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there's something misleading from the article
HOME REWARDS aren't official yet,there's nothing on xmb tells u how to get them and tbh the more time pass on home th emore I think it's pointless,

trophies pros

1-leveling system
2-the platinum trophy

trophies cons

too many bronze trophies,in achievements,every achievement is givinga specific number,there's 5gs,10gs,15gs,20gs,all these counts as "bronze trophies",let's say in cod4,I got headshot and it gives me 5GS and then... #29.3
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I really REALLY want more games to have it,it add a whole new layer for games and it's getting better(gta 4 was only the beggining),better performance,more uses #2.1
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the euphoria engine is really a something of beauty,hope more games use it

really the next step in physics,true nextgen #1
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my bad,man,my bad,I didn't know that,mw2 for wii sounds promising only and if only they use motion plus+good gfx

but I don't think that "other" team gonna push the wii limits,it needs time #2.7
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loool man,it's been edited now,looks nicer ,u know ,my native language is arabic(im from ksa),if u translate to engilsh word by word ,it may make u lol sometimes,I looooled a lot at cod4's al-asad speech,it was directly translated word by word,all these english senteces weren't 100% spot on and what's even worse in cod4 is that some arabic words weren't pronounced properly and it mixes a lot of accents in the same speech,hahahhaa

anyway peace and game on #2.4
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if it happens
I wish it's not a poor wii port,take a look at dead space for the wii,see how they path,motion plus support

if it's a good port+motion plus then it's going to be intersting,other than that it's sounds meh

edit:wii motion controles proved that it can make some amazing new game expeirnces,im not against the wii,the whole point is that the wii isn't as powerful as 360 or ps3,if wii is on par with 360\ps3,then trust me all multiplat games will be better on "that&qu... #2.2
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it may
sell around a million but mw2 wii will pale in comparison with 360\ps3 versions

I suggest them to focus on ps3\360 #2
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where's mgs4 engine?
burnout paradise engine and re5\lp2 engine

good list btw #3.1
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agreed blu-ray is the future #7.1
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I really don't know how fanboys kid themselves

??? #2.1
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that's what I've been saying for a very long time
360 exclusives are ms exclusives,buying it on xbox 360 or games for windows is the same thing,you'll support ms in either way,ms OFFERS that

ps3 hardcore fanboys,please face it,most of u ain't gonna buy them on pc and 80% of the time u say this "on pc also lolol 360 don't have exclusive" u use it like a PAINKILLER,"only on 360" logo gives nightmare,u aren't even gonna buy it on pc just a PERFECT ARGUMENT ENDER

I hate fanboys and this article is sp... #1.1
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I'll add 1 more thing
xbox live,xbl is an amazing online experince

360 also has amazing exlusives coming,the amazing looking convection,halo odst looks so much fun,alan wake looks so unique,forza 3 which looks incridable and mass effect 2 which looks to fix every
technical issue seen in me1

to be honest,the xbox 360 is a must have system and it's cheap price and guys believe me,a service like xbl would make a fresh new game like MW2 a much better experince,it's all connected #4
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my god
I'll never forget these classics,I remember when first got my hands on it,my mind was clean,I don't know what is game design,AA,framrates,etc....,wa y before when we play games with our hearts,not today,"oh look jaggies" today,everybody acts like a critic,imo these behaviors sometimes ruin gaming

I have a feeling that as long as i live I'll never play thing like it again or other rare classics like ge007 and pd64,everything rare touches(the OLD TALENTED RARE,not these n... #2
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this game is easly
without a doubt the greatest fps game of all time along with perfect dark 64

these games are better than halo3,cod4,kz2,hl2 COMBINED

of course it will not age well but tell me IS THERE ANY GAME THAT GAVE U THE SAME AMAZING EXPERINCE AS GE007 IN ITS DAYS??


the hit detection system seen in these games is the best,most satefying ever,shooting enemies never get old,seeing them react is just an unbelievable experince,GG tried to do this w... #1.1
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agreed man,crappy list,halo 3 online is amazing,crackdown is perhaps the most underrated game in this gen #15.2
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that just shows you how much potential the rage engine has

gta 5 should be a dream #5.1
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Im very VERY excited for

my god,the game sound explosive,just listen to that,"Rockstar north,ps3 exclusive"

how bad@ss #8
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hahha r u blind or something

let's talk about halo 3(I like the game,online is amazing) but the game is a complete rehash,everything is exactly the same #5.2
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how the hell anyone think otherwise
it's mario,galaxy was one of the best games ever,anyone think it's kiddy,casual,he is the real casual gamer

I don't know why some even think games like mario and ratchet are casual games,judging a game hardcore or casual by the game design not themes or anything like that and game design in ratchet and mario,banjo etc is pure hardcore experince #2
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good article hhg
this game is a killer man #1.3
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