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Im a gamer since when I was 4 year old

I was playing M-rated games when I was 10

M-rated games looked so cool back then :)

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but both have cons

achievements cons,no platinum

trophies cons,60-70% are bronze

in the end I love both,sometimes trophies more and sometimes achievements but now Im in love with achievements more

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I'll get it on xbox 360 because simply it's more fun to play on xbox live,the possibilities are endless,parties,invites,player status

I know I'll get lot of disagrees but it's like that and that's the way it is.

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I heared awesome things about it,gonna get it soon :)

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modern warfare 2 a boring game,

the blazing,non stop exciting action,butter like super smooth controls,awesome veraity and awe inspiring pacing,explosions everywhere,the best online mp ever,the super fun specops,the best soundtrack of the year(hans zimmer you are awesome)the emotion in the characters,great graphics and RUNS AT 60FPS,set pieces and Action moments That Rival movies and great voice acting

you call that boring???


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ps3 is too good to be smashed,just look at it

a wonderful\beautiful\shiny ps3 smashed is a crazy thing for sure

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I get that feeling too

FFXIII feels wrong on 360(no fanboyism)

it's almost like mario being on 360

so Im getting it on ps3 of course

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and refreshing list

I would like to add these ...absolutely awe inspiring(cod4) =related(gears 2) just epic (mw2) heart ...

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what a LoL

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so intelligent


so you are stupid if you want to play 360 games and xbox live


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ps3 and 360,I don't know why you get disagrees

why ps3 only,don't know Y ????

ps3 has amazing exclusives and I get some of multiplat titles on it

360,it have amazing exclusives too and I get most multiplat on it,cause xbox live is more fun than psn,that's why many got mw2 on 360

anyway,2010 looks absolutely mindblowing

never seen a year with so much explosive games

gow3,halo reach,gt5,conviction,mass effect 2 to nam...

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with the hardened edition of mw2

IW,you are awesome

thank you

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congrats A+

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shock and awe us,I just get chills down my spine just thinking about 2010

halo reach


enough,happy to be a gamer

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got to be Fukin kiddin me

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with this game,It's soo fun beating it on legendary,especially in split screen

can't wait for halo reach beta

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was awesome

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between mw2 and uncharted 2

odst was very good on legendray in coop

and one underrated\underapreciated game,Red Faction gurella,it was big fun

forza 3 is good,Im not big racing sim fan,still have to purchase new super mario bros on wii,borderland and left4dead 2

this year was very very good,I just get chills down my spine just looking at 2010


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well,im nota big rpg fan but my vote go to mass effect 2

cause I like action and the action in the last mass effect trailer looked mindblowing and mix it with awesome story and rpg elements,you have an infinite amount of awesomeness

and I hate JRPG,they are so irritating but I respect them and their fanbase

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First person shooter,Third person shooter,Open world games(I looooove them),stealth games,2D platforming games,Horror,sports,3-d platformers,action games in general

and I really love online gaming,I like to own people,I like competition\heat It's so addictive,thank you xbl\psn

I was in love with 2d fighters but now not as much

I hate japanees rpgs,although I respect them and their fanbase(im not one sided prick)

I may fell in love with any w...

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