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"Going through online multiplayer withdrawl."


If they wanted to do something right they would scrap the bubble system. Tabloid view is just annoying to sift through and now the threads are zoomed in way too close. #1.1.20
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Tabloid view is no good, it's just not fun to sift through on a tablet or a desktop. Keep it the same! #1.1.19
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Lol except it was a great game. #1.1.4
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Lol BF 1 and 2 were the epitome of casual. DICE just took it and worked that angle further. There's nothing wrong with that, I'd rather have their version then the series continuing to sit in development hell for another ten years.

The originals aren't coming back I think you need to accept that and move on. #1.8
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It can still be a great game without those. Honestly the video showcasing the old ones looks sparse compared to the new one. And for the record the old games never had ground to space battles. It was promoted for the third game that never came to fruition. #1.3.3
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Yep, because that video showed us that the new one is such a downgrade from the originals /s lol seriously go back and play the originals if they're so superior. #1.3
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I know, right? Lol no one buys Battlefield of CoD for its riveting campaign. #14.1
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15 maps with 10 game modes is pathetic?

You do realize the first two games were casual tps/fps, correct? #8.2
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The same could be said about defending this article, or at the very least believing it at face value. Heaven forbid a lot of people enjoy the game. #10.1
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Congrats, your countless negativity toward the game has finally swung full circle and you found a way to justify how a completely separate company dared to give the game a good score. Lol whatever helps you sleep I guess. #5.1
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Or maybe it's been out for less than a week and glitches should be expected.

By your rationale people should have avoided Destiny as well. #5.1
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Youre seriously rating the quality of a game based on its DLC? What if they hadn't announced a season pass? Would you still feel that way? Lol bottom line at the end of the day you don't have to buy the season pass. #1.1.4
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Lol this is why people call you a troll. You are always the first person to line up in Battlefront articles to tear it down, and grossly overstate the situation.

You know that people have the option NOT to buy the season pass right? And that it is possible for them to thoroughly enjoy it that way? So please come off the whole "this game costs a s$$$ load of money". Unless you're angry it costs $60 in which case sorry, that's the going rate for games today, and... #1.5
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@ above, the BFII servers lasted 9 years before they went down, that's a great run. There's no reason to doubt the longevity of the series. #2.1.2
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Maybe, just maybe, this game will succeed because people enjoy it?

How dare they release a game with 15 maps and 10 game modes, then pledge to support it post launch!!

Lol seriously listen to yourself. If you don't like the game or don't want to play it fine, but don't act like DICE owes you more when you have a choice to buy or not buy their product. That's the real disgusting part. #1.2.1
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So did you play this for 10 hours? Let's face it Evolve failed because the 4 on 1 chase mechanic was very boring. This game is literally nothing like that. #4.6
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Eh, if this game received a 10/10 you would still be dumping on it.

This game is still averaging out to be a good game but haters talk about it like it's abysmal failure receiving all 4s and 5s. #2.9
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Alien Isolation is a great game, so is Sunset Overdrive. #4.1
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.....based off one review that is by no means bad and before the servers are packed with players. You can really tell the people that want this game to fail. #1.1.3
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What a MEGATON of an accomplishment!!

(Ba da bum pssshhh) #1.3
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