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niko bellic
is one of the best "new" characters

see this



amazing list btw #1
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good joke
but imagine all the amazing xbl features and its amazing intutive interface+psn's lag free experience+free+home

dream #3
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it really is
a solid game

love the red faction franchise

volition is on a roll,sr2,RF and soon SR3

respect volition,they don't get enough credit #1
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is right

kirby is a legendary franchise and should be appreciated by any hardcore gamer #1.8
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goldeneye007 and pertfect dark 64 are miles and I mean MILES better than hl2,halo,cod,kz2,etc.....

bubbles to you buddy #63.1
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Agree 100%

Also,where is PERFECT DARK 64 #51.1
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chill man
the hate is killin you #3.2
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without a shadow of a doubt

goldeneye007 and perfect dark 64

these games are better than kz2+cod4+the whole halo franshise COMBINED but still they are great games #1.19
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new star fox please

the n64 game was 11\10 in my book #3
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home will be huge and it will be the next big thing in online

more contents,outfits,functions etc...

it's great

give us trophy room please sony

I appreciate your work EA

I need HELP:I can't get into home,it says "there's a problem downloading content"


it happen in each home update but this still going on #3
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hideo kojima
is the man,mgs 4 ending was........what can I say

perhaps the greatest ending ever,the final battle was one for the ages,it will not ever be forgotten

please kojima,give us those shiny beatiful little cups called TROPHIES #1
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this game is really looking good
it have that old school delicios gameplay from the nes days


hope this sells well and it's good to see reggie talk about these hardcore games latelty

hope a big E3

please nintendo I want star fox a sequel to the legendary n64 game

my god star fox was 10\10,infinte replay value and pure awesomeness

please reggie read this #1
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nintendo are kings when it comes to
game development,super mario galaxy is without a doubt the greatest game in this generation in my pure honest opinion,every single second in smg is a 10\10,everytime I play it,I became fully immersed in a world full of pure gaming heaven,soundtrack,even the graphics of smg are amazing,amazing art,rock solid 60 frames\sec

super mario galaxy is a representation of how talented nintendo really is,it's just unbelievable 100\10


I admit im little... #2
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SR2 rocks

I recommend every gamer to buy it

go now

massivly underrated,ign's 8.2 doesn't truly reflect the amount of fun and stuff this game has

9 to 9.2 imo #1
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saints row 2 is
a must buy game,it's full of "game"

good work volition

hope red faction turns out amazing,I really loved rf1 on ps2

"die miner"..."scum" ...."throw a satchel charge on him"..."run n cry"..."I don't deserve to die..."

red faction rocked,weapons were awesome and have second functionalities,I hope this new 3rd person take on it turns great

also I die to see saint... #2
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really these two
games are gems,absolotely amazing

also modern warfare 2 is going to be big #2.1
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got both vesions,both are good,360 has sharper,a bit more detailed gfx and steady framrate all through the game

ps3 has new cool modes,new difficulty which is great but the graphics while still great but it's a bit blurry and there's framerate lag and some choppiness

that is all #1.11
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nintendo is buyring its name
as a company that built its name on some of the most amazing games ever,innovation and excellence

now all nintendo's rep is built on tons of silly casual crap

wii music

wii fit

unbelievable,that's maybe the worst thing to happen to a pure hardcore company

I've been waiting for a new starfox game since the classic n64 game in 1997,star fox on gc sucked so bad as for the ds game

hope nintendo give some goo... #3
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I also played it on GCN
it was unforgettable days,the gc analog stick rocks when doin moves :) #6.1
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