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I strongly agree,that's perhaps the worst thing I've ever read in my whole gaming life,SERIOUSLY WHAT THE FUK IS THIS

it may enter genuis book for the worst gamer zone statement EVER on N4G

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one of the best games ever without a doubt

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because they are still butthurt after activison's statement to stop ps3 support and plus you know how arrogant ps3 fanboys are,mix both you get this result,simple as that

I can't wait for mw2

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the game is gonna be amazing no doubt

and @ DJ Pillz 317

n4g became a total trashhhhhh

these days I rarely go to the comments section,it's absolutely redeculous,sigh

have a bubble

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use your logic well,see how many gamers bought cod4,look at all these cod4 lovers on ps3 and look how much more units ps3 sold in two years after the release of cod4

no one can deny that mw2 ps3 gonna outsell cod4 ps3 and perhaps be the best selling ps3 game ever

the reason why mw2 sell better on 360 is the larger fanbase and the a lot of ps3\360 owners like me gonna get it on 360 cause shooters play better on 360 pad and xbl is better than psn

I hope al...

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"PS3 gamers don't want to pay for some overpriced games when the have a slew of new AAA games to play"

don't use this excuse to for why 360 version selling more

LOOOL,we will see mw2 sales on ps3,It will easely beat cod4 which was the best selling ps3 games,YOU'LL SEE,it will be the best selling ps3 game ever

it will outsell kz2 easely and YOU KNOW IT

"MW2 is just becoming rediculous, if you buy this you hate gaming"

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I'll get it on the xbox 360 for 4 reasons

1-XBOX LIVE,a service like xbl makes the experience in mw2 better

2-the controller is perfect for fps,perfectly fit in your hand+the amazing triggers make you feel like you are shooting a real gun

3-the ability to install games,this reduces the load times a lot,I installed cod4 and damn it loads like a thunder

4-360 version gonna have dlc before ps3 version

ps3 guys in here,I love my ps3...

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n64 was among the greatest of all time,sad,really sad

oh well glad I have my PS3 and XBOX 360

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impossible,no way,Im an IW fanboy,no way im not buying mw2,I'll get the two versions maybe

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can't wait for this game,gonna be amazing and unforgettable

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enjoy uncharted 2 and get bayonetta on 360

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100$? are they crazy

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pd64 and pdz,it's really a day and night difference,perfect dark zero was one of the biggest disappointments ever,no way it can even touch the first classic,the original rare team left the company shortly after,new devs came in,they gave us a totally generic and stupid game and sticked it with a legendary name(perfect dark)pdz looks and feels nothing like pd64,HECK even the new art team couldn't give the same feeling in pd xbla in their new character skins,and new textures ,look at the new el...

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hehe not day 1 that's for sure

for me,MINUTE 1 BUY

the greatest fps of all time without a shadow of a doubt,to this day,I've never played anything like pd64 and ge007

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I hope you recover from that infinite loop

man,it's simple,I know you prefer the 360,I respect that but don't be like that man,I like both both systems,sometimes 360 more,sometimes ps3 more but I admit overall,I love the 360,Im more of a game fanboy than a console fanboy,Im a gta fanboy and I cannot wait to get my hands on tbogt,man Im excited,the thing I really cannot understand,is that if you are a forza fan(awesome game),then how the hell you bash gt5 all the time????it's unb...

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look better on 360,like you saw lately in shift,bayonetta,dirt2,flashpoi nt,those large numbers of superior mp games give a feeling that ps3 is not more powerful than the 360,trust me I have both consoles,I know uncharted 2 and kz2 really show what the ps3 is capable of,nothing on 360 at this moment look as good as uncharted 2 or kz2,a huge number of average gamers don't realise the difference in development between multiplatform titles and exclussives,smple as that

to get the mo...

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"he would sing that Snaka-doodily-doo song, that was alittle embarrasing"

100% AGREE

although the game is a true masterpiece

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new super mario bros wii

remember it will be...........DIFFICULT,YESSSSS S

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believe how awesome is uncharted 2

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will conviction top uncharted 2??

they are totally different games

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