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with the brilliant physics,immersion and realism of gta 4,this will be a real treat for us

btw,I really love the police car in gta 4,it rocks,the game feels like a movie

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no mercy was the sh!t,I remember chokeslaming austen through the announce table that filled with chairs,steel steps,barbed wire,etc..

that was the best wrestling game of all time

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extreme g was great,also f-zero,diddy kong racing,top gear rally,wave race,rush and the awesome beetle adventure racing

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mw2 GOTY contender

full stop.


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man,do your math,it's a great deal

great time to be a gamer,games getting BETTER and CHEAPER

just look,mw2,forza3,odst and the mighty uncharted 2 all just around the corner

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was awesome

remember "shake shake"

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this would be amazing,it makes for a better online experience,u feel like u have your special sweet home(gamercards)like u do on 360,trust me,I play on live and psn almost everyday

tbh the player profiles,ps home and the in game xmb,I repeat the IN-GAME XMB,the xmb (main xmb looks so amazing specially with the new sparkles and the animated themes) feels so lifeless and boring,they have very low attractiveness attractivness,the 360 in game dashboard\gamercards and menus feel prett...

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on 360 cause of xbl and xbox pad being better at fps games

anyway,It's a great buy too on ps3,people have their own prefrences,someone could buy it on ps3 cause he have more friend on psn,it comes in blu-ray,or simply because online is free

hope u enjoy it :)

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elite is $299

for 100$,100$ only u get mw2+extra 130 gb+1 extra controller

this will ATTRACT new 360 buyers,especially since mw2 is so damn popular

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this is a steal

a beautiful mw2 360


2 controllers

the awesome xbox live

this deal is so HOT

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the n64 was such a legendary console

not only these games in the list but tons of brilliant games

turok 1,2 and 3,the amazing shadow man,the gem body harvest 64,the world is not enough(absolutely amazing,miles ahead of ps1 ver.),jet force jemini,majora's mask,star fox 64,wwf no mercy(better than wm2000),paper mario,doom64,dn 64,blast corpse,dk64,mario kart 64,mario parties,smash bros 64 and more

everytime I think about the n64,I just look at the wii and...

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the other disaster is E-74

I even hate it more than the red lights

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the new attractive ps2 like "ps3" logo

the new awesome slim model

the new $299 price tag

the ads

sony got almost everything right

now one thing only remaining

a fw update that have all the xbl features

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I want this game so bad

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the 360 version looks a bit more sharper\crisper

I'll get it on 360

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these guys have so much talent,I really respect them,they know how to grab your brain and fill it with amazement

Respect for Infinity ward

cod 4 was one of the best fps of this generation and of all time

mw2 looks absolutely stunning,the sp mission was amazing

the two mp vids made my jaw drop

really,REALLY cannot wait for mw2,Im excited to a point where I may buy both versions of the game

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I played on xbl before psn,then jumped to psn,I feel that there are a lot of things missing

read my comment above

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is set deep within gamers hearts,just take a look at slim's first week,550,000??

unbelievable,I think sony can win

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xbl is awesome,too awesome

psn is really great for free and has great online experiences only for ps3 like uncharted 2,psn is kinda too genrous for free I think

but still xbl is the king,psn misses a lot of amazing features,the combination of cross game chat\invites,parties,voice massages,the awesome deep player status witch sells the online experience like no other(fir example,playing "gta 4","mission 40","deconstruction for beginners"...

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