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Lol, my friend was one trophy away from platinum when his PS3 got a YLOD and he lost all of his Demon's Souls saves. Luckily for him it was one of the easier trophies. #1.1
That's great news for a niche title
And always a nice surprise to be proven wrong when you vastly under estimate projected sales. #2
Splitting it into 3 segments doesn't bother me as long as each provides as much content / as many missions as the original Starcraft. Gives Blizzard an opportunity to better flesh out the story and make more cinematics... just stay positive. #1.1
I personally feel that both RE5 and GTA4 were decent action games, but piss poor games for their respective series.

RE4 may have drastically changed the gameplay and simplified the puzzles but it kept the dark, gloomy, morbid atmosphere. RE5 didn't keep the gloomy atmosphere, had essentially no puzzles whatsoever, and all the tension and panic in combat was kinda lost since you had a buddy covering your back the whole time.

And GTA4 seemed to take itself too seriou... #1.10
It should be titled "DICE: We'll never charge for map packs as long as you bought a new, unopened copy"

Edit: No, I'm not bashing DICE. Just stating it matter of factly since the latest map pack would cost $15 if you didn't have the VIP code. I think its a great idea to attempt to get people to buy products new, though how informed is the general gaming public on such an issue? #1.3
Personally in a period of just two years...
my own PS3 has failed twice as well has my friend's, another friend had his fat PS3 die, as did his uncle. About 1 out of every 4 people on my friend's list (out of 70 people) have had their PS3 fail at least once over the years. Though, probably less than half of those instances were the "YLOD". When my Ps3 kicked the first time it stopped reading discs altogether. The second time it wouldn't turn on but just give me a flashing red light.

All that I can say is that... #1.21
I can't wait for this to come out. The 'western' genre is sparsely touched in the gaming world and it looks to be a breath of fresh air. I'm also appreciating the mannerisms of the characters presented in this trailer. Kinda makes me think of the eccentric and unique cast of San Andreas which I much preferred over GTA4. #4
... I've heard that Latin Americans are all about machismo.... >_> #3
I want metro 2033 ...
...considering that its a horror themed FPS title that's 1000x more atmospheric than your typical war shooter and lacks an HUD forcing you to stay on your toes and alert to certain elements such as your health, when your gas mask filter needs changed, etc.

It makes me think of a linear, claustrophobic S.T.A.L.K.E.R #1.8
Its called a parody. Its for laughs and all good natured.

I bet you hate on Space Balls for ripping on Star Wars, right? #3.1
End of Kratos? Who said its the end of Kratos? Its just the end of the trilogy. #4
Faster selling than the Genesis Sonic games? Oh dear... #1.1
Just hurry up and release the GOTY edition ala FO3 style with the full game and all the DLC on it. #1
Why all the hateorade?
Its a satirical article why can't people just enjoy it? People sure were a whole lot less hostile with the "How Killzone 2 is blatantly better than Halo 3" article... is it honestly because its the other way around now? #1.48
I have my money on Starcraft 2. That's going to be a force to recon with considering the narrative, trademark Blizzard CG department, game mechanics, custom map editor & online adding infinite replay value, and of course Blizzard's overall finesse when it comes down to polishing games more blindingly than a gem stone.

GoW3 would be probably be my runner up. #1.24
"I know they are working on new IPs and I'd love for them to return to their platforming greatness. Spyro, Ratchet, I want the next evolution of their mascot. Jak and Daxter, R&C, Sly Cooper, Spyro, Crash-- these are some of Sony's best platforming legacies and I simply want another one of these light-hearted platforming games."

Their mascot? Whose mascot? Insomniac did Spyro. Naughty Dog did Jak & Daxter & Crash. Sucker Punch did Sly Cooper... and from wha... #1.4
I want GoW3 with 9+ audible languages... when replaying Heavenly Sword I would put the audio into German or one of the Romance languages. : / I hope the NA version at least comes with Spanish and French. #2.1
Knowing that Rebellion made Rogue warrior I was hesitant to even DL the demo and only did so because of the association with the ALIEN franchise. I felt its multilayer was rather mediocre and I doubt I'll ever actually rent the game. #1.2
This is just as intriguing as it is relieving. #1.1
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