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man,I agree 100%,that man is doing a great recap for the week+some good inside info+good thinking+entertaining+humor+sm art interviews with developer,he asked them the same things on your mind

it's a very well constructed show plus he really is a nice person,he actually make u happy about games,u see no hate,no fanboyism,love both system,even if he admits he likes ps3 more,he's 100% honest about the 360,just look at how's he's excited for convection,was an amazing interview with... #1.16
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can't wait for this game,gonna be a golden experince,everything,gfx,gamep lay,characters,cut scenes,shooting is much improved,intense and fluid and it looks to have an epic\intense pacing

I played the beta and it was pure GOLD #1
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10 days away
can't wait,lots of rumors,rumors everywhere

slim\price cut,fw update,new game by stardust HD developers

I hope we don't all get disappointed #4.1
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If all these rumors
are true,sony gonna nuke the world

slim 99.9% confirmed

FW update?? hope so and with gt 5(sony's biggest game),they gonna upper cut anyone on road #1
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yeah I know people who suffered
that's a big problem in the 360,that could easly make for a stronger ps3 install base,u know that every ps3 sold have 0.1% chance to get broken

and.......I FKN HATE E74 #2.1
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sony can get their momentum back with
ps3 price cut\slim+sony's 2 biggest multimillion sellers GRAN TURISMO 5+ gow 3

sony has rockstar north's agent,we know how much impact R* north can make and don't forget that 360 started a year before the ps3,even a year and half in europe and wayyy overpriced,yet it maneged to sell 24 M to datem,sony's brand name is still strong,GT5 will be a bomb #1.2
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stardust HD
is one of the finest games I've played on psn,these guys are awesome #1
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im actually
interested in this game

leon ftw #1
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I really hate these arrogant ps3 fanboys who think ps3 is heaven and 360 sucks trash

ps3 has amazing exclusives,gow3,uncharted 2 but hey 360 got amazing exclusive,convection is UNREAL and 80% better multiplat games

Im gonna buy mw2 on 360 cause of the amazing xbox live and its fps perfect controlles

don't forget this month to check out shadow complex,it's a mix of old school \classic design with the shooting mayham,gfx and physics of this gen
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@all fanboys here
you took the wrong way in gaming,I hope u relise that

you sure have more fan defending your console than being gamers who play games,
u base your love\hate on console not games
you shouldn't be called real gamers

sad #16.6
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"What do you think about that bots?"
you should be named that canadian @SS

bioshock on 360 looks better,gta 4 looks\performs much better,resi5 have better framrates and textures,yes,hey canadian,the fanboyism is blinding you buddy,you know inside you that all these 360 versions looks better but you just can't accept that,it's nearly impossible and that's why I call fanboyism a disease,they can't see the truth

ngs2 looks better of course

uncharted 2 has unbelievable graphics,I wish you can... #10.10
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mass effect 1 does look
beautiful but some graphical issses,bugs and framrate issues pissed off some gamers #1
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I have the update

mass effect is 19.99$ #5.1
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for a silver ps3 slim #16.2
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yes yes,I really forgot that,even these 110,000 gonna tell others and there's more potential #2.5
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this is the best
fps game of all time along with ge007 in my honest opinion

never seen a fps so perfect than this

the closest thing to this classic in these days is mw2,even rare games are much better

the original team has leave rare,rare now is nothing like they used to be,the original incridably talented rare developers leave the company shortly after finishing pd64,that's way perfect dark zero is nothing compared to the original,nothing in every sence of a word,these... #1
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pretty much
confirmed,sony shouldn't let this go out cause we are now august 7th and if we say that sony gonna unveil it at gamescom august 18th

these 11 days will see a decrease in sales

damnit an article in every hour #2
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I mean the momentum will be huge if they announce it at gamescom or later this year

uncharted 2,gow3 and gt5 with price cut is like a nuke #4.3
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"if they don't announce the Slim and the price drop, they're freaking stupid"


they better #4.1
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I just want to

undertaker style #1.6
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