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they gave you a first look a their new engine

just imagine how good the gameplay is going to be

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they are the best thing about the trailer and at the end the explosions in the background looked amazing

this is a new engine,the way things act in motion tells you its a new game engine

can't waiiiit

btw,all you guys just talk about gfx.TECH only,well art is just as importnat,uncharted 2 would never looked this good if it did not mixed TECH with ART,also kz2

if a game combined HIGH tech and crappy art,it would simply give you a flat game ex...

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and guys keep in mind that ART is as important as TECH

the halo art style is awesome,the tech is great

So REACH will drop our jaws with its beautiful gfx and locations

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uncharted 2 is absolutely stunning

uncharted 2 has the best quality in a game this gen

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this is my favorite game in this DECADE

the ALMIGHTY perfect dark

in 1080P,60fps and with xbox live

looks like im dreaming this can't be real

Im gonna buy it even if it's 10000 ms points

shame about perefct dark zero,it was one of the biggest disappointments of all time(along with shadowman 2)

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game footage of the ps3 exclusive agent or GTA 5

R* north you rule

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uncharted 2(11\10),you just can't miss this gem,easly the best game quality I've seen in a long time,best ps3 game ever

lbp,great fun game but I like mario more

infamous,gonna finish it soon,got it already,Im gonna beat it after red faction(you got to play red faction,such an underrated game)

I didn't play buzz

Im a gta fanboy and ballad of gay tony was exclusive,so you can understand why I like the 360 bit more these days

Im ho...

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is a console that gave me more fun overall than the other three systems(or 2 since wii is not a direct competitor)

I doubted the 360 many times,yet it still gives and it's still has the best online experience in a console

2010 look amazing for both systems

I hope R* shows us agent today,please R*

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a lazy article

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who the hell want to miss GOW3,who the hell want to miss HALO REACH and who the hell want to miss SUPER MARIO GALAXY 2(get a wii or just try to play this one)

xbox 360 has amazing exclusives and I get most multiplats on it

ps3 has killer exclusives too(uncharted 2 =11\10) and I get some multipltform games on it

anyway 2010 looks absolutely stunning,countless amount of games,WTF,I've never seen anything like this

maybe we will all remember 20...

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hhg,Im REALLY excited for gow3 and hope for more videos

man you are doing great work to be honest

splinter cell and now this

good work man,nice I appreciate it

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we all have to appreciate his work and passion

hhg is doing a great job

and btw,Im dying to play gow3

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no 1 is without a doubt perfect dark on n64

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is the king of this genre,simply

I played bayonetta demo,it's very good btw

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ps3 is awesome

360 is awesome

2010 is the best year for multi console owners

I hope R* shows us AGENT

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their cons,this article nails it

it also have lots of pros,it makes things a bit more satisfying,completing the game on hardest difficulty is great(uncharted,cod,halo,gears ,kz2),"mile high club" achievement in cod4 was an awesome moment(best achievement ever)

I enjoy achievements\trophies,they are good but if you take it too seriously,it will indeed affect the core game experience,playing a game while you thinking"I MUST GET THIS POINTS\CUPS" wil...

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I didn't mean the gfx quality,I mean the "art"

"art" not "tech"

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tbh I hate this new art,it looks like perfect dark zero which was a HUGE disappointment

but Im really excited

day 1 buy

perfect dark to me is one of the best games of all time

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just omg

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