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And Activision bought them off the back of Geo Wars based on your logic, and the MSR and Gotham games didn't happen and didnt sell more than 75k?

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Really? So Activision advertised the very excellent Blur for example like any good publisher should then? A piece of shit like Black Op's is advertised hugely and sells millions? .......Funny that isn't it?

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I'd be more concerned with get the basic physics fixed 1st as Shift stunk the joint out.

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Desperation at its finest. Another quality article hits N4G. I'm suprised the writer of the article hasn't been snapped up by one of the bigger sites. /s

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"Wow the truth hurts, Dont it!"

Yes, the truth being 200 people are about to lose their jobs.

Bright lad, you'll go far.

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Sadly this will have to go on the backburner along with NFS. GT5 simply demands all my gametime.

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Jesus, just when i thought it could'nt get any worse ..tut tut. Ban the people who submitted and approved.

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Skidmarks are in the game, other photomode shots have shown them also.

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All nice, but wait till the real gaming photographer gods get hold of this!

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Did you ever play the 3DO version Bathy? We used to have compos to see who could cause the most spectacular crash! This is the sort of NFS I've always wanted to see make a return. I was gonna get it, and still will but probably not till the new year. GT5 wins the priority stakes!

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I won't "demand" anything. I will demand however that C&VG stop with useless GT5 articles. Kaz won't release anything unless he is 100% happy in the time he was given. Sometimes you just gotta ship........Perfection is a highly subjective thing.

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LMAO! Niceguy and Giga are the same user! Replying to each other! It's our old friend POG, Why Dis, Hallmark Moment etc etc. Funny sh!t right there.

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This. Rather sickening reading some of the comments on here. People are very quick to forget everything GT5 has. Nothing comes close to what PD have crammed into this. Sad.

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I LOVE Mazda's! Can't wait! get out of my face.

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Theses quite a number of cars listed as standard that are premium, as witnessed in some of the leaked footage.

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F**m me, this is old news, do you actually do any research before you do these articles? I say articles in the loosest sense mind.

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GT5 cars average 500k polys, Forza 3 hovers around the 200k mark. Engine sounds have already been proven to be improved in the retail version. Please take you efforts and display them where someone actually gives a f**k.

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Welcome, now F*****F.

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Incorrect. 2 individual devices. Common knowledge in the industry.

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