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I played on sp more than mp

got 1000 achievement points

man those days rocked I wish I have a time machine to travel back


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I wanna see cross platform online battles,Imagine how sick and cool is that

you hear gas says


and cross voice communication,you just hear bashing and screaming everywhere

and Tournaments where ps3 gamer,360 gamers and pc gamers fight for and there is only ONE WINNER,that will make battles much more violent and fierce

come on sony,come on ms make tit happen

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is the MAN

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my friend got it on ps3 as well as my bro

I'll may it again on ps3 too cause damn that blu-ray looks fantastct

but hey my wallet is killin me man

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scary,every game tries to avoid killing civilians,that's SICK IW

OFF TOPIC,guys and gals I've just found that ps3 version of mw support game status,as well as the ability to invite your friend or join session in progress,all of these can be done in the in-game xmb

how sick

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need treatment

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that mw2 ps3 blu-ray looks gorgeous

and about IW,they really knew the ps3 well

props to IW,gotta respect them guys

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360 has 2 killer exclusive online experiences

halo and gears of war

Oh MY God I can't wait to see halo reach

come on bungie,shock the world,I have a six sense feeling that halo reach Is the true halo 3

this is a torcher

god I love this

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sis you see how [email protected] mw2 ps3 blu-ray look like
it's looks stunning

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games do come early here in ksa :)

It will be released tonight

I'll kill all the civilians at the opening LvL LOLOL

Damn that blu-ray looks stunning

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think about it,you get all these features while the earth rotates around the sun 1 time(plus month actually)

xbox live is justified,you want to bash 360,don't bash LIVE,bash its failure rate,LIVE is the best thing about it

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lot of my friends don't care for xbl features,they liked psn more

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I can tell that they are all great services but Xbox live give a richer online experience overall and psn is great for free

xbox live feels more alive and connected and really makes you enjoy playing online,one little overlooked feature in xbox live that no body tralk about yet it's one of the secrets of xbox live,the deep player status system,it's pretty amazing

on the other hand,the ps3 got awesome games to play online,kz2 is absolutely amazing to play online,uncha...

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listen to the ape please,halo:combat evolved was one of the greatest games of all time,bungie,you have skill,you have talent,I can't imagine games without "HALO",it looks special,feels awesome,plays as smooth as butter

BUT halo 3 was a disappointment,you got all the ingrediants for a great game,yet halo 3 campaign was decent and sucked compare to halo 1

these pics actually look real and it look amazing,I hope it kills halo 1 and become the true sequel to ha...

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we all know that uncharted 2 gfx is better than mw2 of course but still mw is a great looking game that runs at 60fps,every game has its own look and feeling

mw2 and uncharted 2 are by far the 2 best games in this year,everyone knows that,to me I like mw better,im a cod 4 fanboy

....Imagine just Imagine that IW debut a new engine that match the quality of kz2,uncharted 2 or better,can you imagine how amazing this mw gonna be,cause to me IW is a bit more talented or on p...

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technical aspect+the art team

I expect the zelda team to push Wii to its absolute limit which will be graphically good+the zelda art style=great graphics for this game

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a LOOOOOOOt of gamers is waiting for this game

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ps3 and 360 rocks

wii has some very very good\few nintendo exclusives but on a full console scale,I believe it sucks

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