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I thought Madison was the dude >_> #1.40
This article title has eliminated proper grammar.
. #1.2
I wasn't interested in the first BFBC but part 2 is looking to shape up quite well. I'm impressed with the endeavors of EA owned studios this generation. #1.15
Isn't it kinda typical for EA game to drop in price fairly fast? #3
I bet over half of them are in the United Arab Emrites. #6
You're making me assume you have never played a horror game? Dead Space is my favorite new IP from this generation and probably my second favorite game behind MGS4. It's oozing with atmosphere just as much as the first Silent Hill games & has wonderful sound direction. Must play in dark with headphones or surround sound : )

And don't be worried. I was 18 when I first played Silent Hill 2. That game was a complete mind fvck! I'd be scared to walk into my dark hallway thi... #1.1
Can I still get a beta key? lol #1.3
Crappy blue tooths? Everyone I hear on SOCOM (which is as bad as xbox live), Warhawk, MGO, or Uncharted 2 is clear. In boxes full of insults? I've only had trouble with that one on 2 occasions. Marvel vs Capcom 2 (people get so pissy over those matches) and one time someone kept sending me inflammatory comments calling me a religious f@g because I have Saint in my PSN name... #1.13
Assassin's Creed 2 overhyped and Uncharted 2 isn't? nice... #2
ROFL I so hope they use this as a TV ad to promote the game. Osama bin Laden, Kim Jong, Ahmadinejad, Obama... now all they need to do is add images of Putin and Hugo Chavez #1.2
Actually, a couple of the guys from the team have stated they have written up a lot of lore and story they'd like to tell, ready for sequels, which will likely come if the first game is successful enough. Please, buy Darksiders everyone so the sequels comes :) #2.2
Except Quantic Dream isn't first party and Sucker Punch is second party -.- #1.2
As flame bait as that is I loled #2.3
I'm sorry Monkey, I have to ask... are you upset because your girlfriend works at Wal-Mart? #2.3
The developer said the point of DMC was to be stylize, and that the point of Bayonetta was to be sexy. If the author of this article knew this beforehand (maybe did) would the impression be different? #6
I have a preference for franchises associated with the Sony brand I E God of War, Devil May cry, Metal Gear Solid, Heavenly Sword, Uncharted, etc as opposed to ones associated with Microsoft such as Halo, Gears of War, and Fable. I like certain genres over others. Does that mean I should sh!t talk that which I don't have a preference for? No. Do I still? Occasionally. Do I act fanboy-ish about it? I try not to and do my best to take the objective light.

Developers play gam... #2.14
This is the only fighting game I like and that's because it has X-Men characters lol! #3
As far as novelty/parody games go this is the most well polished one I've ever played, its probably the only one I'd say is actually polished, and it is quite humorous, though not in a laugh out loud way. I don't take it full price seriously though and won't be purchasing it anytime soon, perhaps when I can snag it for $20.

Its the definite stoner game of the year though, getting high and then playing the demo had me bursting out in tears of laughter and I was totally digging... #1.11
Its a misunderstanding, you see, Hells is part of a Somalian pirate crew. #1.3
Huh? Since when did Sony own Naughty Dog it was second party last I heard #1.6
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