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technical aspect+the art team

I expect the zelda team to push Wii to its absolute limit which will be graphically good+the zelda art style=great graphics for this game

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a LOOOOOOOt of gamers is waiting for this game

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ps3 and 360 rocks

wii has some very very good\few nintendo exclusives but on a full console scale,I believe it sucks

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video hhg and I think the xbox 360 will certainly show more power but how much??? it's still unknown

games that going to elevate graphics for 360 are

assasin's creed 2

splinter cell conviction

any cryengine 3 product

360 still has power,the 360 is a system that no matter how many times you doubt it will always prove you wrong

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you don't even have to mention it


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"Or are everyone who owns a ps3 cant stop giving this game stick ?"

im really pisses me off these days,that's the anatomy of a fanboy,n4g is a fanboy kingdom,mostly ps3 guys here(ps3 rocks don't get me wrong man)

I know 90% of these bashers are cod fans and they just can't wait to play it

if you look at it psychologicaly,they are just so pissed because activision boss threatens to stop ps3 support and to be honest I can't blame them,I just hate...

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rocks,the money system rock,there are a lot perks,there's no lag

this game mixes gears style+platforming,it really is refreshing

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trailer,everything seemed more serious

and I agree with gfx

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is that naughty Dog has joined the gaints,this is perhaps at the top 3 best games ever in this gen

All I played was until ch7,it's unbelievable,Im in a bad mood these days,I don't want to finish it or gay tony in this mood


and btw Sully Rules,he is my favorite uncharted character ever,he is So underrated,they always talk about that overrated arbiter in halo while no one talk about sully

sully is the man

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game good experience,my biggest advice for gurella games is that

if you look at the 2005 trailer and the full game 2009,99% of people talk about how GG reached there goal in gfx and GG did the impossible but if you really focus on the 2005 trailer,you'll see more drama,more intensity more grittness,voice acting was much better than the full game,the 2005 trailer felt more heart felt So unique while the full game felt special of course but way less than trailer,it's a b...

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btw I often read your comments,they are simple yet affective

Im curios to hear why

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they only can afford ONE system

I told them go for a ps3,it has more diverse game library,full

online,blu-ray,killer exclusive,relaibilty and it have better gfx/potential

I live in ksa,ps3 is selling like crazy here,3 times as much as the 360

xbox is amazing too I love it

but if you want to get the best of the best,get both systems :)

and that's the bottom like cause ape007 said so

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xbox live is more connected and offer a richer,deeper experience than psn trust me

I give psn 8.5

xbl 9.5

there more ways to have fun in xbox live,for example,please look at this,someone here on n4g sends me a friend request,then played cod 4,the second the game started...blopop(the 360's official sound effect)"friends playing this games",then all of a sudden he sent me"playerXXXX invites you to a party and a game",I joined him,then f...

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man that game is so legendary,it earned respect among gamers hearts for so many years,the game is an art masterpiece,saying racist make you LoL so hard

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we have to admit,360 give you a better result in a shorter amount of time,it's easier to develop for,you have to build your game on ps3 first,I know ps3 gives better gfx overall than 360

look at this even capcom's RE5 run and look sharper on 360,keep in mind thatRE started on sony console and RE5 was the first ever RE game on a microsoft platform and look what happened

my guess is that blu-ray won't be fully used and recognised until next generation,only some sony exclu...

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it bearly worth 50$ and if we get little realistic,20$ a year for xbl sounds pretty perfect

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that is stupid man,seriously

xbox 360 is an amazing console as well as the ps3

bayonetta is coming,360 version is superior

gta 4,the full experience on 360 and besides 360 versio of gta 4 s way better trust me,I got the ps3 version firsr

mw2,to me im buying it on 360 cause simply xbl offers more depth than psn

exclusive games,conviction is awesome,alan wake have potential,gears 3 on the way,I hope halo reach beat halo 1,mass eff...

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I didn't like vice city stories that much while vice city was one of my favorite games ever

don't know??? vice city stories felt like gta vice city diet,vice city was on fire but vcs feels dry,even liberty city stories felt like gta 3 diet,they both were great psp games,had great time with them but of course they feel less concentrated than the ps2 games

I don't know ?? im I the only one feeling these things??

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will not be forgotten,he is indeed one of the best character ever,rarly I do take care of a character like I did with niko,Im just wondering what character gonna exceed niko in gta 5???

I have no idea

I don't think it's gonna be easy for R*

just watch

that is absolutely bone chilling

@mlg pro,how???,sa is sa

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I missed niko,the main character is good but nothing like niko,from what I played,the story is of course not gta 4 or as big as gta 4 level but it's parallel to gta 4 and tlad but damn niko voice actor didn't do one line after finishing gta 4,they paid him too little for his extaordinary job,they just paid him 100,000$,that make niko apperences in tbogt and tlad so limited,I wish he did more cutscenes in those expansions

shame :(

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