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unremarkable music??? what the actual F***??? the music in the game is absolutely phenomenal, class A+

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lol who's gonna develop an x86 game and not put it on ps4/X1/PC

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man the game was built with the original ps4/X1 in mind and just add extra stuff for the pro, if a game was built from the ground up on the pro @1080p 30FPS it would look like watch dogs E3 2012 or the witcher 2013

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skyrim definitely, gta v........ i'd like to have what ur smoking

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aiden pearce >>>>>>> marcus

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holy crap

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switch will be nice and cool but compared to ps4, X1 and especially after the pro and scorpio and PC is stupid and silly

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But It's NOT native 4K, because It is using Checkerboard Rendering to mimic 4K when in reality It's not.

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give me both, a glaring example is perfect dark

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First 4K "Done by Checkerboard Rendering upscale" machine for sure.

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here comes the pain too

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Dude, lay off the drugs, don't even bring the Pro or the Scorpio, the base XB1 (which is weaker than PS4) DESTROYS Nintendo Switch, much better controller (well-made traditional), much more powerful hardware, BIG library of games (Switch is at 0), FULL 3rd party support (RDR 2 won't come to Switch), much better online service and Backwards Compatibility. The Switch's Architecture is X86 (or ARM Architecture, which makes it even worse for 3rd parties).

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Pro/Scorpio????? WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL??

The base XB1 is head&shoulders above it specs, controller, 3rd party support and online. But I guess the Switch will be a nice supplemental device. Can't miss them Nintendo games.

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Let us see the system's specs first, because from the looks of it, It'll be handheld-console hybrid so It won't be as powerful as an XB1/PS4, so It can't handle it, forget it, a Handheld cannot and WILL NOT have the same computational power that the XB1/PS4 have, maybe after 5-6 years, but now? NEVER! Sorry...

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Cool story bro

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No, Scorpio is much more powerful than PS4 Pro.

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Xbox One ELITE controller without a doubt!

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i think some of these reviewers have sever anhedonia or something, they're not right in the head

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