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ico games are awesome and epic but when u compare zelda to ico or sotc,team ico don't have a chance i mean,zelda is a fully reliesed action adventure,zelda has everything from A to Z and every part of it is SO WELL done and it's huge and takes a lot of time to finish without FILLERS,zelda has both quality\quantity\veraity\story ,you rarly see that in a game

zelda is a complete adventure

although im not a huge zelda fan but this is the truth

zelda>team ic... #17.1
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goldeneye007,mario64,zelda oot,dk64,banjo and perfect dark,body harvest,star fox shadow man etc are better than all ps2\gc\xbox1 games

the n64 has games that will never be forgotten

my heart has an n64 shape inside it

do not talk trash about the mighty,the legendary n64 #1.15
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sony and ms both had great confrences

ms showed lots of goods and so was sony

alan wake,gow3,uncharted 2,forza,gt5,the last gardian,convecion,mgs R for both,shadow complex,crackdown 2,ngs2 and others

I think both ms and sony motion have potential but still we all have to wait and see,especially natal tbh,cause it's in full 3D,but how accurate is it? and ps3 motion don't have analoge,that means it work for a very small number of games?

still... #47
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this game
is really the greatest fps of all time without a shadow of a doubt along with ge007

"rendered in greater definition and detail and sporting a silkier framerate than ever before"

this will be the best thing I'll ever see on xbla

OMG #6
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come on
cena on the front?why not the legendary phenom

hope this game get major improvments #2
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great showing
from ms,Im happy to be a 360 owner and.....today....sony gonna blow us all away and hope nintendo give us star fox

mw2 looks absolotely sick,that,when I saw that mission I was like,it can't be this good,mw is one of my favorite games ever

alan wake was great,odst feels revamped and with steroids,crackdown 2 announcment made my day,mgs:R was unexpected and of course can't wait for the amazing convection #1
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stop hating and just go buy a 360,trust me,you'll have So much fun with ps3 and 360 together in one room and you'll stop these hate comments,it's better 4 u

very good E3 showing ms

crackdown 2,omg

alan wake looks explosive

and halo odst,gameplay and gfx looks much better than halo3,it looks fast,fluid and so satesfying

tomorrow,Im looking forward to nintendo and of course sony will blow away everyone,can't wait #1.5
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is around the corner,Go nintendo,go sony,go ms

prepare to be blown away

star fox please nintendo

can't wait #2
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amazing game
well deserved

well done capcom #1.6
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thank you
for this golden information,body harvest on n64 was one of the best games ever made,it has limitless potentia

I really want either body harvest 2 or gta 5 in vice city

Go R* north you are the BEST #15.2
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is the best

this game looks to be the best fighting game of all time

Robert garcia+takuma+clark=total domination #2
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well done
sucker punch #1
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sam fisher

plain and simple

one of my favorite characters ever #1
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splinter cell chaos theory(#3)blew me away

this looks to blow us even more #8.1
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home is growing each and every week\day #1
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I got an idea
maybe nintendo is gearing up for a new next gen,hardcore wii hd

and the wii original wii remain selling,both consoles can sell together,ahem..coexist

reply please and let's have a nice discution guys.

feel free to agree and disagree #1
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typical eurogamer
.... #8
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conduit respected dev
there's a probability that new motion control coming to ps3\360

have your view\vision\idea satesfyied with ps3\360 motion with amazing HD gfx,amazing online(xbl,psn),dlc and achievements\trophies #3
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I just die
to see this game

splinter cell is one of my favorite games ever

best sc game ever is CHAOS THEORY on xbox 1

E3 come fast damnit

too many games from everywhere

this gow3,alan wake,halo odst,Ico2,UNCHARTED 2,gta 4 2nd dlc,the awesome ninja gaiden sigma 2 demo ,nintendo showing more hardcore nintendo stuff,new 3rd party games and hopefully more about DUKE NUKEM and ps3 FW\home updates

happy to be a gamer #1
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tony hawk works best with DS3,bad move #3
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