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Yay its being released in the west #6
@ shoddy
And you have a knack for making ridiculous assumptions and attacking people over silly things. Of course I own God of War and MGS4 (btw MGS4 is 3rd party). But I never bought a Ps2 back in the day for sony's first party line up but rather titles such as DMC, GTA, Silent Hill, MGS, and Medal of Honor. PS3 simply does not have the same strong third party support as last generation hence 'the multiplatform gen'.

Don't put words into peoples' mouths next... #1.1.4
Personally I own a Ps3 for third party titles. Unfortunately after many of them being announced as exclusives they actually went multiplatform such as FF13, Assassins Creed, DMC4 etc : /

This is the multiplatform generation #1.1
Get back to us on that when you get a few more english classes. #2.1
I'd buy it to see what people rant and rave about. I never played the original. #1.1
Where the !@#$ is walking dead episode 2?????????? #1.1.2
Same, at first I thought werewolf looking guy in pic was Sam Winchester #1.1
So EA is going to install explosives in the Dead Space 3 demo? #1.1.1
Needs more Joanna Dark as well. #1.1
I for one rofl'ed #1.1.2
lol #1.2.1
I think its hilarious how akuma cited games solely for their graphical prowess, you know, rather than story, art direction, and overall gameplay and concept. Apparently he prefers staring at something life like rather than having a great gaming experience. #1.1.12
Well.... physically seems better than chat bubbles I guess #1.1.1
if this really comes out ill buy my friend a copy to play with me since we are now separated by 4 state D: #3
Oh shit I might actually try this lego game. I hope it has voices though... I only played the demo for lego Pirates and I was turned off by lack of voice acting and all speech bubbles. Are all of the lego games like that if anyone could answer? #1
LOL! awesome scrubs reference #1
Needs more Joanna Dark from Perfect Dark (n64) :P #1.1
Connor has a Native American name as well, you know. I can't remember it because its so alien sounding though. #1.1.2
People are stupid and lazy. #1.1
Truth be told there are very few exclusives this gen that I genuinely give a **** about. Even with my PS2 I never cared much for Sony's first party but rather third party such as Capcom, Konami, Rockstar etc.

From my perspective all of the system sellers this gen happen to be multiplatform. #1.1.6
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