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Pc trumps all

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LMAO SR is generic and shallow compared to any gta game.......yes SR1 and SR2 were good but compared to the legendary gta it's generic and shallow, no game has the amazing feel of the gameplay or environment than GTA, that what makes it legendary

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i loved sr1 and sr2 a lot but let's get serious , against GTA IV, they felt cheap and generic and ps2 like experience, sr2 was heaps fun don't get me wrong but it was GTA IV and its legendary nextgen leap that made volition go crazy, they were like "there's no way we can touch that level of quality,,,,,,.... plan B, let's make it wacky and crazy" and they did, SR 3 was good overall but not as good as SR1 or SR2 and didn't buy SR4 since it's basically a saints...

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the game is shaping up really nice, i was certain that it going to suck even before the games announcement because it's from the cod ghosts dev but the gameplay footage yesterday looked really nice, the pacing is topnotch and the weapons look fun to shoot with

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the shooting is fake

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I don't have to tell you LOL. The writings are on the wall, please, stop acting like a child, k?

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And yet they still go low key budget wise with their games and hardware

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this whole PC masterrace thing is laughable especially when the ps4neo and xbox one scorpio arrive

1-neo and scorpio will be able to play high end experience

2-console exclusives (Sony and nintendo) the last of us or the legend of zelda alone destroy 98% of pc games

3-PC is full of poorly optimized trash like batman arkham knight Knigh, just cause 3, mortal kombat X, rise of the tomb raider just to name a few, consoles are much easier t...

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After 1000 years

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we're in 2016, people now are more aware than ever before in history aout tech........resolution closed

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honestly it's a huge difference when for example u have gta vi at 4K on xbox scorpio and 1080p on ps4

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The Beta has been delayed to sometime in 2017 too.

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They just delayed the game and It's coming out in 2017.


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Are you really that angry from the BGST Podcast? There are just 4 persons, are they really making you not sleep at night?

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exactly, this place is a sony pony ceasepool, nothing against sony, PS4 is my fav console this gen

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nah it's selling like hot cakes on amazon so far

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