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Right, because people that were just speculative about games having an always-online feature (which is what is required to use the "cloud" capabilities.) or who don't just mindlessly buy into some marketing hype MUST BE SONY FANBOYS! /s

@ gangsta-red

Having an always-online multiplayer isn't an issue these days. What is is the prospect of having to be online to play single-player campaigns, and in order for the cloud capabilities to transfer... #5.2
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"I love watching you Squirm :)"

Well I learn from the best, from people like you and Foxtrot that misinterpret plain English and then start to huff and puff over comments that they do not even understand. #1.5.10
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@ Crimzon

I never addressed you in my initial comment, unless you and "Foxtrot" are the same person? I apologize for not immediately assuming that before because I'm under the impression that people with more than one account on a social video game website are a little wacko.

Well that doesn't come without its perks, right? At least that guarantees that you'll get at least one agree for each of your comments, right??? #1.5.8
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"...yet my comment is criticizing Sony while saying it should be more like Gears in value..."

You just validated my previous comment. That was the whole point of it. Maybe you should take a breath and actually comprehend something before you respond to it.

Edit @ Crimson

Nothing I say supports "Blind Praise". What I brought up was the act of fanboy self-assurance. And why are you so defensive about what I said if you don&#... #1.5.5
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Well I think people like you Foxtrot should just enjoy the great deals that you can get for your preferred gaming console and just shut up about anything else regarding another console that doesn't concern you. You guys complain that N4G is controlled by Sony fanboys, yet it's the ones like you that can't seem to stop talking about the PS4 and PS4 games.

I'd say at least 50% of the comments I've read in this forum talk about PS4 games. It's like why ca... #1.5.3
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@ Cindy-rella

Come on, be a little more reasonable. The fact that Sony has the mobile-tablet gaming market to stand in it's way is probably the only real point that the author made in this article. But that is still a very tangible obstacle that the PS2 did not have to contend with.

I think the PS4 won't exactly surpass PS2 lifetime sales figures, but it could come really close to it. At the very least I think PS4 will outsell PS3 at the end of it'... #1.1.4
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Why do you come to that conclusion? Because the Nintendo NX is coming out soon? Microsoft has a history of jumping ship to another console and leaving their current console stranded, but not Sony.

Remember, we are talking about Sony and the PS4 here, not Nintendo or Microsoft.

Edit: Or apparently in your case, selective memories and intentional ignorance. Sorry I thought you were someone that could have had an educated opinion about this. I didn't mean to... #6.1
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Yeah you're totally right. Doing some random punches, some body slams, a big boot, and a leg drop would snap me totally in half! /s

Hogan is one of the most bland wrestlers (in the actual sense of the word) ever. He is basically an old-school John Cena. I don't mean to hurt your feelings now. #3.1.8
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@ SuicidalTendencies

Actually if it wasn't for The Iron Sheik, "Hulkamania" would have never taken off the way it did - the greatest underlying factor for Hulkamania's popularity was American patriotism - and therefore Hulk Hogan would have never risen to high fame in the 80's. Hulk Hogan himself owes a lot of his fame to other people as well...

...There is your answer to whether I'm just some "young punk" that doesn't... #3.1.4
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I have decency, but do you have reading comprehension?

I didn't suggest that Hulk Hogan should die, I essentionally asked why is it that bad people like Hogan continue to live while other people die off sooner? You know, I wonder if there is any existential logic to any of this.

Edit: Why did you modify your original comment? #16.1
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True. Last month it was Dusty Rhodes, and now it's Hot Rod. All the legendary wrestlers from the golden era of Professional Wrestling are steadily disappearing. Speaking of which...

Why is Hulk Hogan, one of the most egoistical and selfish bastards in the history of wrestling according to many people, STILL alive? I don't know, maybe God has a sense of humor.

Mind you, that question has nothing to do with the recent controversy surrounding Hulk Hogan.... #3.1
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Yeah me neither. I've had the MGV Collector's Edition on my Amazon Wish List since early April, and it is still unavailable on Amazon.

But I'm glad I went with Best Buy on this one, because right now BB are offering the Gamer's Club Unlocked 2-year membership for only $30. That gives you 20% off all new games, so I immediately saved $20 on the $100 MGV CE. So with the immediate savings on the game, I only paid an additional $10 right now for the 2-year Gamer&#... #4.2
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"People will still find a way to complain."

That is the appeal of the world wide web. Like I stated a few days ago, typically the people that overreact and complain the most about something are also the ones that are least affected by it...

...Which in this case, that would be Xbox and PC fanboys complaining and trying to poke holes into this new PS Plus feature. #2.6
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Well thank you Dr. Phil, but maybe next time you can oblige us by NOT sharing your douchebag amateur opinion.

*Immature Bubble Vote Down* #6.10
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What's really funny, in an ironic sort of way, is that it's really the Xbox fanboys like you that have some ridiculous persecution complex that take the humor out of things like this. #2.3
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And the quaint thing about the internet is that typically the people that really overreact to something are also the people that are least directly affected by it. #2.1
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You got a problem with that, Jabroni??? #7.1
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You mean kind of like Horizon Zero Dawn, but as an FPS? #4.1
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Hell why stop at WWI? Can you imagine a Wild West-themed COD? That is uncharted territory for the COD IP.

I just finished Call of Juarez: Gunslinger and that was a fun shooter and the history lessons (i.e. nuggets of truth) just added to the enjoyment for me. #3.1
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@ raggy-rocket

Well don't worry, because that really wasn't a response. It was more of a personal theory, unless you have proof to support what you say?

And you're not taking the "flipping a switch" line too literally, are you? Because I know Microsoft's revised plan for the Xbox One did not come about by literally flipping a switch. #1.2.4
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