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I can't say I haven't got a chance to play The Evil Within yet. I'm still hoping to get a review copy. #1.1
Do your homework WWE Games for the last 4 going on 5 years allow you to change crowd reaction to cheer or boo in options in and out of Universe Mode. Good Day Sir.. #2.1
Please tweet this out to 2K. Even better in this format: Paige As DLC..What?.. And Season Pass Confirmed | Let’s Talk WWE 2K15 @wwegames @2k #adgnews #wwe #feelit #wwe2k15 #8
anything 6/10 or lower on Destiny?..I could give up on humanity too.. #6.1
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The thing is technically Bungie didn't give me connect is with Activision period. Bottomline regardless of your two paragraphs of input of child stories, cartoons, Spongebob etc..this is a game that is an RPG buildup. There is build up of the world you in..and The Fallen. You just have to pay close attention..some things are unanswered but I feel it will be answered in the season pass. It's a buy..regardless. #5.1
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even if you feel the story is bland..that is still several reasons to play it..that's my point. You shouldn't let that hold you back..the story isn't terrible..that's what I'm saying. Several things in the game itself make up for it. Me saying an 8 just means it's not perfect I feel it's still above average. Nice hit though..they actually just emailed me a fact sheet and a link to assets .. lol #4.1
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Well in a way connects you flawlessly with all the game modes in a very cinematic fashion. Instead of just a bland menu with images which has been done so often before..the ship races off to the moon and various locations right on your screen. I'm just giving credit where credit is due..and you have to play it to appreciate it. 10 for online because it works flawlessly, matchmaking parties, no issues what so ever when I played. When your reviewing online you don't just conside... #3
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ADG SAYS!!!Buy It!!! #2.1
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can we get some comments? I would love to hear what you guys think. #1
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Thanks for the fast approval guys. Feel free to talk Amazing Spider-Man 2 and other Spider-Man games...or more. #1
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I respect what you saying and even know. Bare in mind what I said wasn't rehearsed I just spoke from the heart and didn't explain 100 percent all my reasoning. I hope PS4 and Xbox One stand up soon and I love them..I just can't 100 percent endorse them to everyone at this current point. That's my entire reasoning. Thanks for reading and responding so passionately. #6.1
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Thanks to everyone who read this regardless if you agree with me or not and help this get approved. I appreciate your attention, love and opinions. I want to say though my opinion is more so that..the games are not that far apart currently in what they offer from last gen to current gen. That is the problem I hope they push it...soon as an own of current gen myself. #7
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70 Degree heat and no approval..this is ridiculous. Can someone approve this please.. #4
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Theres still plenty more life in the ps3/360 which we have been seeing. Doesn't matter how long it's been since a new system was released. #2
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I agree I personal been reading these after they reached out to me about their work. #1.1
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This honestly the one low score review outside of R.I.P.D. The Game ..I have ever done. #1.1
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Yeah they did but as the other guy said. I just think they are doing smart business and concentrating on making the most out of what is selling the most for them right now. #1.2
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Thank all you guys for the comments gave you plus'es #2
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So true. #2
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OMG! How much is that in american dollars?! #1.1
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