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such an awesome system with amazing exclusives

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u forgot freakin splinter cell especially CHAOS THEORY

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one of the greatest consoles ever, my fav in the last generations

games still look and play great

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look im not better than anybody, we're all equal, im not the judge in this at all

i just stated my opinion

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nice side stepping there, i completely destroyed your "animals do that" argument

not everything that occurs in nature is moral sir, u asked for evidence that's it's wrong?
i'll give it to you

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they're brainwashing you in the name of "equality" and "open mind thinking"

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animals have sex with their sisters and eat their kids when they die....yaaaay lets do like animals

have fun!!

us human have more developed brains, in other words higher moral standards than animals

again have fun :)

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how about wiiu's videochat?, now that would be impossible to track xD

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well said bro

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let me get this straight (no pun xD), no matter how we kid ourselves, gay is wrong, that's the way it is, that's the way life is programmed

and they have the audacity to push that as "equality"

super disgusting/immoral

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xbox one is almost completely revamped

halo 5, Rise of the tomb raider along with new UI and BC feel so great :)

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dude read my comment above, what i said is valid and factual

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i didn't say Japanese devs, i meant gamers

Japan history of game development speak for its self

i mean the gamers, they don't play many games, they don't like GTA, halo, CoD, BF, uncharted, TLOU, bioshock, fallout, skyrim, mass effect, witcher, splinbter cell, max payne, NFS, forza, burnout, red dead, etc.........

yes people japanese gamers are one dimensional, u can disagree all u want but it's true im sorry

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the game is easily 9+ game, the MP is damn near perfect and the campaign is great

not clicking on the site

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sorry to bust your bubble but what is whiped from the face of the earth is your profile pic game, Metal gear (LMAO)

halo 5 did better than anygame in the entire series, 343 is here to stay, excellent team that handled halo very well after bungie

i love uncharted it's fantastic but it was never as iconic or as good in its core gameplay or MP as the halo franchise

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japanese gamers are a bit one dimensional

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halo 5 graphics terrible? LMAO

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Great Gameplay mechanics + great design/settings/atmosphere = greatness

Most devs today can do great gameplay mechanics/ control (cod, infamous ss, halo 4, assassin's creed, destiny, NSMBU, Gears judgment) but the games themselves aren't legendary, why is that?

the reason lies in the ....DESIGN which include level design(linear, open world, in between, cod like shooter, doom like shooter)/pacing/atmosphere/set pieces/puzzles/enemies/charact ers/story...

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Not only mechanics but also game design quality

Compare cod ghosts and cod 4, same gameplay mechanics, the great design/atmosphere of cod 4 made it legendary while ghosts is the worst cod ever

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