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Mmmm $499 console. Your move, Sony, your move. Please don't repeat PS3 launch. #1.1.2
FriedGoat gave me an image of Happy Gilmore going ballistic on some zombies after missing that hole in one #1.1.4
I'm glad I held off on purchasing the game at all. Now I can get this come christmas for $20 like Fo3 GOTY, New Vegas UE, and Oblivion GOTY #1.1
I'm glad to hear! More shooters with such depth and passion behind them need to perform better. #11
Well if Edge gives it a perfect score then you know its an amazing game; seeing as though they tend to base 9 out of every 10 games #76
The fudge why doesn't it have a flying dragon now? Flying dragon > jet pack. #1
EA destroyed Visceral with unrealistic expectations and quotas #2.1
Light Saber dismemberment of Necromorphs please! #1
I remember those videos; downloading them from the PSN. Those made me admire the development team at the time of Dead Space 1. It was obvious they put a lot of effort and passion into carefully creating an unnerving atmosphere at the time. #1.2
Kudos to Sony for learning from their PS3 F!@# up fiasco.

1) Working closely with studios to get insight into how to make developer friendly hardware instead of some BS unnecessarily complicated cell processor 2.0

2) 8 gigs of RAM so that developers will once again not get knee capped

3) Less expensive hardware that will hopefully draw in a larger audience; perhaps a lot of the people who were put off by the initial high price point of the... #1.1.7
3.4 million copies of TR and 3.6 million copies of Hitman and 1.75 million copies of Sleeping Dogs = poor financial results? How much money is SE pissing into these titles? Those numbers aren't profitable????? #1.1.7
You're king troll of N4G. We get it. #1.1
Damn straight.

I still hate the fact that series was annualized though. I feel Assassin's Creed fatigue. #1.1
I'd shed tears of woe #2.1
I'm flying to Japan ASAP and eating whale in every shape, way, form, and style they serve it just to spite PETA. #1.3
Why did you specifically mention PS3 exclusive titles? #3.1.1
From watching the introductory trail, reading the details, and seeing the screen shots I have high hopes and am hyped for this installment. On the other hand I am still irked by the annual releases.... but I'm still hyped. Damn my infatuation with fictional history and the exploration of historical settings! #3
LOL $160

Yeah the F right.

Heart of the Swarm Collector's Eeition is $80 and comes with just as much stuff. #3
Where are the walking dead bras and boxers? f!@# i want a rub on WD tattoo! #4
I loled #1.1.1
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