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exactly and lol who disliked your comment #2.1.1
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not mean to offend but i think that people who don't find nario , smash, mk, disney/pixar stuff fun are kinda bleak or whatever or maybe im just wrong

those are awesome stuff that people in all ages can enjoy #12.1
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disliking nintendo exclusives and praising Killzone SF, Infamous SS, Knack, Drive Club????

as booket T say : TELL ME I DID NOT JUST SEE THAT !!! #1.7
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this a dream come true for me, im a hardcore gta fanboy, heck i was a huge fan of R* north's work when they were DMA Design, body harvest on n64 was freakin insane

now come 2013, one of my most anticipated games ever is soon to be released(GTA V) and it looks amazing, the only problem it had that it was stuck in lastgen hell

R* north made my dream come true, a nextgen Grand Theft Auto V and it looks way better than i expected, this is the REAL GTA V, not... #2
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GTA V, TLOU, bioshock infinite, DK tropical freeze, SM3DW, Titanfall, Gears of war 3

there are tons of amazing well done games, the problem is the lack of variety #26.1
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that's your opinion, destiny and WD were decent but forgettable, Titanfall is perhaps the best MP game i've ever played, the gameplay blending with the epic map design is so amazing creating a sequence of mp action and pacing that is sometimes too good to be true

it's scary when u think how awesome a full fledged titanfall 2 with a legit SP campaign is going to be

if u think that titanfall that was nothing special i believe you don't know anyt... #1.1.1
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yeah exactly, i agree 100%, that's why angry birds is way harder to develop than games like zelda U, TLOU,GTA V and so forth......................... ...................

............LoL #1
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titanfall......such an amazing game

edit: i don't care about fanboy disagrees, it does not represent the truth about titanfall, it only represents a severe case of bandwagon fallacy #1
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LOOOOL #22.2
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exactly #1.15.1
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it did not changed gaming but took a step forward in story telling and pacing, it's a new standard in that aspect #10
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looks like nintendo are losing their minds due to the failure of the wiiu, they are stuck between a rock and a hard place, the casuals are long gone and they can't compete with sony and MS

now im not talking about the amazing talented studios at nintendo and their phenomenal games, im talking about the poor console management that is going on there, they're even holding back some of the greatest devs ever, eiji aunoma, retro etc... #2
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earthworm jim FTW #3.1
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im feeling it will be a 4-5 year this gen #1
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the SP is polished #4.1
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WTF??? #1
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so far yeah xbox one and especially wiiu have the best exclusives, sony ones are a bit disppointing like KZ SF(loved KZ2) and DC (loved Motorstorm 1)

Infamous SS is pretty darn good #1.2
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is Reggie retarded?, in this day and age, there is no way that u can avoid multiplats coming on all systems, the gaming growth and crazy sales revenue is just too much to for any console maker to make it exclusive to their system except if you're MS, which is bad for business imo, too much money wasted

in the end, i hope u didn't get me wrong, i love the wiiu, it's a must have system imo but Reggie and Nintendo fanboys on YT are so annoying #2
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CoD MP is pretty good with a great SP campaign that i really loved

TF lack a sp but the MP is head and shoulders above AW, Titanfall is just unbelievable, sometimes the gameplay pace with the excellent map design is just too good to be real

Overall AW is awesome and a good comeback for the series, however if u gave respawn studios time for the SP and a powerful engine....it would be one of the best FPS games of all time, i can guarantee u that #15
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lol you're the same guy that says halo sucks? and now titanfall sucks??

lol the poniesm is strong with this one #5.5
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