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is an amazing game,I don't know why some hate it??? #9.3
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retarded zone this way ahmmm I mean open zone #3.3
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I love this game
looks like LP2 have major improvments,can't wait #1
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man chill
don't teach me history,to add more history,RE1 was even ported to sega saturn also,remember that one?,I know all that,I knew and played all the resi games(except 1 at its time),all im saying that mikami's decision to make the series nintendo exclusive was wrong(sure re1 remake,re0 and the the unbelievable 4 were mindblowing) and hey one of my favorite system of all time was the n64 buddy,Im no nintendo hater but thier decisions in the past few years were disgusting

sorry I know m... #3.2
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I found the story exciting,those scenes with wesker were amazing man #6.1
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the game
is amazing,I'll get it on ps3,cause DS3 is great for fighters

off topic:can any one tell me how the hell my approval counts 2 times? #2
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a series that was exclusive to nintendo system
and now the nintendo system couldn't do the main screen(according to capcom),showes you how nintendo doesn't think of the hardcore like they were

nintendo is fading away from hardcore mature titles more and more,I don't know what happened,I remember n64 and gamecube had amazing Mature titles,turok series,perfect dark,conker,re4,eternal darkness,etc...

and even worse R*'s amazing ds exclusive chinatown wars,didn't sell good was announced in no time for the psp
... #3
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the media love to bash the ps3,I don't know why all this hate,F***, even AGENT didn't get any kind of hype or anything,I bet my life if it was 360 exclusive,you'll see TONS OF articles..."agent is going to kill the ps3"...."agent will blow your mind"..."what can we expect from agent"...."agent is going to be the biggest exclusive game this generation"

this is really pathatic,maybe cause 360 is an american made system???

don't g... #1.2
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in my opinion
xmb is faster and easier to use than nxe I agree,but nxe does looks beatiful and player profiles,gamer cards,features are much better in nxe,sony need to improve the gamer profiles,add more features and make the in-game xmb,fast,sleak and with sounds(LOL@me)

that's it #1.31
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is an unbelievable service for free,kz2,warhawk,mag,mgo,lbp,a ll have amazing online and all for free with no lag plus the weekly expanding home which has HUGE potential man

psn just need cross game chat and party system and like I said,include headset in each ps3(IMO)

edit:oh man look at all these disagrees,looks like there's no such things as gamers here in n4g,fanboys only,you'll get bashed if u loved both ps3 and 360 cause fanboys feels emotionally offended,guys... #3.4
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definatly agree and no one can disagree with your statement

xbl is just that good #4.1
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one of the reasons
of why xbox live feels alive is because almost every 360 comes with a headset out of the box,everyone can talk with thier friend instantly,make parties,chat with everyone cross games and even knowing good guys,don't tell me"KIDS SCREAMING" you can mute what u wanna mute,that's a huge advantage for xbl imo,let alone its features

hope sony do this #3
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and guys
it's the game that made achievements famous and rewarding #1.10
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i feel little

first,it's not remedy and second,the game feels\looks different

hope it has good gameplay and amazing physics(natural motion ftw) #2
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F.A.K.E #27
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if sony...
cut the price 100$,it will sell like hot cakes,cause everyone want a ps3 but they can't afford one

EDIT:@xabmol,it's been proven that 100$ price cut will move a lot of consoles,to each his own thinking and choosing between alternatives and besides,sony need to do martketing properly like ms #2.2
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this game is super fun,one of the best games on 360 tbh

can't wait for crackdown 2

"skills for kills agent,SKILLS FOR KILLS" #1
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yep,I like fifa too(pes more of course)

fifa 09 shows a lot of great improvments and 10 looks SO promising

can't wait for both man #2.1
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the best
sport game for the best sport in the world

can't friggin wait #1
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crazy day man,I just woke up on this #6.1
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