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that's awesome, i hope NX turned out to be huge and nextgen

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damn i hate these trends

gamer gate, pewdiepie, walking simulators, Anita sarkeesian, mobile gaming, microtransactions


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with all pure honesty Microsoft is doing an amazing job lately, tomb raider, halo 5, new UI, backwards comparability and bundles

they're doing better job than sony, they deserve more sales quite frankly

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hell freakin yes red dead is legendary and crackdown 1 and 2 were hidden gems

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one advantage??, xbox has better shooters, u can play Black ops3 and starwars battlefronts plus halo 5 and titanfall

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this cod is very very good, treyarch at its finest

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big show is awesome

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the new UI along with halo 5 make the system feel great and fresh

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great achievement, well done 343i, the MP is damn near perfecr

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agreed completely, mp is almost perfect

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because it's SONY PLAYSTATION, the name is so streong, if it was something other than sony playstation, it would sell half as much as the xbox 360

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this, halo 5, splatoon and starwars

MP heaven

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one word can sum up my MP time with halo 5....AMAZING

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halo 3 campaign is excellent but the best halo campaign without a doubt was halo combat evolved

still didn't beat halo 5 campaign

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mp so far is just AMAZING, very well designed/balanced, so fun to play, new mechanics added a whole new layer, the halo gameplay + the 60FPS = MAGIC

played 2 campaign levels, very good so far, i liked that they brought back the trademark humorous/witty covenant voice overs, it now truly feels like halo

sites that gave it a 6 or a 7 are literally delusional, you'll find the same reviewer give soma or everyone goes to rapture a 9, LoL

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That's your opinion sir

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The gameplay in Halo 5 is damn near perfect, the mp is amazing so far, played the first two levels of the campaign and they were good

The game I played is definitely not 6 out of 10, easily 9+ game

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one word to sum up halo 5 MP so far.....AMAZING

halo 5 plus the updated UI feel so great, xbox one has never been better

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holy crap this look magnificent

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