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Sure RE4 took the action route but it still had a gloomy RE atmosphere and puzzles, although much easier puzzles than the previous titles. RE5 and RE6 = no atmosphere, no puzzles, all co-op, and cover shooting D: #1.1.1
BF3 is at 17 million sold #8.2.1
I messed myself at the thought of destructible skyscrapers. #1.1.1
Oh snap twitch tv support!? I'd like that on PS4 tbh : l #1.1
The E3 showing made me forgive MS for their initial XBone reveal. My interest in PS4 is no lessened. #1.1.2
I recently read an article in the latest game informer stating Nintendo and Sony are working hard with indies to ally them to self publish. sey their own prices, and have their own game sales. Sony also claimed to not charge a single indie dev any $$$ whatsoever for the past 3 years to patch a game plus there's pub fund to help finance indie projects.

Sincerely asking, what kind of things does MS do in comparison to help indie devs find success on their platform? #15
Mmmm $499 console. Your move, Sony, your move. Please don't repeat PS3 launch. #1.1.2
FriedGoat gave me an image of Happy Gilmore going ballistic on some zombies after missing that hole in one #1.1.4
I'm glad I held off on purchasing the game at all. Now I can get this come christmas for $20 like Fo3 GOTY, New Vegas UE, and Oblivion GOTY #1.1
I'm glad to hear! More shooters with such depth and passion behind them need to perform better. #11
Well if Edge gives it a perfect score then you know its an amazing game; seeing as though they tend to base 9 out of every 10 games #76
The fudge why doesn't it have a flying dragon now? Flying dragon > jet pack. #1
EA destroyed Visceral with unrealistic expectations and quotas #2.1
Light Saber dismemberment of Necromorphs please! #1
I remember those videos; downloading them from the PSN. Those made me admire the development team at the time of Dead Space 1. It was obvious they put a lot of effort and passion into carefully creating an unnerving atmosphere at the time. #1.2
Kudos to Sony for learning from their PS3 F!@# up fiasco.

1) Working closely with studios to get insight into how to make developer friendly hardware instead of some BS unnecessarily complicated cell processor 2.0

2) 8 gigs of RAM so that developers will once again not get knee capped

3) Less expensive hardware that will hopefully draw in a larger audience; perhaps a lot of the people who were put off by the initial high price point of the... #1.1.7
3.4 million copies of TR and 3.6 million copies of Hitman and 1.75 million copies of Sleeping Dogs = poor financial results? How much money is SE pissing into these titles? Those numbers aren't profitable????? #1.1.7
You're king troll of N4G. We get it. #1.1
Damn straight.

I still hate the fact that series was annualized though. I feel Assassin's Creed fatigue. #1.1
I'd shed tears of woe #2.1
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