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DW4 was the only one I played. I've been thinking of picking up DW8 since its been a while and the game obviously has to have had evolved a lot over the past 10 years #2.1.1
No offense but you come off as a patronizing douche; particularly with how you ended that comment.

Anyway in regards to 'exclusive support' (i didn't read the article or anything just replying to your comment) that practically ended with the PS2. PS3/360 has shown to be a multiplatform generation and that taking titles multiplatform is practically essential unless a company wants to limit their financial success. Yes, I understand there are wondrous exclusive PS... #1.14
The Hades portion of the original God of War was f-ing terrible. #3
WE're going to have Left 4 Dead 5 at this rate before Half Life 3 is announced -______- #1.1.1
Indie games aren't afraid to try new ideas or give a straight homage to the snes/genesis era.

Thanks to Digital Distribution we've gotten to experience gems like Castle Crashers, Flower, Limbo, Outland, Minecraft etc etc. Oh! And the recent and most excellent Gaucamelee! If you have a Ps3 check out Gaucamelee; wondrous presentation, humor, and metroid style exploration :-) #11
I just hope Square Enix has realistic expectations for a new TR and doesn't declare pushing several million copies in two months a financial disappointment. #3
What if its a 'full ass' Expansion? #3.1
I want online canoe races

Online hang gliding races

Online bike races

Online foot races

Online 16 free for all melee matches

etc lol #1.1.1
In terms of humor, perhaps.

In terms of content and gameplay? ahahahahah #1.1.2
Dragon Age Origins: Awakening (expansion pack to the original) made dragon age 2 look antiquated and quaint. #1.1.1
Don't really plan to get this game but such sentiments on DLC make me want to support it. #1.1.1
I never heard of this game until now. #2.1.1
There's more hype for GTA5 than the new CoD since CoD releases on a yearly basis and the last gta was 2013. Weather or not that is enough to push its numbers past CoD /shrug

Depends how tired people are of CoD #1.1.2
Rofl I swear Sony just tossed this feature in all of a sudden just to spit in MS's face after removing the almost exact same feature.

talk about rubbing salt and vinegar into the wound. #1.1.49
I did have to watch the trailer a few times yesterday before noticing that Franklin actually sniffs a medicine bottle. Lol #1.3
lol I haven't gotten dead space 3 yet either.

I'll pick it up from the bargain bin for less than $20 if I ever decide to play it. #1.3.1
someone sounds computer illiterate #1.1.1
Reminds me of Visceral speaking on Dead Space 2 before release "WILL HAVE CALL OF DUTY-LIKE ACTION SCENES!" #1.1.1
Wait, blockbusters still exist???? #1.1.4
Sure RE4 took the action route but it still had a gloomy RE atmosphere and puzzles, although much easier puzzles than the previous titles. RE5 and RE6 = no atmosphere, no puzzles, all co-op, and cover shooting D: #1.1.1
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