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the wii is not even
on my mind these days,it's only 360\ps3

shame about nintendo,nes,snes and n64 were true legends

gamecube has some great impressive games,but not that much but it's awesome

the wii.........only super mario galaxy,metroid and zelda were extraordinary,the rest is....MEH

im still having hope,nintendo has some of the greatest game studios ever,mario team,smash team,retro studios,zelda team etc.....

I guess all these developers are w... #3
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in act 2,it's pretty amazing #54.1
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one of the best games of all time #12.1
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Also 1 more thing
aside from ps2 gamers and being cheap


sales explode #6.2
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omg,ms is competing hard

these offers above cannot be refused

OMG $249.9 60GB WITH A GAME??

or $299 elite with 13 months of the golden experience that is xbox live??

ps3 slim and these 360 offers are too hot and too good to be true(edge bit goes to slim imo)

gamers will go mad

LOLOL about the WII #1
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I hope im right,both of wand\natal may turn crap

Im happy with my 360 controller\DS3

let's just wait and see #1.4
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I strongly agree
the xbox 360 is really a highly enjoyable console

xbox live is so amazing,nxe is still fresh\deep,games are still amazing,major exclusives coming,forza 3,odst,reach,mass effect 2 and CONVICTION(finally spilled that right xD)

I have hope for natal too,I like how ms took "casual" things and made them hardcore,like avatars,u can dress them,good game clothes from the avatar marketplace and they can represent your online status,it's genuis,SO I really expect ms... #1.2
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oh look all these disagrees
oh man,that's prove that these psychos here on n4g enjoy defending and supporting their system more than enjoying playing GAMES,they are "fans" not real gamers,you took gaming the wrong way,hope u recover

this place is getting worse every single day

sad #1.7
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oh man
what a great time to be a gamer,get both elite and slim for $600 or $598

both are amazing,don't miss amazing games on both console and to all sony fanboys,go buy a 360,don't act like it's garbage,I heared some of them gonna buy 2 or 3 slims without looking at the 360 and to 360 fanboys,go get a slim now,you'll be amazed by ps3's AAA exclusives,uncharted 2 will blow us all away

competition is great for all of us

thumps up for sony and microsoft #1.1
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now you can really feel that the xmb is connected and alive,nice step sony nice

only cross game chat\invites,parties and fully featured and detailed gamercards with deep player status needed for psn to be perfect

really excited for this+home version 1.3 #5
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that looked
absolutely stunning #5
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looks better on 360

if u don't believe me,you r denying a fact

facts cannot be denied,it's like saying that gravity is acting upward

ngs2 will be better,im gettin it

LOLOLOLO X'D at open zone

such lifeless people here

thank god Im ape007 #62.1
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cannot wait for mw 2

sp will be epic

mp will be unbelievable #1
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cool ad
but,they should focus on games

games games games and then the other features #3
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sony is doing great
can't wait for sept.1 to get my hands on ps3 fw update 3.0\home 1.3

*sony is revamping the ps3 image

*new "ps3" logo,smart move sony,you'll strike the world with the sony playstation feeling

*revamped the xmb experince,more avatars etc..

*the new slim model looks fantastic

thumps up for sony #1.4
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a really clever move by sony,they wanna strike people with the "playstation" feeling

cheap price+same old "ps2" litters+highly advanced system=GOLD #2
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gex is a badass

hope to see another true gex game,a character like him deserve a AAA game

GEX FTW #11.1
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without a doubt
the best fps shooter of all time along with goldeneye 007

DAY 0 BUY lol

man the old rare was something unbelievable,mindblowing,the new rare can't even touch the old extreme talented team

perfect dark zero pales in comparison,pdz suck compared to the first one

my god can u imagine if the old team developed perfect dark zero????


the same goes with banjo,l... #1.1
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two words
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PS3 SLIM $299
is a stronger deal but you got to admit,elite at $299 is HOT

man what a great time to be a gamer

get both

360 elite+ps3 slim for 600$ #13
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