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^^^^ man compare MGS V to starfox zero.....both cost 60$, MGS V is full fledged nextgen games with high production values and real actors....the difference in budget is mindboggeling

plus the 60$ u paid for mgs v will be cut between sony or MS and Konami, the 60$ u paid for nintendo games will go purely to nintendo

again mario maker will be legendary and better than many nextgen games with high production values but that's irrelevant to the point

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don't get me wrong, they are legendary games but i mean financially wise, using old tech and no voice acting etc...= maximum profit

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nintendos way of doing business = weak system + low production values + games at full price + gimmicks to sell to casuals+ it being the publisher = tons of $$$

nintendo, im afradid to say that this mindset won't work anymore, the casuals are gone and the hardcore market if full

heck im wondering what can Nintendo do to succeed with th eNX, they're stuck between a rock and a hard place

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yep and both have charm/character that put a lot of games nowadays to shame

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900p looks very good too, I have Watch Dogs on PS4 (runs at 900p) and it looks almost like 1080p. Don't get me wrong, I'll still get the better version (PS4) but It's not that big of a deal to be honest.

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criminally underrated game

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i thought it was pretty good

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boogie is one of the best people on the entire internet period

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if ubisoft took it seriously and made a nextgen sequel with a new engine and a good story/budget, it will be the best thing ubisoft done in freakin years

the core level design and gameplay is very very good, it's a true survival horror, it make zombies feel like a threat

the game just overshadowed by ubisofts laziness

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pretty underrated and overlooked game, if ubisoft took it seriously in making a huge sequel, the game has loads of potential

the level design is awesome in the game

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excellent comment, AW is way better than ghosts btw but it's still disappointing

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well said bro well said

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you deny yourself a masterpiece just for stuff behind the scenes??

that's a bad way to live

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"the game has terrible gameplay when out of a vehicle"

LOOOOOOL, gta v has some great shooting mechanics, detailed euphoria physics, awesome/satisfying headshots, great/detailed player animations, loads of weapons to chose from with upgradable parts and an FPS mode, the game has a sheen that u expect from games with waaay smaller scale

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jet force Gemini omg

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phenomenal game especially on ps4, X1, PC

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it would suck totally, lastgen tech, no sales.......RIP kojima productions

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indeed the best looking game ever made

achieving these gfx on ps4 prove my point that PC gaming doesn't really take potential of gfx cards out there, PC games are console builds just in higher FPS/RES

don't get me wrong if u have PC, enjoy it, run games at 60FPS 1440p more power to u

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sr1 and sr2 were good, sr3 was ok, sr4 i hated it

with that being said, volition is a talented studio, red faction 1 was excellent, hope they make another red faction 1 type of game

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