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most multiplats
look better on 360,like you saw lately in shift,bayonetta,dirt2,flashpoi nt,those large numbers of superior mp games give a feeling that ps3 is not more powerful than the 360,trust me I have both consoles,I know uncharted 2 and kz2 really show what the ps3 is capable of,nothing on 360 at this moment look as good as uncharted 2 or kz2,a huge number of average gamers don't realise the difference in development between multiplatform titles and exclussives,smple as that

to get the mo... #10
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"he would sing that Snaka-doodily-doo song, that was alittle embarrasing"

100% AGREE

although the game is a true masterpiece #4.1
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can't wait for
new super mario bros wii

remember it will be...........DIFFICULT,YESSSSS S #5
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I just cannot
believe how awesome is uncharted 2 #6.3
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I hate when someone says
will conviction top uncharted 2??

they are totally different games #3.7
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yes indeed
gta IV was\is one of the best games in this gen,countless hours of fun in gta,also TLAD is good,good times with tlad

the ballad of gay tony looks really epic,cause if you take gta 4's gfx,physics immersion and combine it with new gameplay\activities\story\vice city like humor,you'll have a well deserved winner and its name is the ballad of gay tony

characters look awesome,tony prince is a cool dude,yusuf amir is full of personality(hahah,im arab btw :),the main char... #1.2
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of course
you can't take every level in cod 4 and make it coop,like all ghiuled up,one shot one kill,it's the way IW design the sp

cod4 campaign was awesome but short,Im really looking forward to mw2 campaign and of course the stunning mp #1
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fifa 10>>>pes 10

coming from a pes fan

well done EA

fifa is amazing,so real,so much fun #1.1
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@deadreckoning I'll add more :)
1-universal party system directly through the xmb and cross game invites

2-fully featured gamer cards that have deep player status which shows where your friend is exactly playing in which mode

3-the ability to join session in progress from anywhere

4-tons of new avatars\animated themes

5-shorten the time between achieving the task of a trophy and its actual sound\logo apperance like achievements,FOR EXAMPLE,in resi5 when you do the knife ac... #1.22
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I guess they were drunk #2.1
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mw2 hater and boycotters,EAT THIS #1
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I wanna see R3 so bad

just listen to this tone...RESISTANCE 3 how BADASS IS THAT?? #1.7
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F***?? #1
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Without doubt+maybe=??? #5
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the xbox 360 is an amazing console
and so is the ps3,why fight like kids,guys look at the mirror,look how old r u

of course everyone love something more than the other but not excessive like that

defend your system,defend your games but not by trashing others,Im more of a game fanboy than a console fanboy

im a gta fanboy, a splinter cell fanboy,ge007 fanboy,mw fanboy,etc........

fanboys just remember,trashing a system will not affect its performance,you have to know that you... #14
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MARIO STOMPS on lbp,mario gameplay beats lbp gameplay,no comparison

go ask media mole.yourself,they'll say mario is the king #6.4
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oh man
uncharted 2 will be amazing,gfx r unreal

please R* north please I want to be blown away by agent #2.22
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n64 was such a legendary console,sure ps1 has more games and more sales but is there anything on ps1 that can match the quality of

ge007,mario64,zelda oot,banjo,perfect dark,turok 1,2 and 3,body harvest,shadow man 64(ps1 version sucked)

n64 ftw #1.2
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the euphoria engine
is simply amazing,it's what I've been asking for a very long time,I wanted something that combines human animation+the ability to interact with the enviroment

can't wait to see upgrades on euphoria

natural motion FTW,they are really underrated,these days,I just can't stand seeing normal ragdoll physics in games like red faction(awesome game don't get me wrong),saints row 2,etc...

euphoria raised the bar #1
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big classic
I feel you man,I know nintendo games are golden but as a hardcore n64 gamer,the wii pales in comparison no doubt #10.3
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