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Imo Brotherhood was AC2 part 2 Revelations was a lazy rehash that had no countryside and no horses and felt bloated with a bunch of !@#$ that made it too easy. #1.1.1
Eh I'd say Brotherhood felt more like Assassin's Creed 2 part 2 as opposed to a spin off. hated revelations though. #1.1
Woah, they're already pumping out Yak' 5!? #2
!@#$ing nice I'm short on cash and don't really need anything new to play considering my backlog but this is tempting >_> #1
I just soiled myself with excitement. GOTY confirmed. #3
Kain is the Alpha Vampire of all time. #1
Judging by your comment you must be as stoned as you look in that picture. #6.2
Come on, its San Andreas, we could easily make a 500 reasons list. #1.1
GOTY confirmed #3
We need a Bioshock 3 first... #1.1.1
Thank god for that. #2
You mean there are people who never tried a a fighting franchise from the 90s such as Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Tekken, etc? #1.2.1
Lol @ it being your first fighting game. #1.1
That was the second Mortal Kombat movie which is legitimately a steaming pile of horse crap. #1.1.1
Wait! There is one! The first Mortal Kombat movie was an excellent movie based on a game lol. #1
I watched about 10 minutes of gameplay. I'm hesitant about paying even $15 for something like this. #2
The graphics on GTAV are going to be that good? Seriously? That good? O_o #1.1.4
Ermac blowing up Jax's arms in MK 2011 is my personal favorite. #1
Lol lucky Euros. This American keeps getting free DLC games he already owns instead of retail games he doesn't. #1.1
Shooter? You mean first person adventure zombie RPG? #1.1
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