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Well thank you Dr. Phil, but maybe next time you can oblige us by NOT sharing your douchebag amateur opinion.

*Immature Bubble Vote Down* #6.10
What's really funny, in an ironic sort of way, is that it's really the Xbox fanboys like you that have some ridiculous persecution complex that take the humor out of things like this. #2.3
And the quaint thing about the internet is that typically the people that really overreact to something are also the people that are least directly affected by it. #2.1
You got a problem with that, Jabroni??? #7.1
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You mean kind of like Horizon Zero Dawn, but as an FPS? #4.1
Hell why stop at WWI? Can you imagine a Wild West-themed COD? That is uncharted territory for the COD IP.

I just finished Call of Juarez: Gunslinger and that was a fun shooter and the history lessons (i.e. nuggets of truth) just added to the enjoyment for me. #3.1
@ raggy-rocket

Well don't worry, because that really wasn't a response. It was more of a personal theory, unless you have proof to support what you say?

And you're not taking the "flipping a switch" line too literally, are you? Because I know Microsoft's revised plan for the Xbox One did not come about by literally flipping a switch. #1.2.4
You better believe he's the best. #3.1
@ Blackout

Why do fanboys like you get offended and speak out against EVERYTHING that isn't pure blind adoration?

I can be happy, I just refuse to be delusional and to have a short-term memory. After all, my previous comment was rooted in fact (with a reference to boot, just in case people like you forgot about it). Can't YOU just accept the truth and be happy??? #1.2.2
Well whatever it is, let's just hope he doesn't have such a shaky professional disposition as previous Xbox figureheads.

Example Given: #1.2
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It's not about making them "ugly", but you're close. It's about making them adhere to some code of beauty that won't make all the femi-nazis feel insecure about themselves, which is then naturally followed by anger and keyboard backlash. #1.2
Vinyl has been making a big comeback, so they are with the times. #1.1
Well you kind of have to look at it from a different angle. Is the CONTROVERSY that is being created around Shenmue 3 Overshadowing Sony's other E3 offerings? You see, that is very likely. Not that any of it has merit, because controversy and nay-say is just bound to happen anyway particularly from the people on the opposite side of the fence. #6.1
You mean every FF game that's been released on Xbox? Yeah probably, but every FF game period? Oh hell no, especially the installments after FFX (with the only possible exception being FFXII, which I liked). #1.1.3
Lee Carvallo's Putting Challenge.

Would you like to play...again?

You have #2
LOL. Now that was funny. But now I'm going to have that lame song stuck in my head for the rest of the day... #6.2
Well of course sex has an effect. Sex is the only thing that has sold since the beginning of time. #7.1.1
Given the artistic design of the commercial set pieces and of the game itself, its more reasonable to say the name is more of a rip off of Game of Thrones and God of War, instead of Gears of War.

But aside from that, don't you just love how using sex to sell a product is being shamed now, but when something that's catered to women like Magic Mike XXL or whatever comes out, nobody seems to bring this topic up.

Only when sex is catered to men does it be... #8
Exactly. Dammit Sony why don't you just COD-ify all of your IP's so that you can give video gaming "journalists" a new angle that they can go off of. Because we all know if Sony did make GT a yearly franchise, journalists would then complain about that and start spewing out articles with titles like:

"Does Sony Care About Making Quality Gran Turismo Titles Anymore?"

"Does Making Gran Turismo a Yearly Franchise Indicate It Is L... #5.2
This may have been an accident, but N4G made a slip-up of its own; Planetside 2 Is In Fact Available NOW for Free in the US PSN Store, and not just in the UK. I live in California and I'm downloading it right now. #10
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