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im playing through campaign and man the sp is amazing so far, i saw some opf the best gfx i've ever seen in my life, i often question myself is this CG or Real? #1
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as legendary as nintendo games are, i feel that some of the games today make them seem a bit outdated in some areas, i mean when u play TLOU, GTA V or bioshock infinite and then go play nintendo games, u found out that they miss a lot of new gaming standards (online, story, graphics and immersion, cenimatic pacing, character backgrounds, voice acting, emotional investement) #17.1
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Lol, even the President of Nintendo of America is Damage controlling, weren't SNES and SEGA MEGA DRIVE having shared games?? weren't PS1 and N64 sharing the same games?? weren't alot of games shared between PS2 GAMECUBE and XBOX??

Reggie, 95% of games are 3rd party games , similarity comes from market growth, this differentiating/unique BS is a poor excuse for lacking major must-have console components (3rd party, system specs and online)

if it wa... #21
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some ethics and morals please #7.1
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lots and lots, there is no way i can t decide, impossible but i'll try listing FPS shooters into two groups, the top dogs in FPS imo are

Goldeneye, Perfect Dark,Doom series, Quake 1 and 2, Duke nukem, Half Life series, Halo series(1 to 3), bioshock 1 and infinite, system shock (didn't play it but i know it's legendary) CoD4/MW2, Turok 1 and 2

then there is the second best FPS list of games, games like Time Splitter series, Titanfall, The world is... #1
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didn't like the mp too, i though titanfall is better, however the campaign is amazing, best campaign since MW2 and CoD 4

very concentrated, very well driven, the story/cutscenes are great, great voice acting and has some of the best graphics i've ever seen, im really impressed, 3 year development span was absolutely what's needed for CoD franchise #6.1
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LoL, spacey's part was amazing though #4
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i respect your opinion but titanfall mp is so much better than AW, there is no comparison really imo

AW is not even anywhere near BO1 or BO2, it's better than ghosts though

AW has that generic dead bland cod ghosts feel to it, the gfx are insane though, cannot wait to see what treyarch dose next year, it's going to be phenomenal

imagine if the old IW did AW.....holy cow #1.1
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"If I had a pixel for every time this topic has come up, I'd have to buy a 4K television"

LOL #1.1
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one of the best games on ps4 imo #3.2
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nah revelation is good but nowhere near resi4 good, it feel bland, doesn't have that old school vintage gold atmosphere/design of past resi games #1.1.1
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i love this amazing game

if capcom acquired this team along with the remaining resi talent working at capcom, giving them dat nextgen deep down engine, giving them time and creative freedom....... we would get a modern day masterpiece of a game like what resi 2 and 4 were at the time #1
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it might not be on CoD 4/MW2 level but this damn cod looks very good and polished as hell plus the gfx are out of this world #3.3
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........ :( the worst thing that can happen in gaming is talent disintegration....F*** DAT #6.1.1
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if they want to make resi 7 a legendary game they should get the evil within team to join the remaining talent in capcom, ,give them teh already impressive deep down nextgen engine and give them time and BOOOM we would get another resi 2 or resi 4

a modern day nextgen horror masterpiece

evil within is very good though #6
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capcom make a remastered resi 2 like resi 1 GameCube remake and remaster it HD on ps4 and X1 and I'll be beyond happy #4
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lolwut, cod aw completely destroys evil within gfx and run at 60fps #1.1.1
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wiiu has must have games, it's a must buy along with ps4, X1 or a PC......sorry #3.3.1
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while in reality MS continues to falcon punch sony in exclusives?? quite ironic isn't it

but i say MS deserves it, their first impression was bad, they got people hating them #4.1
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to be honest the xbox one has better games than the ps4, don't get me wrong i love ps4 and buy most games on it but titanfall is better than KZ sf, sunset over drive is better than infamous, forza horizon 2 is way better than DC and there's dat halo master chief collection, crackdown 3, quantum break and gears of war

hopefully the order turns great because if it didn't, the only good stuff sony will have is naughty dog's phenomenal stuff

if xb... #9
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