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I want metro 2033 ...
...considering that its a horror themed FPS title that's 1000x more atmospheric than your typical war shooter and lacks an HUD forcing you to stay on your toes and alert to certain elements such as your health, when your gas mask filter needs changed, etc.

It makes me think of a linear, claustrophobic S.T.A.L.K.E.R #1.8
Its called a parody. Its for laughs and all good natured.

I bet you hate on Space Balls for ripping on Star Wars, right? #3.1
End of Kratos? Who said its the end of Kratos? Its just the end of the trilogy. #4
Faster selling than the Genesis Sonic games? Oh dear... #1.1
Just hurry up and release the GOTY edition ala FO3 style with the full game and all the DLC on it. #1
Why all the hateorade?
Its a satirical article why can't people just enjoy it? People sure were a whole lot less hostile with the "How Killzone 2 is blatantly better than Halo 3" article... is it honestly because its the other way around now? #1.48
I have my money on Starcraft 2. That's going to be a force to recon with considering the narrative, trademark Blizzard CG department, game mechanics, custom map editor & online adding infinite replay value, and of course Blizzard's overall finesse when it comes down to polishing games more blindingly than a gem stone.

GoW3 would be probably be my runner up. #1.24
"I know they are working on new IPs and I'd love for them to return to their platforming greatness. Spyro, Ratchet, I want the next evolution of their mascot. Jak and Daxter, R&C, Sly Cooper, Spyro, Crash-- these are some of Sony's best platforming legacies and I simply want another one of these light-hearted platforming games."

Their mascot? Whose mascot? Insomniac did Spyro. Naughty Dog did Jak & Daxter & Crash. Sucker Punch did Sly Cooper... and from wha... #1.4
I want GoW3 with 9+ audible languages... when replaying Heavenly Sword I would put the audio into German or one of the Romance languages. : / I hope the NA version at least comes with Spanish and French. #2.1
Knowing that Rebellion made Rogue warrior I was hesitant to even DL the demo and only did so because of the association with the ALIEN franchise. I felt its multilayer was rather mediocre and I doubt I'll ever actually rent the game. #1.2
This is just as intriguing as it is relieving. #1.1
"PSN exclusive series"

What? The first released on PC a year before PSN.

Anyway looking forward to this sequel. The first was one of my favorite PSN titles with its classic arcade shooting action/challenge, crisp visuals, and amazing sound track. #1
One of the reasons I purchased a PS3 was to get my hands on the third installment of GoW. Just one more month... just one more month #2.13
Looking forward to this game. The first is still my favorite PSN title with its crisp graphics and amazing sound track. #1
Those screen shots make me think of Silent Hill without the rust and blood #1.25
Isn't this game just little over a year old? Great job boning the people who bought the game EA #1.2
I agree. Gamestop commercials ****ing suck. BFBC2 needs some real adds like the first game did. Like these. #1.1
Yeah Sony wanted 100% control of the software since it was their format. So Nintendo was like "**** this." #3.1
Yeah, based from the demo the mechanics for Kratos' chains were tweaked to make combat & combos smoother and more varied. And based on the combos from the gauntlets it seemed obvious that the secondary weapons aren't just tacted on after thoughts this time. #1.9
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