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Pro/Scorpio????? WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL??

The base XB1 is head&shoulders above it specs, controller, 3rd party support and online. But I guess the Switch will be a nice supplemental device. Can't miss them Nintendo games.

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Let us see the system's specs first, because from the looks of it, It'll be handheld-console hybrid so It won't be as powerful as an XB1/PS4, so It can't handle it, forget it, a Handheld cannot and WILL NOT have the same computational power that the XB1/PS4 have, maybe after 5-6 years, but now? NEVER! Sorry...

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Cool story bro

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No, Scorpio is much more powerful than PS4 Pro.

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Xbox One ELITE controller without a doubt!

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i think some of these reviewers have sever anhedonia or something, they're not right in the head

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Mario looked familiar since 1980s

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LOL!! Nah man, It'll be a BIG difference

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dude the playstation brand is destroying nintendo since its inception, that's why you nintendo fanboys are so salty from sony

look nintendo development studios are legendary no question but their management f***** sucks,

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the sad reality is FPS single player campaigns these days are trash compared to bioshock

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i love Nintendo and their gold games but if they failed with the NX they're done........period, it's already almost impossible to compete against an ever evolving(now with ps4pro and Xbox scorpio) ps4, X1 and PC market(PC is gaining more than ever before and the rate of advancement in tech is astonishing),

the consumer trust is LONG GONE, people that love GTA, CoD, BF and pretty much 99% of 3rd party games will absolutely NEVER jump to a Nintendo console or hybrid ...

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the new momentum based movement system is much MUCH needed, ever since ghosts the movement system implemented in it and then AW(worst one with fast exo boost) and BO3 make shooting players feel fuzzy, dodgy and confusing, players move like robots, now shooting opponents will be a much smoother experience, u can now keep track when u shoot players, in ghosts/Aw/BO3 it felt as if ur shooting fast moving particles, so annoying

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i remember Hexen on N64 back in the day, solid game indeed and also singularity in 2010, another underrated game

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honestly, the game look much better than i expected, the new player movement system will make the gameplay MUCH better, the movement system that they implemented with CoD ghosts and then to AW and BO3 kinda ruined the game, it made it shooting players feel dodgy, fuzzy, un-tight and confusing as hell,glad they fixed it

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no man's sky is this gen's Haze

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switched to PC like a month ago and to be perfectly honest it's miles better than consoles, that's the way it is but i still love console :)

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Pc trumps all

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LMAO SR is generic and shallow compared to any gta game.......yes SR1 and SR2 were good but compared to the legendary gta it's generic and shallow, no game has the amazing feel of the gameplay or environment than GTA, that what makes it legendary

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i loved sr1 and sr2 a lot but let's get serious , against GTA IV, they felt cheap and generic and ps2 like experience, sr2 was heaps fun don't get me wrong but it was GTA IV and its legendary nextgen leap that made volition go crazy, they were like "there's no way we can touch that level of quality,,,,,,.... plan B, let's make it wacky and crazy" and they did, SR 3 was good overall but not as good as SR1 or SR2 and didn't buy SR4 since it's basically a saints...

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