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I'm interested in what these issues are if you don't mind elaborating. #2.2
Or maybe the ESRB is just getting more lenient. #5.1
Glad I waited. #4
Thanks for the warning *closes tab* #1.2
Yeah, that fight was freakin' epic based on presentation alone. #3.1
The Boss's death in MGS3 is sad considering details. #1.1.4
What a confusing incident. I wonder what the person behind this was attempting to achieve. #2
ESRB = fair and balanced. #3
... I had thought that a few times while playing Silent Hill Downpour. Like it seemed that there was this unnatural shine on things that shouldn't have a shine and that game uses Unreal Engine #4.4
First Mortal Kombat movie = only good video game movie ever. It had just the right amount of camp and the perfectly right amount of cheese to capture the game's style. The second film was just plain trash #7
The sorrow was a crazy boss fight with a ridiculously abstract solution #5.2
I honestly think Skyrim sold more than the Fallout games due t better advertising. #1.1.4
I don't really like the gears games but the trailers are definitely great #1.1.3
'5-year business plan' makes me think of those 5 year economic plans the Soviet Union did #1
It was $20 during christmas sales but I declined and got the GoW origins collection instead since the PSP games come as downloads with the saga collection = / #1
While I adore hearts of iron for its simulation aspects the online community can screw itself. I tried playing HOI2 online years ago and no one would let me join their games because they didn't recognize me as a player. Its filled with a bunch of unforgiving elitist jackwipes. #1
I'd say that it is unreasonable because depending on the speed of some peoples' connections that could take several hours minimum to download if not longer. It definitely would have with my old verizon DSL #1.7
Square Enix had unrealistic expectations and must have liberally pissed away resources in an unrealistic fashion. #1.1.3
Yeah, no DLC = no buy for me. #1.1
F*ck gamestop #1.1.3
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