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Hate to be negative but you'd like to be negative.

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HAHAHA, Zelda killer? that was a good joke!

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Gears of War 4 (on PC) IS using 4K textures if you didn't know.

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may god rest him in paradise

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after 20 years (if) more power would make little to no difference at that time why not go all switch

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who the heck is gonna pay to play online for online for massively downgraded 3rd party games (if not missing entirely due to weak specs)

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absolutely insane achievement

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the switch will be awesome but i don't think it can be a serious console and a serious handheld at the same time, this is not a perfect world, short cuts have to be made....but with technology is moving on rapidly thanks to Nvidia, AMD and intel, the rapid advancement of technology made by these people is nothing short of phenomenal, we're seeing bigger and bigger leaps more than anytime the switch 2 let's say will come in 2021, the mobile tegra chips at that time wi...

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bro u said shield can't run, the first thing that come to mind when someone say something like that is power but don't get me wrong, i can't wait for the switch, Zelda BOTW will make it a must buy :)

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lol wut?? xD xD, the Nvidia shield is more powerful than the switch docked full mode based on latest rumors, the switch is an underclocked Nvidia shield in both GPU and CPU and run even on slower GPU clock wise when it's undocked

actually the xbox 360 from 2005 is more powerful GPU wise than switch undocked mode, do the math, switch GPU undocked clock speed is 307.2 MHz and has 256cuda core and there are 2 actions per core, multiply we get


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LOLOLOL!! That was a good joke

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Based off of the rumors, It will be much much weaker than even Base XB1. Nintendo SUCKS!!

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great sales for both brands

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@liqu1d below you're a truthophobe

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unremarkable music??? what the actual F***??? the music in the game is absolutely phenomenal, class A+

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lol who's gonna develop an x86 game and not put it on ps4/X1/PC

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man the game was built with the original ps4/X1 in mind and just add extra stuff for the pro, if a game was built from the ground up on the pro @1080p 30FPS it would look like watch dogs E3 2012 or the witcher 2013

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skyrim definitely, gta v........ i'd like to have what ur smoking

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aiden pearce >>>>>>> marcus

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