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I understand the co-op is optional but due to it I fear the game will be designed and catered for a co-op experience as opposed to a solo experience. I hope Visceral has been able to find a balance between the two like adjusting enemies numbers or damage values as opposed to just mashing the two together.

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Whatever the hell happens with this title I just hope its full of wondrous art direction and lore like the previous titles and doesn't stray too far away from the slow paced tension building and go full blown RE6 action co-op -_-

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Completely agree with Twisted Metal as #1. The trophies are f-ing broken and some simply won't unlock for me despite meeting the requirements at least twice

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Why? it says no new in game content

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Game over man! Game over!

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Its called a 'joke'.


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Hey pecorre since you have a time machine and are apparently from the year 2013 when Dead Space 3 released can you tell me who won the US presidential election?

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In before the series is being killed with co-op and cover segments.

The co-op is optional though I'll admit I'm sketchy myself about the cover system. Be optimistic and we'll see what we get with DS3 when it actually releases.

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I'm surprised no one has pointed out that the title says "review" yet. Like zomg the author has a time machine.

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Lol. I made it through the Leon demo and gave up after 2 minutes of the Jake demo when it turned into a cover based shooter. Haven't tried the chris demo.

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Supposedly from the hands on previews I've read Conner isn't the same bloated superman killing machine Ezio was from Revelations. No health potions, cant restore health in combat, combat is bashed on timing attacks properly as opposed to mashing the attack button. Fleeing is often times the better alternative to killing a dozen enemies. Here's hoping.

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Both look pretty boss.

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Imo Brotherhood was AC2 part 2 Revelations was a lazy rehash that had no countryside and no horses and felt bloated with a bunch of [email protected]#$ that made it too easy.

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Eh I'd say Brotherhood felt more like Assassin's Creed 2 part 2 as opposed to a spin off. hated revelations though.

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Woah, they're already pumping out Yak' 5!?

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[email protected]#$ing nice I'm short on cash and don't really need anything new to play considering my backlog but this is tempting >_>

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I just soiled myself with excitement. GOTY confirmed.

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Kain is the Alpha Vampire of all time.

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Judging by your comment you must be as stoned as you look in that picture.

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Come on, its San Andreas, we could easily make a 500 reasons list.

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