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One of the "big things" I imagine. #2
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Fixed the title sorry about that. #1.1
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I really hope this trailer puts to rest any doubt people may have had weather or not Platinum Games was able to pull this game off. It's fast paced action, packed with some interesting characters to boot. The E3 demo was very fun and the new TGS demo looks even better which is the version we will get shipped with Z.O.E. HD Collection so good times all around in my opinion. #5
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What's interesting is that famitsu is saying "PC real-time demonstration in assuming the spec is equivalent to 360 PS3/Xbox" #6
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Common guys approve this thing :D #4
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Its' hard to tell if its a mistake or part of the goggles. #1.2.2
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I actually agree. This title with all of the hack and slash. Being someone who has actually spent a good amount of time with the demo, you would think this would be perfect for the Wii U. #6.1
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Eh, don't reflect what's here on the "Metal Gear" series itself, hence why Kojima removed the "Solid" from the name. But what this game has transformed into since being in the hand of Platinum Games, from it's first Kojma Productions iteration is pretty amazing if you ask me. #3.1
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