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@ zach

Funny enough, my friend and I saw glenn Beck criticizing GTA4 back in 2008 for being able to have sex with a prostitute then kill her to get your money back. All we thought was 'durr you're 5 years late to the show, Glenn' #1.1.4
I don't want to see the trailer tbh. Well, I do BUT I don't want the story spoiled for me. I had Ground Zeroes' ending spoiled for me because of the amazing Red Band trailer last year = / #1.1.4
What is this 'parity policy' you speak of? I'm ignorant to the term #2.1
Does ATari even have the capital to invest into a gaming console? #5
Bhut bhut Respawn said Titanfall and its online bots was only possible on the one because of MS's dedicated servers and the power of the cloud!

/rolleyes #2.1.41
@ Giul_xainx

This game is not an MMO. It has features similar to an MMO but is not an MMO in the same manner as EVE, WoW, everquest etc. So you won't have thousands, or even hundreds of people running around in the same game world. #1.1.7
agreed, all around in terms of puzzles, art direction, environments, boss fights, and so on always felt 2 was the best. But I always felt Chains of Olympus was better than the first and I recently played Ghost of Sparta, its absolutely outstanding that kind of graphical fidelity and action could be squeezed onto the psp #2.4
FPS games are just as popular in Europe and the rest of the anglo-sphere, ya know

But yeah, I'm an american and loving the game. Though to be honest I only bought it because of the 99 cent flash sale = / #1.1.1
I personally find the replay value tends to come from unlocking new animals to play as.

But game sure does have a lot of content and unlockables; should have had a plat trophy imo #3.1
Sale is for everyone #13.1
Oh hell yeah I'm glad I didn't buy Guacamelee after the 99 cent flash sale now i can score it for $5 instead of $15 #12
Yeah, its a good move by Kojima/Konami on part of the fans.

I'm looking forward to playing Raiden's mission #1.1.2
^ They had over 7 hours of content? #1.1.3
Lol good stuff

Also lol @ huey flipping the double bird #9
Should have been a top 6 list and added Vulgrim from Darksiders. #1
Yeah the "$40" part is supposed to be a joke, right? #4.3
Is there enough room in Elysium for all of those souls? #3
Dragon Age: Inquisition ?

More like Dragon Age: The Redemption #2
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