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is 10 times better than kz2

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is one of the best single player modes I've ever played

the entire experience is out of this world

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don't let it go

play it

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yeah that's the weak point about it

borderlands 2 should have intense pacing and cinematic action and some orchestrated tracks

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I don't like jrpg,to me they seem like a long multiple choice exam

I may get into a role playing game with REAL gameplay

like borderlands,Im having a great time with it,such an underrated game,borderlands got everything,the only thing it need to elevate it to a AAA game is an epic cinematic experience,you know what im saying

mass effect 2 looks amazing btw

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anyway,forza 3 is an amazing racing game,I've never liked any sim racing games but somehow forza 3 grabbed my mind,the driving is great,the feel of driving is great,the gfx are great,clean,beautiful and run at 60 fps

crashes are good too,I liked it better than nfs shift

and btw dirt 2 is so underrated

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this is one of the best games ever

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thanks for the info

a full demo would be better,you know there are too many gamers who thought that this was THE gt5 demo

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the other BEST driving games imo were

burnout 3(burnout 2 is awesome too)

burnout revenge

midnight club 3

those games were GOLD

and now Im having a lot of fun with forza 3,finished paradise and planning to get dirt 2 or save money for 2010 sea of AAA games

and btw,what do you think of split second?it kinda looked all flash no substance but we'll see,we'll see :)

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are these the final graphics?

or is it just a physics demonstration?

tell me please

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make my dream come true,I want nfs:hot pursuit 3 sooo baad

just think,WHY THE HELL did they stop th enfs hot pursuit series,it's damn awesome

guys just remember how POWERFUL that game was

even racing without chasing was awesome

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how much hate for xbox 360 in n4g comment section

that kid gonna enjoy the hell out of it while you adults just keep acting like kids


funny isn't it?

typical n4g

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awesome article

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look at all this deleted comments


get a life guys,it's not life or death xD

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the best gfx my eyes has ever seen,the level of detail is unmatched

never seen a game look this good or RUN this good

well done naughty dog,uncharted 2 is the best ps3 game ever

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to play it

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an extreme fanboy but now most of his comments make sense and very well written,you just can't help but read them

and I respect that he prefer ps3

peace and game on guys,2010 is upon us,AAA games after another is waiting for us on both console,never seen such massive list of games


happy and proud to be gamer


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the best online multiplayer my eyes has ever seen,make almost every other game look bad

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the nostalgia...

omg game radio

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great but it's the worst mgs game imo

the balance between cutscenes,gameplay and loading was pretty much fkd up

but it's an amazing game and a must buy nonetheless

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