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Without doubt+maybe=??? #5
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the xbox 360 is an amazing console
and so is the ps3,why fight like kids,guys look at the mirror,look how old r u

of course everyone love something more than the other but not excessive like that

defend your system,defend your games but not by trashing others,Im more of a game fanboy than a console fanboy

im a gta fanboy, a splinter cell fanboy,ge007 fanboy,mw fanboy,etc........

fanboys just remember,trashing a system will not affect its performance,you have to know that you... #14
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MARIO STOMPS on lbp,mario gameplay beats lbp gameplay,no comparison

go ask media mole.yourself,they'll say mario is the king #6.4
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oh man
uncharted 2 will be amazing,gfx r unreal

please R* north please I want to be blown away by agent #2.22
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n64 was such a legendary console,sure ps1 has more games and more sales but is there anything on ps1 that can match the quality of

ge007,mario64,zelda oot,banjo,perfect dark,turok 1,2 and 3,body harvest,shadow man 64(ps1 version sucked)

n64 ftw #1.2
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the euphoria engine
is simply amazing,it's what I've been asking for a very long time,I wanted something that combines human animation+the ability to interact with the enviroment

can't wait to see upgrades on euphoria

natural motion FTW,they are really underrated,these days,I just can't stand seeing normal ragdoll physics in games like red faction(awesome game don't get me wrong),saints row 2,etc...

euphoria raised the bar #1
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big classic
I feel you man,I know nintendo games are golden but as a hardcore n64 gamer,the wii pales in comparison no doubt #10.3
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that's what I call respect
not like.........volition's saints row 2 activity trailer

thank you ND #2.18
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go ps3 go #12
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the best nfs game ever made
was need for speed:hot pursuit 2 for the playstation 2

come on EA,we want hot pursuit 3 on ps3\360 #3
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have tons of bubbles
pd64 was the greatest fps shooter of all time along with ge007

I remember those classics days,I've finished both ge007 and pd64 on 00 agent and perfect agent,those games were extraordianry,the harder you put the difficulty the more missions you face

ahhhhh azetec and controle level in ge007 were haaaaard,remember protecting natalya??

I was around 9 years old in the goldeneye days and around 12-13 at perfect dark days

Im 22 now and I've never... #16.1
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you have
to use your third eye and sixth sense #1.2
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oh my god
earning the mile high club achievement was the best achievement moment ever,I also beat it for 5 friends of mine,they couldn't do it,they gave up and I also beat it nearly ten times again

also I beat it on ps3 too for 2 times #1
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my honest take on the demo
agree or disagree respectfully please

the game rocks imo,I was a bit disappointed by the gfx a bit but it's a great looking game nonetheless with beautiful enviroment,great car models and blazing 60 fps,however the real star of the game is the driving itself,the physics are awesome,it's controles like a dream,cars react brilliantly at turns,brakes are awesome and sense of speed is great too,60 fps helps these already awesome ingredients to shine more

overall,it's a r... #4
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one of the best radio voice actors ever in the gta series,Im really sad,he was my favorite,vice city also was the best gta ever

RIP #1.1
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sorry double post #3
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for me
modern warfare 2 mumber 1 no doubt

uncharted 2 second close

forza 3 in third place

I already have kz2 and odst #2
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better,I already knew that it's gonna be amazing,I hate to play 20 minutes and it's over,it drives me crazy #1
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I still couldn't accept
driving with natal,aside from it being so stupid,your hands simply cannot shaped on air,the diameter changes a lot,that means if I get my hands closer the car will steer more??? #5.2
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I wasn't very intrested for natal
until kojima came out and said what he said

I really hope developers mix natal in hardcore games,maybe at some segment of game,for example,you play modern warfare 2,play with 360 controller,enjoy the mission and suddenly you got do defuse this bomb quickly,you just drop your pad and control with your hands,or say commands,like "AIRSTRIKE" or hot wire in gta,or also get rid of quick time events,imagine RESI 4 events with natal or a simple scripted continues conversation... #1.1
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