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indeed the best looking game ever made

achieving these gfx on ps4 prove my point that PC gaming doesn't really take potential of gfx cards out there, PC games are console builds just in higher FPS/RES

don't get me wrong if u have PC, enjoy it, run games at 60FPS 1440p more power to u

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sr1 and sr2 were good, sr3 was ok, sr4 i hated it

with that being said, volition is a talented studio, red faction 1 was excellent, hope they make another red faction 1 type of game

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Rest in peace legend

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the MP looks good and all burt i wanted a good SP campaign like star wars shadow of the empire, a variety of styles

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I really don't know what nintendo can do to succeed with the NX, it seems all the doors are closed, u do a powerful system, it would be too late and too expensive to compete with ps4 and X1, u do an underpowered system, it would be cheap and everyone would laugh at it and to even add to the problem, in either case, it won't have the library ps4 and X1 are enjoying

The whole NX situation look bleak

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im a console gamer but it is identical to the ps4 version because of political reasons, sony and MS don't want people to go to PC

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both are underpowered

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The downgrade statement is: "Damage control walking to the ring"

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The reality is that It's not that the ps4 or xbox one are that underpowered no even if they were 600 bucks, they still wouldn't be able to run that Witcher

It's simply the way gfx evolve, u need waay more power to make a great convincing leap than before

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as amazing as titanfall was, it needs a SP

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one of the greatest, most ambitious games of all time

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100% agree, TF1 was absolutely magical but lack a lot of stuff

the future is very bright for these great developers

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ps4 is awesome

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the sad thing is, it's selling at a worse rate than the dreamcast in today's expanding market

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great comment, i agree 100% even though i love nintendo games but the company's vision is just messed up

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GTA V is literally PHENOMENAL, sales wise, quailty wise...With rich history and maintained great consistency throughout the years!

Rockstar North, Hats Off, a huge fan since Body Harvest on N64!

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one word......AMAZING

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pretty much

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