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you forgot one thing,the ps home reward system is broken,sony should add "home rewards" section above your"trophy collection" to show you how to get that reward,ms has done this,if you see halo odst,it tells you do this to get that and plus ps home isn't as interesting as xbl,I don't want to go through all this loading to see that reward,it's not integrated in your friend list like xbl and plus home avatars are boring

my advice for sony to make home great

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here in ksa,I think it's 60% ps3 version and 40% 360 version

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4 playing mw2,someone play halo odst,the other plays forza 3,it's a great experience for sure

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look the wii has prove itself with amazing fps controles like metroid prime 3,it control great but I don't want ALL games with it,most games feels so annoying with wii controls

PLUS in my opinion,360\ps3 control is better,it feels more focused

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for me,it's amazing

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omg part 2,the humor is insane

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WAW was a good game but MW2 is miles better

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they ruin the cod series,IW is SO mad at them,I can feel them,a cod game every year is a stupid thing,it makes the series sound like mario party or smackdown or madden

activision,cod is for IW only,let treyarch do a spiderman game

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this game will be a true blue system siller,I know a LOT of gamers gonna buy a ps3 only for this

Im now enjoying forza 3,it's a polished awesome game and I just can't wait for this game

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shame about epic in gears 2

I played mw2 nonstop last night and oh my god how amazing is that game

we are now at the beginning of the PRIME of this generation,uncharted 2,mw2,ac2,forza 3,odst,boarder lands,dragon age,conviction,new super mario bros wii,god of war3,mass effect 2,zelda wii,gt5,halo reach,heavy rain,last gardian,bayonetta,rage,gta5,ba ttl efield 2,bioshock2,archam asylam

this generation is awesome ladies and gentlemen

PS3 vs XB...

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a month of xbl is 3.33$

pay 3.33$ a month?? or play on psn??

live is better,but still psn is awesome,If you want to bash the 360,bash its failure rate,don't bash live,live is the best thing about it

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I gotta say it's one of the best games I've ever seen this generation

thank you IW you are the best

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absolutely amazing

deserve more than 9\10

oh my god,2009\2010 is the prime time of this gen

mw2 is amazing,uncharted 2 is amazing,new super mario bro sis coming,assasin's creed 2 look awesome,goow3,gt5,halo reach,R*'s agent

Im I dreaming

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mw2 ps3 features be implemented in all ps3 games as home gamelaunching was for all games

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a valid point,anyway the game is amazing and one of the best games of the year without a doubt

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hate to see cod game come out every year by treyarch

cod is their game

it make the franchise feel like mario party

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$$change everthin

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but still nothing compared to the legend that is resi4

mikami team need to get back and do a resi6,a true sequel to the legendary GC\ps2 classics

Jun Takeuchi team isn't as skillful,it has that bland lost planet design feel to it,it wasn't memorable,while my heart just pump everytime I remember the breath taking places,humor and adventures of resi4

game design is a gift,you have to be born with it

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