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It was $20 during christmas sales but I declined and got the GoW origins collection instead since the PSP games come as downloads with the saga collection = / #1
While I adore hearts of iron for its simulation aspects the online community can screw itself. I tried playing HOI2 online years ago and no one would let me join their games because they didn't recognize me as a player. Its filled with a bunch of unforgiving elitist jackwipes. #1
I'd say that it is unreasonable because depending on the speed of some peoples' connections that could take several hours minimum to download if not longer. It definitely would have with my old verizon DSL #1.7
Square Enix had unrealistic expectations and must have liberally pissed away resources in an unrealistic fashion. #1.1.3
Yeah, no DLC = no buy for me. #1.1
F*ck gamestop #1.1.3
Witcher is originally a PC game so yeah... #1.3.1
Yes the game is 100% open world. However, keep in mind that open world does not equate to sandbox. Bioware has basically described the game as being a bunch of sand boxes that you can travel between as opposed to one gigantic interconnected area. #5.1
If fallout 4 cam out next year alongside with Wither 3 and Dragon Age 3 it'd be RPG heaven.

Not to mention dark souls 2 will already be out #1.1
Agreed! I feel the RPG/loot esque style detracted from focus that could have been spent on more memorable characters and gameplay. #3.1
Darksiders is an amazing Zelda style game with terrific art direction, great characters, fun gameplay, and something severely lacking from this generation BOSS FIGHTS! The first also had a pretty decent story and its ending is one of my favorite endings in video games.

I also agree with the notion of the first being better than the second. #1.1.1
Came in specifically to mention Starcraft Ghost.

When it was first announced I adored the notion of a Metal Gear Solid / Splinter Cell type game in the Starcraft universe.

And why would Bioware make it happen? Did they ever have any involvement with it? Did you mean to say Blizzard? = / #1.4
^ its reaching out there because you didn't know if it was true. You assumed it because Kojima did not announce exclusive content for the Xbox brand. #1.1.3
Uh, not that I'm against the notion of PS exclusive content as its my console of choice, I feel that you're really reaching out there. #1.1.1
List could use....

Joanna Dark
The Boss (even if she isn't playable she's still legendary badass) #6
Chemical plant zone from STH2 = amazing.

Also, from an under appreciated game for sega game gear, Sonic Triple Trouble... Sunset Park Act 3 #6
That's not impressive.

:-P #6.4.1
Its actually the 18th century #3.1
Does anyone else instantly think of Corner Gas whenever they hear Saskatchewan? #3
Roughly 1 out of every 20 UK citizens have GTAV; an amazing attach rate! #1.1
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