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well said #16.1
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i totally forgot about DK TF 0: #3.1.1
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I agree with top 3

watch dogs is a good game too #3
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no buy, totally unnecessary, get back to your roots (SR1 and 2) #9
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SS is more technically advanced, ps4 of course

GTA V is waaaaay more brilliantly and breathtakingly designed (R* north's God Given talent) and technically advanced as well, it also has larger scope, more air scope, under water environments, better physics

in short grand theft auto V is nothing short of mindboggoling, it stuns and then some especially when u consider that's it's made on xbox 360 and ps3, nextgen gta v version is gonna blow heads #32
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yep the moment i give up on nintendo is the moment they lose it as a developer, if they gave me a bad generic mario game or DK game or starfox etc..

the last time i checked, they still got it #2.1
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there's no one that i respect more in gaming than this dude #1
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no man i was talking about the wiiu

their work with gamecube was a work of art #2.1.1
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yep but N64 had some amazing 3rd party games/exclusives that were built on the system

games like Turok 1, Turok 2, Turok 3, Duke 64, Quake 1/2, Doom 64, Shadow man, Body Harvest, adventure racing, TWINE, no mercy/WM games, Mortal kombat 4, mace, star wars shadow of the empire and star wars rogue squadron squadron and racer, rayman 2 etc...

plus they had rare ware support which was PHENOMENAL , plus the system was pushing for greater gfx and greater MP (4 pla... #4.1
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fantastic article,i put the blame on Nintendo (don't get me wrong i love my wiiu) but the wiiu to the 3rd party devs is a small distraction that doesn't deserve the time and money investment and will also will sell poorly

i saw some diehard Nintendo fans boycotting ubi and activision, do u guys realize how retarded is that??

out of all companies, Activision and Ubisoft stood with Nintendo through the thick and thin, they supported n64(Rayman 2, quake... #2
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can't believe your dislikes, people here can't get jokes :( #8.1
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xxx on nintendo systems??? childhood ruined :( #12
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" the more mainstream a game is... The broader its appeal... The more likely it is to be "casual""

very good comment man BUT not always true, when i decide if the game is casual or not, i forget about the sales altogether, i base my judgement on the game itself as if im the only one who bought it, i judge the design, the mechanics etc....

for example, gta 4 and read dead sold waaay more than saints row 4, does it means sr4 is more hardcore... #7.4.2
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remember that ND's Legendary game UC2 took notes from IW's CoD 4 in both sp(intense pacing) and mp(perks and stuff)

im glad ND is still together, unlike IW which totally suck now after the departure #2.1
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i don't think it's jealousy, it's straight out disrespect just to look cool/edgy

there's no one i respect more in the gaming industry than Miyamoto #21.3.1
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im sure your K/D ration in CoD and Gears is abysmal, all the games u mentioned are tried and true games that use traditional videogame mechanics (TLOU casual??? LMAO)

myamotto was talking about the people that left the wii and went to mobiles/angry birds/flappy bird or whatever there #7.3
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i don't care about the type, the violence level, the color level or whatever, it's the QUALITY of the game that matters the most, the theme comes second #1
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because the gaming industry grew so much, it's expanding rapidly, coupled with their clear massage/marketing, as well as people being tired of ps3/360, that's why it got all that sales

heck even xbox one's sales (5 mill) is considered a lot when u keep in mind it launched with the ps4, at a 100$ higher price with all the DRM backlash

i believe if it wasn't for those two reason X1 would be selling like 6-7 mill while ps4 will be at 9-10 mill un... #3
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the bananas, the meds, the cockroaches, all look very real #3.3
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unreal engine just amazes me (when it's used right) like in gears of war, bioshock, batman etc....

the latest Unreal engine 3.5 is gorgeous, gears of war 3 looks amazing and colorful and so is bioshock infinite (especially on PC)

cannot imagine how awesome UE4 us going to be #2
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