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Disagrees are fine. What the issue is is other people being able to take away your response privileges because they disagree with your opinion and want to shut you up. #1.1.2
The destructible environments is definitely what drew me into the game. It was so gratifying to be able to perch a tank on a hill top and destroy targets simply by shelling and bringing down an entire building on top of said targets. #1.2
You didn't play human revolution, did you nemsis? #7.2
"But what inspired Ubisoft to create this new spin-off series?"

Money! Its a crime... *cue pink floyd song* #1
Hell I've donated blood for nothing before. I'd definitely do this. #1.2.5
You guys down talk the idea of a prequel as if it couldn't be done well. There are countless cycles that the reapers have culled and infinite potential for world and lore building. #1.1.5
I don't give a **** what any 'insider' says about the next fallout installment. We've already been punked too many times by elaborate hoaxes I'll just think about the game when its officially announced by Bethesda. #2
@ outside the box I know what u mean. The entire reason i dont have a ps4 yet is because i was anticipating this. It better be released for NA! #1.1.10
Yeah I remember seeing those flying beasts dive into the water and then swimming alongside Geralt. Good stuff. #1.1.1
Do hope its a new game. Hope its atmospheric like the third title and has multiplayer like the second. #1.1.3
I literally exclaimed 'oh shit!' upon reading this title. #1.1.9
At least the devs are cool about Aussies pirating it to experience it #1.3
I'm hype for this! #1
I'm not pointing fingers at anyone here bu I hope none of you are the 'lol VGchartz as a source totally unreliable' type when it posts positive sales figures of a game or system you dislike then praise sales figures of your preferences when it comes from the same source.

I see so many people discredit VGchartz when positive sales figures of items they dislike are posted : / #1.1.6
Oui Oui! Le Revolution! #2.2
genitals are blurred in Japanese porn #1.3.1
I've been telling myself since MGSV's reveal that I'd love for Big Boss to visit the middle east and run into a young sniper wolf.

Literally the reason I love the character is because she is a Kurd and romantically refers to Big Boss as Saladin #1.2
Interesting #2.1.1
Just throwing it out there but games don't always release later a ultimate or GOTY edition with all the DLC. It hasn't happened with AC3 that I'm aware of and hasn't happened with AC4, unfortunately : ( #1.1.3
^ Witcher 3 was announced for PS4 since early 2013 before PS4 released. CD Project Red didn't know if PS4 would sell such numbers or not compared to competitor consoles at the time.

Really, I'm sure they know there were PS3 owners who wanted to play The Witcher 2 but they are a small team and the complexity of the Cell processor made it impractical for them to bring it to the system, unfortunately.

There was even an effort to bring the first Wit... #1.1.3
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