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I agree with you man,I don't know how anyone can disagree with xbl being simply better than psn

I love my ps3 so much but xbl seems to make me buy most multiplat games on 360

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"PSN now offers an experience on par with that of XBL and it's completely FREE"

oh my god,I don't know how the hell did you write that,do you try to convince yourself???

oh my god again,If I bought mw2 on ps3,psn will not give me the same fun or same awesome experience that xbl gives,simply,joining games would be a pain in the @ss,I couldn't do parties,we couldn't plan anything,no invites means that if someone disconnected,he is lost forever,on psn you can'...

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of a great game

modern warfare 2 is absolutely amazing

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xbox 360 pad is the most comfortable pad I've ever felt

don't get me wrong,the DS3 is awesome and all but the 360 pad feels like magnet + and -

the DS3 feels a bit,just a bit more responsive,buttons are great,the 360 one feels sticky sometimes

overall.....I may like the 360 controller better,triggers and analogs help FPS shooting and driving games to feel a bit more natural

no one can deny that MS did one hell of a job with the controllers ...

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wrote a nearly perfect comment

explains the difference between high specs and art style in good way

bubble up man

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no ge007 or gta 3 is disappointing

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you must play this game before you die

best ps3 game ever

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nintendo was on the top back then

snes has tons of epic games,RARE was GOLDEN

turok 2 with expansion pack looked stunning on it's time and so was other games,zelda oot had everything you could dream of

resi4 on gc was stunning as well as wind waker and the shocking metroid prime on their time

n64 was the first console to have 4 controller ports,I remember playing ge007,perfect dark(best fps ever made,nothing can touch it)


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@sses if they gave me an HD true nextgen starfox game,new powerful engine,full\unified online play\experience,leaderboards and something like achievements or trophies

that's what the hardcore wants, hardcore want gfx,want realism,want veraity,want online,features,demos, etc.....

and nintendo didn't do this is at all,the wii is a like a portal to last gen,it cannot compete with nextgen games,that's why 99% of nintendo fans said that nintendo has abandoned them,if you ...

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a Wii fanboy is born

can't stand those Wii defenders

they are living a dream

everyone knows who's im talking to

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you got bored of gears of war in 3 minutes and you won't even bother trying mw2 or gow3 and you enjoyed playing some nameless stupid water game

??????? :( :) xD Dx ?????

WOOOOW that's something you won't see everyday


that is inhuman

that is the craziest comment my eyes has ever seen

and "most people don't like shooters"______ that's why mw 2 sold 7 mill copies day 1


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but don't you get little upset when you beat a game and you got 195 or somethin like that

achievements\trophies are indeed a great revolotion in games,most gamers like em,other don't but only one thing is certain,it's addictive to see your own profile upgrade more and more with time,pretty cool stuff

I can't wait to see Evolutions of this idea in upcoming years

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is a shame compared o n64\snes or even gamecube

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it's happening before 3.10 and after it

I have phat 80 GB,help

I can't even change my gamercard color

and btw these new ps3 boxes ROCK,got ac2,the new look rocks,especially the disc itself

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a year is almost nothing and hey it's 1 year +1 month

stop acting like fanboys

if you want to bash the 360 bash its failure rate,don't bash xbl,it's the best thing about it and the best online service no doubt free or not

get real guys

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but xbl is better,because simply it give you better online experience,Xgamechat,parties,X game invites,deep player status system,tons of gamerpics

but I gotta say it,psn is unbelievable for free

I give psn 8.5

xbl 9.5

that's my view and if you don't care about these extra features,psn is better for you,I respect that

by the way I really hate the in-game xmb,don't know,it has that dead,lazy feel to it,it's almost depressing

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can't wait for this,gonna be like a dream come true for me

mario you rule

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I hope that the new NFS team that developed shift do a need for speed hot pursuit 3 on xbox 360 and ps3 and runz at blazing 60 fps,that would be a dream come true for me

:) ahhhh love to dream

who agree?

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run at 60 fps,that will be a bomb

omg 2010 looks amazing,I can't believe how amazing 2009 is,let alone 2010

and I can't wait to see Resistance 3 and gears of war 3

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don't get me wrong,wii controls prove to have some unique gaming experience that is simply couldn't done without it,some wii game have amazing control

I was meaning the huge amount of crap after crap

crap crap

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