Going through online multiplayer withdrawl.


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@Jon tygarean but it's not a review of ME2, ME3, or Witcher 3. Saying the cons shouldn't count because other games got a pass is laughable.

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Ok Sircolby45, if you say so. ME 1, 2, and 3 hooked you right from the beginning. If Andromeda is still ramping up after 10 hours then maybe it isn't that good. You shouldn't have to try so to find something good.

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I would think that ten hours into a game would give you an honest showing of how the rest of it is going to go. I played that much just to be sure.....this game was a total let down between the cumbersome ui, bland landscapes, and poor multiplayer.

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You totally missed out then.

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Multiplayer was in the last one and it was great.

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Lol what? The multi in the last one was amazing, it was a definite draw at the fact you could posse up and tackle bandit hideouts.

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Gaming evolves, it's easy to take this opinion 13 years after the game is released:/

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Lol, congrats I guess on paying $100 plus on a $60 game? Please stop trying to justify their garbage practices with other games that faired well. Battlefront is far shy of battlefield 4 or even Titanfall.

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Said no Battlefront fan ever.

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I couldn't buy it directly from the system, had to to through my tablet.

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RDR still plays better than most games now, and even after 6 years it still looks beautiful.

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Lol the single player is amazing, even if multiplayer didn't work it's still a great game.

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Best. Article. Ever.

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Lol, this is a terrible month. Next gen system and we keep getting Indies and 8 year old games.

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Seriously I would nerf Mei before I nerfed Torbjorn.

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I think I see a little Web of Shadows combat in there....nice!!!

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BADASS!!! Really digging the roster so far, great character choices.

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Actually the Origins edition is the only one available on consoles.

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What I'm trying to say is I EASILYgot my $60 worth out of the game for the amount of time I put in and the fun I had. Sure an actual campaign mode and more weapons would have helped but I didn't feel it needed it to enhance my experience.

Hence perspective matters.

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Titanfall easily had the best multiplayer I've seen in years at the time of its release. Sure it was light on content but it's even still very refreshing to go back to once and a while. Easily $60 for day one for me, it all comes down to perspective.

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