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I wish I could say I'm surprised. Unfortunately I'm not. #1.1.1
Hah, I came in here to comment on the Three Amigos pic' as well. #1.1
Lol, right on brother. I can't believe people are bitching about it instead of giving EA props. #1.7.1
The swastika marks the spot where the Nazi gold is buried. #3
The article opens with the name 'UBISOFT'

.... yeah #1.1
Not trying to demean the quality of Assassin's Creed series...


Got Milk?

I'll get the game eventually. #1
The idea of some S&M with ocelot dressed as a cowboy prodding folk with electrorods sure seems erotic to me #1.1.2
garbage article generalizing entire demographics #2
Pfft list has Roman and Oh Loc but no Wu Zi Mu or The Truth? Failure list #3
Assassin's Creed? That game came out in 2007 and had horses years before RDR! #3.1.1
Different strokes for different folks.

SR4 takes the crown for ridiculous and over the top.

GTAV shall take the crown for sand box king

TLOU takes the crown for story driven experiences. #2.1
Lol first thought that came to my mind.

I discovered this TV show literally a week ago halfway through season 1 or so. Pretty cool show. #1.3
f*** yeah GOTY 2013 #2
As an individual who owns a few of Rodney Yee's yoga DVDs I am ecstatic about this.

Seriously N4G readers, try some Yoga routines for things like muscle toning and core strength; they are amazing. #1.1.1
salt the earth, rape the horses, ride off on the women #1.1
DW4 was the only one I played. I've been thinking of picking up DW8 since its been a while and the game obviously has to have had evolved a lot over the past 10 years #2.1.1
No offense but you come off as a patronizing douche; particularly with how you ended that comment.

Anyway in regards to 'exclusive support' (i didn't read the article or anything just replying to your comment) that practically ended with the PS2. PS3/360 has shown to be a multiplatform generation and that taking titles multiplatform is practically essential unless a company wants to limit their financial success. Yes, I understand there are wondrous exclusive PS... #1.14
The Hades portion of the original God of War was f-ing terrible. #3
WE're going to have Left 4 Dead 5 at this rate before Half Life 3 is announced -______- #1.1.1
Indie games aren't afraid to try new ideas or give a straight homage to the snes/genesis era.

Thanks to Digital Distribution we've gotten to experience gems like Castle Crashers, Flower, Limbo, Outland, Minecraft etc etc. Oh! And the recent and most excellent Gaucamelee! If you have a Ps3 check out Gaucamelee; wondrous presentation, humor, and metroid style exploration :-) #11
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