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Damn it! I was hoping this was for America T_T

Congrats anyway, Europe #1.1.5
Sounds great #404

More awesome dialogue challenges pwease #1.1
I still want a Starcraft Ghost damn it! #6
I'm hyped for AC taking its setting to the French Revolution. So much exciting **** during that era #2
I personally loved it HOWEVER I wish I didn't watch all the previews for MGSV to date because it ruined the surprise for me. In regards to this I'm going to avoid any more MGSV previews in order to avoid ruining any further plot details #3
The devs at just add water and people who get gamers and I'm absolutely gonna support them with a purchase of this game #1
Uh, Snake never died in MGS4 >_> Unless you mean Naked Snake

Anyway I'd say ending of MGS3 and Mordin Solis' role in ME3

RDR ending and what Anders did in DA2 being on that list was some heavy **** but not tear worthy imo #1.3.1
Yeah, the characters are too attractive and the games do have too much content and the cos players are way too dedicated D=

Funny read #4.2
The Hades level in God of War

It stunk of complete ass.

Coincidentally it was also apparently the only part of the game that was not play tested by the public. #2
Agreed. Downpour was a fine game. People who expect the exact same magic captured from the first three games are a little delusional and certainly unreasonable imo. #3.2.1
Same I'm getting caught up in the MGS hype. I just played Skyrim and Kingdoms of Amalur back to back... fine games in their own right but then I popped in my MGS HD collection and WOW. Everything about the MGS games from the soundtracks, to art direction cinematics, diloague, gameplay etc etc just oozes with straight freaking passion! Shines like a flawless diamond in the Sahara sun. Just balls to the walls awesome in every way, even Peace Walker, a handheld title!

MG... #1.1.5
way to have a fucking spoiler right in the title #10
Where's Legacy of Kain : ( #10
Dies a little on the inside #2
I'm holding out for a possible Phantom Pain themed PS4. *crosses fingers* #1.1.5
Will these new IPs have all the shine and polish of Colonial Marines? #7
That's what I want, or another stylized platformer like Outland. I loved outland for its art style and gameplay. #1.2
Damn am I the only one who had a nearly glitch free experience with The Walking Dead?

Only issue I remember was when episode 2 came out and was unplayable until it got a patch several hours later. #1.1.1
I'm interested in what these issues are if you don't mind elaborating. #2.2
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