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all the nintendo characters
are phenominal,when it come to game development and core gameplay,nintendo shines

although I admit I like mario games the best,im not big fan of zelda or metroid but they are all classics #2
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come on sony
we want like these #3
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you know what bladestar
you should get out of your misery

it's funny to see guys like you so corroupted to a level where even if you see the best game ever on ps3,you'll find a way to hate it


360 is your console of choice and I respect that,it has great games,better mp games(gta 4,resi5),killer online service

but man why all this hate on ps3,I just don't know how you think,are you joking???

how old r u?im curios #2.2
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it's nearly impossible for me to understand
how mad fanboyism can reach to some little kiddy brains here on n4g

flame wars,flame wars

bash bash bash 360

bash bash bash ps3

gears2 full of bugs,kz2 didn't sell,ps3 doomed,

endless back and forth action,you guys need to wake up and see th real world,yes no one can deny the heated battle between ms and sony as companies and that competition = more things to us

some people here will not understand me,th... #4
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chill guys #1.3
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Pilotwings on n64
was one hell of a game

deep yet simple and satesfying gameplay,I hope f5 deliver this time #4
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man,I know innovation is the key

im talking about open world games

you see,infamous look interesting cause it looks to have something special and innovative

but sometimes(especially in open world games),more space is always better and the development team team is mor eimportant than anything else #5.2
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that's the magic of xbox live

live has all this and more

all psn needs is this

it already has awesome online games with servers and trophy support in most games

a complete online features with a totally new\unique gamercards along with home and all its coming updates\rewards\trophy rooms\etc... = theoritically the best online service in existance

come on sony you are a few steps close

off topic:the best feat... #2
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let's face it

if you want to creat a huge open world game with production values so high

blu-ray is the answer


gta 4,a huge city full of details everywhere,amazing game,have so little things,activities,no tank no airplane,few side missions, etc...gta 4 is like an amazing empty(activities) open world game,installed it on 360 and it took like 6.7 gb

saints row 2 have average graphics,enviroments doesn't c... #5
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all I want is
metel gear solid 4:guns of the patriot trophy pack update #2
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excellent hhg
that intro pwened all the haters

keep it up

we want more intellegent guys like you in the industry

piece #12
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that is what it deserves #1
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this game is going to be the best 2d fighter of all time.period

such wonderful graphics,art&tech together

the kof trademark gameplay,so addictive,so satesfying,so masterful

it's the best butt kicking fighter ever

complete balance

seriosly can't wait #1
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this game will be good but there's something thaty called modern warfare 2 is coming and the other called bioshock 2 and we already got kz2


if it can delever the addictive sp experince seen in ge007 then it will sure be a contender #3
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I agree with you,360 got better multiplats


gta 4(ps3 version is nearly crippled,trust me)

lost planet

and xbox live is the best online service

devs need to build mp games on ps3 #4.4
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mario without a shadow of a doubt

is there any vg character that can touch mario

I really can't imagine any human being that hate mario

and btw,super mario galaxy is one of the greatest games of all time #1
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I agree on capcom's engine

lost planet 1 was good,8.5 imo

this 2 looks hot #4.1
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gta 4 imo is a 9 to 9.3 game,it is golden,it's beatiful,what hurt it is the lack of viechles and the outragous activities

and R* make things bit more responsive and bit quicker in gta 5 ok #30
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collect 400000 dp

stealth kill 50,headshots

finish the game on bbx

if mgs 4 got trophies,im sold

konami know this,they want to add it to maybe... mgs 4:substantial ?

contains extra content and trophies,increase sales #1.2
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sugar coat the game imo

the best game i enjoyed getting achievements in is cod 4

when I beat mile high club on vetran,i felt like im world champ,that was an achievement defining moment

hope for mgs 4 trophies,im begging ya #1
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