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These days, anything and everything seems to be subject to accusations of "Racism" or "Sexism" or "Homophobia" or "Islamophobia" and more. People like this William Audureau have saturated these terms to the point where most people now have lost sight of what these words really mean.

Simply defending yourself from a personal attack by a certain group of people will land you in the "Racist" or "Sexist" category by c...

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Looks to me like this journalist William Audureau may be spreading disinformation for some personal/professional reason (e.g. national or global exposure).

He would be a shoe-in at CNN; For all we know, this could just be a tryout or initiation for him.

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The mind-numbing and dull Junction System is what ruined this game completely for me; Who the hell finds enjoyment in spending over twice as much time in battle just by drawing your spells from enemies???

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Oh Hell-to-the YEAH! Now is the perfect time to get back into Bubsy...said no one EVER.

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I love her smooth, beautiful personalities, er I mean personality.

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I wish the PS4 Pro was knocked down to $300 even, but Best Buy is offering $125 credit for all Standard PS4 trade-ins with one controller. I've had my good ol' launch PS4 for four years now (with zero problems), so it's time to upgrade.

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Heh Heh, that's exactly what I was about to say. If Sony had shot their whole wad at this one conference, with the Playstation Experience already in view, then what would they have to show or to have gamer's anticipating for then?
People would then be criticizing the showcase at the upcoming Playstation Experience for being uneventful.

This just reinforces a popular lesson of life: You can't satisfy everyone, all the time, at the same time. For more or ...

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"There hasn't been much in the way of a real story..."

Oh Come On! Really???

You're practically making the entire God of War franchise out to be just another "All Flash, No Substance" franchise worthy of Michael Bay's stamp of approval.

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America surely isn't bowing to them, because the SJW's are losing the culture war more and more every week.

Being offended at Everything is seriously their way of life.

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I share the opinion that Backwards Compatibility is always an asset, but it can never really be considered a prime, marquee selling point for any section of a user base; Casual gamers are less likely to have big deep libraries of video games, so BC can be all but worthless to them. With regard to Hardcore gamers who are more likely to have large libraries of gaming software from multiple console generations, they are far more likely to purchase a new console ...

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*Double Post* :)

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"A Game made by adults, for adults."

Sony summed their argument up very nicely. This isn't the 1980's and < anymore; Over the past 20 years or so, Videogames have been considered more of a recreational medium for adults than kids.

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I sincerely don't mean to disparage the Xbox One X itself as a console, but this article is just dripping and pouring with subversive promotion and journalistic insincerity and hyperbole:

"This is also a good example of how Microsoft is catering to its fans. It may not be delivering on a steady stream of exclusives, but it is doing things people really want."

Does this writer, Jenni Lada, sincerely think that GAMERS are more satisfied with f...

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This is probably the closest gamers are ever going to get for a "Loaded" remake.

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VforVideogames, Likewise, you can thank Sony and its fantastic job at engineering and marketing the PS4 before and immediately following launch for the Xbox One abandoning the whole Always Online infrastructure that Microsoft had intended. Everyone but the most delusional Xbot agreed that the Xbox One was a train set for complete disaster before they "flipped the switch".

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Hey everybody! Be careful because I just found the turd in the punch bowl.

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Hopefully that sentiment will hold true for any Story DLC for MGS5.

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Thumb up if you remember "Loaded" for PSone and Saturn. The Hong Kong Massacre looks just like I would expect a current-gen remake of Loaded to look like.

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Mikefizzled, are you posting all the way back from 2002???

Aside from the fact that it is disclosed that this trailer was showcasing in-game graphics, most games today easily impress graphically just as much with their in-game graphics as any prerendered graphics.

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Hell yeah! Anybody got some hot cocoa???

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