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a great game
better than resi5? no(my opinion) but a very good buy

guys support them they worth it,they even work hard on wii,graphics on wii and use of motion plus is amazing

my respect for u dead space devs #1.2
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I respectfully disagree hhg
wii is the king of casual games,no way anyone gonna stop supporting it,it's impossible to overlook 50 million wii out there,even if natal succeeded,it will not touch wii
THE REAL QUESTION SHOULD BE,will natal be able to sell 10% or even 5% of the wii's install base?? and will developers support it as the wii???

and remember hhg that natal is an expensive piece,let alone the price of the 360 itself and developing on wii is @ss cheap and wii has built a total world of its own... #1.8
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"We're traped in this cycle of one thing HAVING to be the best(like who "won" E3 when it's a bloody press junket ffs!)when in reality most of it comes down to simple personal taste-choose the one you like best"

totally agree and take bubbles

1up,we want more common sense here in n4g #4.5
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oh and 1 MORE THING
psn should have DEEP PLAYER STATUS,this help in live SO much #4.3
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it won't be
half as good on wii

those graphics are real next gen

amazing game,gameplay should've been tweaked a bit like modern games but the game is simply a must buy,the gameplay itself is deeply satesfying and enjoyable

9.4 out of 10,well done capcom

the game will miss a lot on wii #1
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my advice for sony..
cross game chat

party system

voice massages

cross game invites and the ability to join session in progress from everywhere

revamp the xmb,the xmb is definatly the easiest,and the most simple layout,don't get me wrong guys the design is near perfect,it's hard to get lost BUT and I say BUT they should make it a lot cooler and more alive,better gamer profiles,have your home avatar in it,view past trophies ,faster trophy loading,little touches h... #4
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amazing bundle
go buy it now #1.11
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fun game,polished and wonderful #1
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the last act was a killer #1.1
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I hear what u all saying
content,stuff and things to do in gta 4 was indeed a big problem,I know that,no side missions,no air planes,car customsations,no country side places,mountains,rpg like skill system,parachuts,gangs,gang wars,robbing houses,,no desserts,not enough clothes,haircuts,tattoos,,next gta will fix that,they have done an amazing job with gta 4,the gameplay feels "grand" but needs POLISH ,I know but the thing is,it's so realistic and damn epic,just imagine If u have the same amount of content... #2.14
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I don't know if u got gta 4 on ps3 or somethin,gta 4 on ps3 is perhaps the worst port I've ever seen,on ps3 the game fels So weak,cold and damn blurry compared to 360 version,got the 360 version after 5 months from byuing it on 360 and I was SO surprised,the 360 version playes,looked and feels much better than on ps3,believe me im not a fanboy,I bet it's even worse than fear and orange box on ps3,for me,all these issues ruined my gameplay experince.

ueda,I respect your hard work,... #2.2
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natal looks to have big potential,they could use voice recogniton in some segments

imagine u playing gts and you are the gang leader,you just give orders to your homies,KILL HIM

you could change the story with your voice,sounds great

also use your hands in some parts,imagine defusing a bomb in mw2,time is ticking,your freinds scream and fight while u do,great #4
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largely agreed,bundle will definatly help man

but,not every person on the planet want kz2 and mgs4,count how many gow3 and gt only fans are there,they'd rather buy 299$ ps3 with gt5 or gow3 or both

don't get me wrong,bundle is amazing but it doesn't have the same huge impact as 100$ price cut #5.1
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it's fukn nearly impossible to not having fun with smg,I mean the game is one of the best gamers ever created without a doubt

his opinion though or little jealos?? maybe

I don't know how the hell nintendo made this game so damn epic,even it's the wii,yes the underpowered wii

wonder what ueda gonna do if LTG was built on wii,he's lucky to develop it on the monster that is ps3

"but that they didn't make more fun stages out of it.”"... #3
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the lost and damned is awesome,Im playing it now,so many great moments,different feeling

belly is the man,jim is cool,it's awesome to know what's happening in LC from another angle

example,riding bikes with gangs,killing those damn angles of death and hear news about a house burning at hove beach(roman and niko)through the radio,it's fkn amazing

can't wait for the ballad of tony #1
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the best dlc ever imo
is the lost and damned,so many great moments,it's so unique seeing what happening in liberty city from another angle,it worth every penny

and some dlc's are just straight rip off,resi5,im looking at you, mp mode(amazing game btw)

content already there in the disk,1.96MB download for 400 points(5$) #2
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what the hell?????? #7
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best sports game of the best sport in the world

can't wait and this time with trophies #1
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that's why I write that in caps #2.2
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ps3 slim

unbelievable new bundle

possible price cut

gt5(true system seller)

gow3(it's gow)

I mean,I can feel a huge storm comin,sony JUST NEED TO ADVERTISE THE HELL OUT OF IT #2
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