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That is true Game3s but I should also mention that if you read about the next gen cell architecture at IBM's website. They made the processor just as easy to develop for as any other cpu.

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Plus IBM did conduct and publish papers on how to use the cell architecture just as efficiently as any other processor.

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I thought devs complaining was more relevant four to six years ago. Now most third party Xbox 360 or PS3 games look near identical compared to each other. For the PS4 the devs should be pretty familiar with the cell architecture.

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Of course it is known that some of third party games(mostly at launch time)looked better on the 360. But basically games like Uncharted 2,3,Killzone 3 etc. did look better than every game released on the 360(thanks to the cell processor).I still agree with you that Sony should make the cell more accessible to developers(plus do something about the ram bottleneck issue).But also keep in mind this is the first iteration of the cell processor in a commercial product.

If Sony com...

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That sucks! Maybe your game is defective-because I did not get the corruption glitch at all(though I did hear about it). Did you try returning the game to get a non-defective copy?

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I hope Sony keeps the cell architecture!Developers are getting used to it and producing quality games(like Uncharted 2, 3 and others). I heard that the next cell processor would include 32 cores at 4GHZ! It would be much easier for developers to utilize the new cell architecture since most of the good developers went over the learning curve.

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It is a matter of taste! I saw Hitman:Absolution as a mature blend of Blood Money,Silent Assassin, and Contracts. To me it is the best action GOTY. But 1UP does not have a single game of the year- it is just one of 1UPs favorite games of 2012.

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2012 seemed like a dead year for gaming in my opinion. There were just too many quality shooting games. Journey was big break from that. Though the year in general seemed like it was trying to be 2008 all over again.

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Journey is a decent game. It is actually quite inspiring that a game like that could win a GOTY award. It is different than most games.When I was depressed the game actually took me out of my depression.I also have to say that my other personal favorite this year is Hitman:Absolution.

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There might be some truth as to why the ps3 version had the best score for Hitman:Absolution. I do not know-but I think it is interesting to add.

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**I mean kill non-target,non-civilian silently:)

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The reaction to this game is so mixed it is amazing! I kinda disagree with the game being repetitive I thought it was the complete opposite of that. You can say the same thing of most other games. COD 4- shoot kill, MGS4- sneak on your ass then boss fight, GTA 4- party with your homies, complete a mission by shooting and then driving from the cops, Uncharted shoot,jump,solve puzzle and kill. Hitman Absolution is like either shoot kill or knock someone out, put them in a closet, take their clo...

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I did not get many graphics glitches on the ps3 version.You can also get your points back if you kill non-target civilian silently and then hide the body but that might be taken out of the PC version-I do not know.

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You still have a good point! I guess I am one of the players that did not see it annoying. Is there an option to turn off the score system though?

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You can get your pacification score back if you hide the body in a container. I did not see the score system that annoying.

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