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Pretty sure he was referring to the distribution model of episodes as opposed to genre when stating 'future of games' #4.1
Needs twisted metal 2012 so many people say the game sucks and has poor controls and gameplay; they obviously just gave up in less than 2 hours #4
I just SOILed myself with excitement. #11
Lol @ you guys #2.1.6
A 2010 German study found that on average women take 20 seconds longer than men to park a motorized vehicle and usually do a worse job of it than men. I don't want someone on my team who is going to take 20 seconds longer than average to shoot someone and do a worse job of it than the opposite sex. #2.1
Well Bad Company 2 sold more than twice as much as the first bad company. Battlefield 3 sold more. As I see it Battlefield franchise is simply gaining more popularity as it has spread to consoles, word of mouth, and advertising. What's to say Bad Company 3 wouldn't perform as well as Battlefield 3? #2.3
Eh, I personally loved it for the destruction in environments in Bad Company 2. Never played the first. #1.2
Right? Imo this list needs Nariko, The Boss, and Joanna Dark #4.2
What? There are people who like Kratos? Guy is a bag of dicks. Liking Kratos is akin to admiring Joseph Stalin for his genocide of the Soviet people #2.1
Loved the first game. Was a stellar action adventure game with an intriguing premise and art style and it kept mixing up the game play to keep it fresh. Definitely looking forward to the sequel. #1
Heh, why is this under the PS3 section? : 3 Because the author's PS3 died?:P #1
Grrr. I could have waited and had it on blu ray instead of paying in advance for the entire season that is taking forever to take out and is digital. Lol @ my stupidity! #2
There is an ice age 4??? I don't even remember hearing about 3 : / #1
Monaco is a first world country and it doesn't have the blood of foreigners on its hands!! So hah! #1.1.3
Lol. Hey, at least Dead Space 3 doesn't have forced co-op or a health regen system! #1
I hope there are slow paced, dark, creepy atmospheric areas. Like a lot of them : /

Otherwise its going to be tough this time round to argue against the people who have said all along that Dead Space is just a third person shooter! >.< #3
It was an extremely solid shooter with tight controls. If anyone was looking for more in the game they would be disappointed. I was a tad disappointed because I thought there would be a stronger emphasis on the open world and exploration aspects but as far as it being a shooter its a 100% top notch game. #1.1.2
My local sears is selling the Uncharted 1 & 2 bundle for $20 lol #1.2
Yay its being released in the west #6
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