters are awesome for people who never played them or people that didn't own a ps3

im sure these new ps4 owners would be completely blown away by Uncharted 2, it still look good on ps3 to this day

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who else here want a new burnout game with the style of burnou 3 and revenge, no open world

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well it's true, u can have an opinion but quality wise those games he mentioned are among best

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is that....what she said?

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original xbox was awesome though

that generation ps2/GC/XboX was legendary

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xbox one is a beast

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very underrated but what can u expect from gamers nowadays, they're look for flash over substance

until dawn scoring higher than zombie u is a crime to any real gamer

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as a fanboy, u should troll smarter than that

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