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the game looks amazing, i love the "mysterious" feel that remedy games has, seen in older max paynes and alan wake

day 1 buy

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im like you, i was never a huge zelda fan but i always have the utmost respect for the franchise, u recognize quality when u see it

can't wait

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hmmmm and cod ghosts (the worst cod ever by a cod fanboy) got an 8.7.....

what a joke

games like TP are pure gold that hold up very well even today

can't wait for this, i was never a huge zelda fan but suddenly i gained major interest as i got older (28 yo)

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game looks very unique, those gfx though, reflection and PBR...crazy

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excited as hell for this

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id tech 6 looks absolutely phenomenal

imagine Evil Within 2 using id tech 6(evil within used id tech 5).....mindblown

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if this console failed, Nintendo is DONE as a console manufacturer

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a prime example of why i hate kojima fanboys

damn you making people hate kojima, me included, a person who thinks that he's a legend

it's annoying af

dudes overrated, we didn't see miamotto having "a shigeru miyamoto game" and he's 10 times better or houser brothers "a sam and dan houser game"

a "gabe newell game" "a mikami game" "a suzuki game" "a kamiya...

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he's legendary no doubt but some of his antics and his fanboys/worshippers are so damn annoying

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where's my popcorn ?

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im almost sure that in nextgen we're gonna see up-gradable consoles or variations of power/price for the same console because this obsession with resolution and framerate is getting REAL

console manufacturers can't ignore that slide or loads of people are gonna jump to PC gaming espicially in the era where comparison vids are becoming popular/viral


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im glad it didn't change because change in these days = linear boring, automatic, carry two weapons garbage

DooM 4 game looks too good to be true, it looks like art coming life, can't freakin wake, this is classic doom

i also loved the horror paced DOOM 3

DooM 64 was a gem also

love doom and quake

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aside from the downgrade, i really loved watch dogs, im very happy to see that they didn't milk the franchise, 3 years of development is a very good thing

i believe ubisoft is waking up from the yearly release thing, no AC this year + no WD milking are great steps in the right direction

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holy freakin COW

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holy F***

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Love black ops

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What the actual F***?

thank you mr benzies for everything, you're such a legend

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hell yeah

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they act like 3rd party games are pure trash

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