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a year is almost nothing and hey it's 1 year +1 month

stop acting like fanboys

if you want to bash the 360 bash its failure rate,don't bash xbl,it's the best thing about it and the best online service no doubt free or not

get real guys

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but xbl is better,because simply it give you better online experience,Xgamechat,parties,X game invites,deep player status system,tons of gamerpics

but I gotta say it,psn is unbelievable for free

I give psn 8.5

xbl 9.5

that's my view and if you don't care about these extra features,psn is better for you,I respect that

by the way I really hate the in-game xmb,don't know,it has that dead,lazy feel to it,it's almost depressing

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can't wait for this,gonna be like a dream come true for me

mario you rule

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I hope that the new NFS team that developed shift do a need for speed hot pursuit 3 on xbox 360 and ps3 and runz at blazing 60 fps,that would be a dream come true for me

:) ahhhh love to dream

who agree?

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run at 60 fps,that will be a bomb

omg 2010 looks amazing,I can't believe how amazing 2009 is,let alone 2010

and I can't wait to see Resistance 3 and gears of war 3

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don't get me wrong,wii controls prove to have some unique gaming experience that is simply couldn't done without it,some wii game have amazing control

I was meaning the huge amount of crap after crap

crap crap

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wii to bearly compete with 360\ps3 gfx while ps4 and 720 are unleashing their power

nintendo will not change this strategy,it's the key of their success,weak console=low price=affordable to non-gamers and it's on

thank god I have ps3 and 360

I think my wii has done a new record for the most untouched console ever,I hope new mario bros break wii's undefeated dust collecting streak lol

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anamazing combination of great gfx(not the best) and 60 fps

way to go IW,I hope you guys keep this strategy in your new engines

it's a magical experience

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sucks,plain and simple

coming from a snes\n64 fanboy

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the legendary developer is NOW worried about gimmicks to beat their gimmicks

what a shame

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is the system that started it all,I still remember all the WOW factor moments

cod2,pdz,saints row 1,GRAW,GOW 1

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you are such an amazing console,I doubted you many times but you still give it,you have xbox live,the best online gaming experience

but I HATE RROD and E-74

ms exceeded my expectations this generation

can't wait for alan wake,sc conviction and HALO REACH

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my friend,don't get me wrong,mp is amazing,I love mp so much especially in cod,it give endless hours of fun BUT

single player is single player

mw2 campaign was great but 2 things I hated about it

1- the stroygame flow is too confusing
2-I really liked cod 4's soundtrack more,mw2 has great songs but mw1 beats its ass in music

IW,mw2 is awesome but I hope you guys push the campaign more next time as you do in mp,more ideas,different desi...

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psn regular free and psn premuim subscription based SOUND GREAT but If you really think about it,it gonna be MESS

Imagine a lot of members use regular and lot using premuim,It will be too confusing to chat with who or invite who

lots of players can and lots of player can't,that means we are gonna see this screen a lot


it will be like a bridge,let it ALL FREE or ALL PAID,that w...

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trophy sync error,it's been a month sense it happen and still g=have,I finished uncharted 2 couple of days ago and oh my god how amazing is that game,anyway I got trophies,can't sync them,the strange thing is I can go my bro's profile and compare with myself or view my gamercard on his profile

it works for all the profiles in my ps3 except for ME


also I can't change my gamercard color(very cool feature in 3.10) cause I can't access my gamercard

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that's HUGE news

a change in the zelda core design

can't wait to see it

"centered around motion plus"

gonna be fresh

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every hardcore gamer WISH thaty NMH2 built on nextgen consoles with nextgen engine and nextgen features like achievements,trophies,online etc...

I know nmh2 gonna be awesome but built on ps3\360 is awesomer and you can't deny that

and btw,do you always game on WII and hate hd consoles??

"hd owners" "hd oweners" ????

I read your comments and I think that you are a really experienced and traditional gamer,we all love ninte...

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Now that's a convincing reply

that's Respect man,you deserve all the bubbles

bubble up sir

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you kid\lie to yourself like that

I mean WTF,Im not paying for FB and TW,Im paying for a completely unified and entertaining online experience,xbl is So connected together,xbl is amazing,If you combine party system,cross game invites and the DEEP PLAYER STATUS system in xbl,you'll go through adventures

trust me I have both consoles,psn is good but it's no xbox live,you cant twit this,3.33$ a month only,it costs nothing,yes I'll pay it for these features,as a multicon...

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played no more heroes with my bro when it came out and it was awesome,the humor is special,the art is special,it's one of the of the games that our HD consoles need

My mind was saying"IF IT ONLY HAVE HD GFX"

and about the WII,Im n64 fanboy,to me n64 was like a gaming heaven

the WII pretty much sucks,I really hate it,all these wii fanboys are simply living a dream,they couldn't accept that nintendo became like this,they are too emotional,I was l...

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