Going through online multiplayer withdrawl.


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Seriously I would nerf Mei before I inserted Torbjorn.

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I think I see a little Web of Shadows combat in there....nice!!!

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BADASS!!! Really digging the roster so far, great character choices.

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Actually the Origins edition is the only one available on consoles.

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What I'm trying to say is I EASILYgot my $60 worth out of the game for the amount of time I put in and the fun I had. Sure an actual campaign mode and more weapons would have helped but I didn't feel it needed it to enhance my experience.

Hence perspective matters.

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Titanfall easily had the best multiplayer I've seen in years at the time of its release. Sure it was light on content but it's even still very refreshing to go back to once and a while. Easily $60 for day one for me, it all comes down to perspective.

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Lol well Overwatch is also getting scored much higher than SF V did.

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The 90's called, they want their TLC back.

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Well maybe that SF V averaged a 7.4 while Overwatch is holding steady at 9.1 has something to do with it. It's a ton of fun.

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Gold mecanix gloves...again lol.

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Yes quite a bit.

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That's a cop out answer to cover poor game design. This update is a good example of everything wrong with the DZ. That and people like you that encourage it.

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Oooooorrrrr they could have made a well balanced PvP area that isn't geared toward griefers and backstabbing.

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Eh, say what you will everyone I know that played The Division, even the ones that got burned out, easily got 100 plus hours out of it. That's not a bad game by any means.

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I think it's hilarious this comment chain started with Subtenko throwing out a very trolling comment against Micosoft, but when the first guy responds to him the same way against Sony everyone on this site gets butthurt.

Lol you can change the way this site looks but it doesn't change the hypocrisy.

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If you say so. Sounds like you're trying to justify not playing either.

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High rise. Needs high rise.

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Spoken like someone that never played it. Reminded me more of Tony Hawk than anything else.

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Ugh I guess you could claim that argument but all you could hear at the beginning of last gen was that PS3 was bc. Then when it wasn't a feature anymore fans wanted nothing more than FF7 bc. I guess it's subjective then to which console were discussing.

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You're better off going to the high end gear vendor and buying high end weapons schematics.

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