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you now have everything nearly perfect except for 1 thing

PSN,don't get me wrong,psn is a solid online service but not like LIVE

not only cross game chat\invites and parties but a great fully featured gamercard that have the deep player status system which shows every little detail about what you exactly doing in any game and a lot of new avatars

if you combine those things above you simply get xbox live

those things above are the reasons wh... #2
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I hate
spidy litters

I wish I can get rid of it on my fat ps3 #4.1
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hope so
that game is just breathtaking #6.1
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too little too late
a sinking ship,no fricking games,seriously LOL are those writers on crack?? #4.4
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just one thing to say

now sony please,you get sales,money etc..

I want all live's features for psn,please,not only cross game chat\invites,party's but cool gamer card,featureing a lot of details about trophies,your game session etc...

even at a monthly fee,no problem #3.28
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I said this
long time ago,I really hated the spiderman litters,I hate them,this is much much better and you know what,this new "ps3" will strike all past ps2 owners to get a ps3

the combination of slim,120 gb,at 299$ with the old logo is like a double barrel shotgun shot,that why you see sales rocketing

smart move sony,I now wish that I can change my ps3 fat litters #2
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that's what I call respect
both uncharted 2 and mw2 will be unbelievable,heh Im just wondering how much hours I'll waste on psn\xbl

man this year is awesome #1
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usually games
are a bit more expensive

I dunno about odst,my friend bought it for me

but for 199 SR this is great


most games cost around 260 saudi rial

1$=3.75 SR

the best thing is that we get games early,odst released at sep 18\17

kz2 arrived two weeks early,as will as infamous,really hope uncharted and mw 2 comes this fast

there are alot of great hardcore gamers here,don't think otherwise #1
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don't forget
that reach beta is a huge selling point #1.3
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I mean at story telling department

imo games>>>movies,you interact with everything

vg ftw #9.5
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games like uncharted,mgs,gta 4,mass effect and heavy rain are great examples of a story in a game but still not as immersive as movies #9
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hope it take advantage of blu-ray,also it's impossible for a company like R* to ignor the huge 360 fanbase,it will come for ps3 N 360

Im guessing that the 360 version will come in 3 disks and you must install disk 2 and 3 on your hard drive,arcade owners must get a hard drive(they r very very few)

that's how I think things will go,maybe im right,maybe im wrong ,time will tell #2
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it really is
xbox live is awesome,it gives an extra layer of fun to games

one amazing overlooked feature in xbl is the deep player status system,it tells you what your friend is exactly doin,which mode,which level,which game and even it can tell you"gears 2,in the minues" or "gears2,gathering friends",in mass effect"playing at _____,at level 45"

or,"gta 4,deathmatch at airport" with an arrow sign nearby indicates that this game is joinable... #6
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it's not AAA

I want this one sooo baaad,everything seems perfect #1.13
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IM so
so so so excited

IW want to blow us all away

omg omg #1
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wtf strange
I played old beta,no way an 8,shouldn't get less than 9.5 #1.74
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I Really hate him
Im a huge IW fan and this man give reasons to hate it and get a pirated or used copies

I hate to see my favorite game treated like this #6
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Im sure that
there are things that been delayed from FW 3.0

It's so obvious that these gray boxes was just a work in progress

they were forced to release 3.0 with the slim,to arttact new slim buyers,it's been proven that nxe ads has increase xbla sales,sony hope "what's new" to do so,also they want to change that spiderman logo,they had to release it with the slim

sony, to make the online experience fully connected and alive like live,do this

t... #3
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your comment is right but hey,Im a more ofa "game" fanboy than a console

I admit im an IW fanboy,I really love their games,a gta fanboy, a mario fanboy

a goldeneye\perfect dark fanboy,a dkc fanboy,

the more console that have games u like the more u become a fanboy to that system

and about man utd,they still rock man,still hurts me that cristiano leaved,it will take time untill it's gone

anyway,peace and peace on :)
... #1.9
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I play my ps3 a good amount of time,enjoy its AAA exclusives,some multiplats,I really can't wait for uncharted 2 is looking to be 1 one of the finest games ever,also gow3,gt5,ngs 2 looks good too

I play my 360 a lot too cause I get 70% of multiplats on 360,xbl is a big reason also great exclusives like gears 2,odst and I can't wait gta the ballad of tony ,forza3 and convection

my wii collect dust from time to time,a great nintendo game like smg,mario kart and smash w... #21.2
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