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SS is more technically advanced, ps4 of course

GTA V is waaaaay more brilliantly and breathtakingly designed (R* north's God Given talent) and technically advanced as well, it also has larger scope, more air scope, under water environments, better physics

in short grand theft auto V is nothing short of mindboggoling, it stuns and then some especially when u consider that's it's made on xbox 360 and ps3, nextgen gta v version is gonna blow heads #32
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yep the moment i give up on nintendo is the moment they lose it as a developer, if they gave me a bad generic mario game or DK game or starfox etc..

the last time i checked, they still got it #2.1
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there's no one that i respect more in gaming than this dude #1
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no man i was talking about the wiiu

their work with gamecube was a work of art #2.1.1
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yep but N64 had some amazing 3rd party games/exclusives that were built on the system

games like Turok 1, Turok 2, Turok 3, Duke 64, Quake 1/2, Doom 64, Shadow man, Body Harvest, adventure racing, TWINE, no mercy/WM games, Mortal kombat 4, mace, star wars shadow of the empire and star wars rogue squadron squadron and racer, rayman 2 etc...

plus they had rare ware support which was PHENOMENAL , plus the system was pushing for greater gfx and greater MP (4 pla... #4.1
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fantastic article,i put the blame on Nintendo (don't get me wrong i love my wiiu) but the wiiu to the 3rd party devs is a small distraction that doesn't deserve the time and money investment and will also will sell poorly

i saw some diehard Nintendo fans boycotting ubi and activision, do u guys realize how retarded is that??

out of all companies, Activision and Ubisoft stood with Nintendo through the thick and thin, they supported n64(Rayman 2, quake... #2
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can't believe your dislikes, people here can't get jokes :( #8.1
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xxx on nintendo systems??? childhood ruined :( #12
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" the more mainstream a game is... The broader its appeal... The more likely it is to be "casual""

very good comment man BUT not always true, when i decide if the game is casual or not, i forget about the sales altogether, i base my judgement on the game itself as if im the only one who bought it, i judge the design, the mechanics etc....

for example, gta 4 and read dead sold waaay more than saints row 4, does it means sr4 is more hardcore... #7.4.2
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remember that ND's Legendary game UC2 took notes from IW's CoD 4 in both sp(intense pacing) and mp(perks and stuff)

im glad ND is still together, unlike IW which totally suck now after the departure #2.1
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i don't think it's jealousy, it's straight out disrespect just to look cool/edgy

there's no one i respect more in the gaming industry than Miyamoto #21.3.1
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im sure your K/D ration in CoD and Gears is abysmal, all the games u mentioned are tried and true games that use traditional videogame mechanics (TLOU casual??? LMAO)

myamotto was talking about the people that left the wii and went to mobiles/angry birds/flappy bird or whatever there #7.3
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i don't care about the type, the violence level, the color level or whatever, it's the QUALITY of the game that matters the most, the theme comes second #1
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because the gaming industry grew so much, it's expanding rapidly, coupled with their clear massage/marketing, as well as people being tired of ps3/360, that's why it got all that sales

heck even xbox one's sales (5 mill) is considered a lot when u keep in mind it launched with the ps4, at a 100$ higher price with all the DRM backlash

i believe if it wasn't for those two reason X1 would be selling like 6-7 mill while ps4 will be at 9-10 mill un... #3
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the bananas, the meds, the cockroaches, all look very real #3.3
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unreal engine just amazes me (when it's used right) like in gears of war, bioshock, batman etc....

the latest Unreal engine 3.5 is gorgeous, gears of war 3 looks amazing and colorful and so is bioshock infinite (especially on PC)

cannot imagine how awesome UE4 us going to be #2
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LoL at all the dislikes

common sense on N4G = instant Disagrees

my god never seen such angry/depressed/low self esteemed people on any other web site like here

congratulation, you ruined the gamer image, I've seen football communities, Movies communities, TV shows, WWE communities, UFC communities etc...

Never seen such people as sensitive as butthurt as sad as the gaming community, especially here on N4g and at IGN websi... #1.4
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agree totally with your comment, im kinda leaning more towards ps4 more than Xbox one this gen but X1 is great too, it's like reverse last gen #1.2.1
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"The PS4 is an amazing system that focuses primarily on games"

LoL both system focus on games, titanfall in my humble opinion is the best console nextgen game(if u consider it nextgen game) so far on both platforms #1.1.3
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"Nintendo is NOT in trouble"


it amazes me how pure love and raw emotion can deceive even the smartest #8.1
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