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is simply mindblowing

my god the action is so intense,the mp is HUUUUUGE,the gfx are great,not uncharted 2 or kz2 level,but still great and runz at blazing 60fps

that's a whole new level of infinity ward

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a month ago,IO can confirm,likle what The Hunter said,it has nothing to do with mw2

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it loads 1%....2%.....5%......10% and then error

the only way to show is I go to my brothers account and compare,it happen to my profile only,my bro can sync


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If I chose to give IW to ms or sony,I would give them to sony,it's pretty much obvious to anyone how sony take care of their exclusives,giving them a powerful engine(don't get me wrong,mw2 look absolutely amazing with killer framerates) support like uncharted 2,kz2,the last gardian and gow3,also give them deticated servers for lag free online play,look at halo3,ms this is halo,the game that made you,it's supposed to run on a much more powerful engine,I still have faith in halo reach and alan ...

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reflex,the wii game to get this year is new super mario bros wii

that mario looked amazing,Im so hyped about it cause previews stated that it's Soo difficult

I like difficult mario games

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like halo 3,the game was a disappointment imo,yet it sold millions

I want the next-gen halo game have the same punch as halo 1 was for xbox 1

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me,I see that developing a new zelda game for WII will certainly decrease its level of epicness that is supposed to be,cause no matter what how much skilled the team is,gfx are still important,don't go crazy and disagree just read

just imagine uncharted 3 or halo reach or any HUGE GAME developed on wii,it will lose tons of its epicness due to weak hardware

nintendo is handicaped by themselves,we all know zelda wii is gonna be amazing but my advice is to push the game...

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epic game

epic adventure

much more than a dlc

it's a steal at 20$

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one of the best looking games on the wii and definatly the best online fps on the wii

this port is impressive for the wii

anyway,see you guys in mw2

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yes the 360 pad is better for shooters

360 pad give more accurate aiming and more satisfying shooting feel due to its awesome triggers

guys here need treatment

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360 give more razor sharp aiming

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I played on sp more than mp

got 1000 achievement points

man those days rocked I wish I have a time machine to travel back


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I wanna see cross platform online battles,Imagine how sick and cool is that

you hear gas says


and cross voice communication,you just hear bashing and screaming everywhere

and Tournaments where ps3 gamer,360 gamers and pc gamers fight for and there is only ONE WINNER,that will make battles much more violent and fierce

come on sony,come on ms make tit happen

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is the MAN

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my friend got it on ps3 as well as my bro

I'll may it again on ps3 too cause damn that blu-ray looks fantastct

but hey my wallet is killin me man

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scary,every game tries to avoid killing civilians,that's SICK IW

OFF TOPIC,guys and gals I've just found that ps3 version of mw support game status,as well as the ability to invite your friend or join session in progress,all of these can be done in the in-game xmb

how sick

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need treatment

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that mw2 ps3 blu-ray looks gorgeous

and about IW,they really knew the ps3 well

props to IW,gotta respect them guys

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