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Chemical plant zone from STH2 = amazing.

Also, from an under appreciated game for sega game gear, Sonic Triple Trouble... Sunset Park Act 3 #6
That's not impressive.

:-P #6.4.1
Its actually the 18th century #3.1
Does anyone else instantly think of Corner Gas whenever they hear Saskatchewan? #3
Roughly 1 out of every 20 UK citizens have GTAV; an amazing attach rate! #1.1
Honestly I feel the God of War trophy names (from the HD collection and GoW3 at least) have very immature and unfunny names.

I personally vouch for new vegas' 'You Run Barter Town' trophy. Awesome Mad Max reference that made me chuckle :) #1.2
@ fiend

And Twisted Metal 2012 was just last year; not that long ago. #1.1.3
So about 1 out of every 60 French citizens purchased the game. #2.1
@ GRizz, I highly doubt the Japanese sales will make it a global even 50/50 on both platforms. GTA just doesn't have he popularity in Japan that it does in the 'west' #1.1.4
Well good for Sega on the acquisition.

Hopefully everything transitions smoothly and this proves to be a fruitful partnership for Sega, Atlus, and fans alike.

Sega has been making some good acquisitions recently, having also picked up Relic not long ago. #1.1.2
I don't smoke cannabis because I want to do it; GTAV's depiction of cannabis abuse made me do it.

My addiction to gaming has retardedized me D-; #1.2
I wish I could say I'm surprised. Unfortunately I'm not. #1.1.1
Hah, I came in here to comment on the Three Amigos pic' as well. #1.1
Lol, right on brother. I can't believe people are bitching about it instead of giving EA props. #1.7.1
The swastika marks the spot where the Nazi gold is buried. #3
The article opens with the name 'UBISOFT'

.... yeah #1.1
Not trying to demean the quality of Assassin's Creed series...


Got Milk?

I'll get the game eventually. #1
The idea of some S&M with ocelot dressed as a cowboy prodding folk with electrorods sure seems erotic to me #1.1.2
garbage article generalizing entire demographics #2
Pfft list has Roman and Oh Loc but no Wu Zi Mu or The Truth? Failure list #3
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