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that was unbelievable
this game is pure golden man,my god I can't friggen wait for this

gonna be a dream when pick my copy in my hands,I'll may go for prestige #4.1
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both euphoria and dmm have big potential,I just wanna see more developers use them #1.1
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perfect comment man #1.2
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agreed,the game is so amazing and will sell like hot cakes,it's infinity ward,first day sales will be huge

maybe this news will make some butt hurt hardcore ps3 fanboys happy after what activision said about sony #2.1
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very good game
very underrated,should get 8.5,trophies will make it even more tasty

good news #2
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no way
anyone gonna boycott mw2,I mean it's an unbelievable game,I know some news sounds a bit bitter but come on man #1.6
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that's why I said "in most cases"

mgo was a disappointment,,I agree with you,R2's sp campaign while good but forgetable,R1 was much better than R2 imo,R2 feels SO COLD #2.5
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I respectfully disagree

mp is amazing but imho

sp>online and in most cases if u built a great single player\gameplay,your online will always be better #2.1
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the single player campaign
in halo 3 was kinda meh,decent at best,it was nothing like halo 1,halo 1 sp is one of the best ever,halo 3 sp is somewhat cold,uninspired,weapns didn't feel as powerful as h1 or 2,battles were amazing and so memorable in h1,level design in h1 was so memorable,I mean the whole gameplay in h1 was the best halo gameplay ever,they ruined the assualt rifle in halo 3,it's nothing like the old one,levels in h3 feels empty,dull and forgettable as hell,online mp saved h3 for me

I hope ods... #1.3
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capturing a headshot in kz2 and set it as wallpaper,how bad@ss is that

hope games use this #2
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hey guys
im going to rob a bank NOW.......

gta inspires me

see that,easy XD #3
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all these disagrees
for gamers who are excited for a good looking game??

talking about being desperate

just imagine their faces when they do XD #1.5
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@once upon a fable
bubbles up for saying the truth,I've been saying that for a long time,I got disagreed,one bubble brust and even some replayed and said that the ps3 version is better,I couldn't believe that

resi5 on 360 had better sharper graphics and runs much smoother,ps3 resi5 had framrate issues,some muddier textures here and there and yet some guys here says"I didn't see any drop in framrate"

really sad,fanboys couldn't accept the truth,even some 360 die hard fans say... #1.10
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"GTA4 on the PS3 ran at a lower resolution yet it is the better looking of the two console versions"

my god, I got BOTH VERSIONS,im not a fanboy to 360 or ps3,gta 4 ps3 is nearly crippled,blur,AA,framrate,fuzz iness,if u get at high speed at the brooker bridge,you may just throw up,360 version looks\plays much better,gta 4 360 is simply without a shadow of a doubt the version to get,Im not gonna even start talking about the dlc

one of the worst ports I've e... #1.6
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home rewards is indeed a step in the right direction,the only thing we all need is an indicator for how to get them,the xmb shoould have "home rewards" above your "trophy collection" and a special *DLING* sound to it

agree? #4.4
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to add UNLOCKABLES along side achievements\trophies,oh god unlocking cheates,modes,mp characters and things in goldeneye\perfect dark 64 was a dream like experience

just imagine,achievement or a trophy unlocked with a cheat ot new stuff


http://www.youtube.com/watc... #1.4
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get one now

dream bundle #1.9
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ps3 controller is excellent in fps games but still 360's pad is better at them #7.1
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ps3 sounds so HOT,with uncharted 2+GT5+price drop

if it's happened......it's the PERFECT STORM #1.19
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for all the above who says free online
guys belive me xbl is a much better place to play,it have all the features

50$ or 40$ for a year is not a big deal for all these amazing features

hell u can spend 50$ at a dinner with your friends,guys you are not that poor,if u were that poor,u would buy the 199$ HD less 360,right???

imo I feel that 50$ is kinda ripoff,30$ or 20$ feels right

XBOX LIVE is BETTER THAN PSN,have good time with home,it's a nightmare,hope for a big update #3.13
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