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This wouldn't be a bad decision, commercially-speaking, on Sony's part, but I just purchased Demon's Souls about a month ago and have already put in 24+ hours into it already so I wouldn't want to start the game over again. If Sony does go forward with a PS4 remaster, I would only buy it again if they incorporate some cross-save function that allows you to use your PS3 version save data with the PS4 version. I think that would be a major selling-point. #15
If you're like me, you will still have your 1997 edition of FF VII. For some time now I have told myself that I need to play Final Fantasy VII over again, but there are so many great New Age games coming out today that it just continues to be pushed back into my back Catalog.

Pushed back...but NEVER forgotten! #3.1
Oh Yeah. Even though I don't own MLB The Show '14, it's encouraging to hear that Sony didn't just blow off and ignore all the disagreements and jeers from gamers about Sony shutting down the servers of MLB The Show '14 a few weeks ago.

A motion like that makes me more confident about buying a Sony first-party product in the future. #9.1
What happened to DMC2, is what I expect to happen to the Metal Gear IP now that Konami took the short-sighted action of firing Hideo Kojima. #2.1
You're missing out already, brother!

Deus Ex is one of the original, landmark IPs of the gaming industry. All the recent news and excitement over Mankind Divided is well-warranted! #3.2
You mean Legacy of War? It's been a good little while since I played that Contra game, but I remember it not even living up to the SNES Contras. #2.1
I just hope Prichard doesn't come back. I already heard about Malik not coming back in the next game, so Prichard better not get a break. He's such a douche (and kind of a creepy one too). #7
All the people that are downplaying Human Revolution because of the boss fights need to learn a new term: Director's Cut.

Problem Solved! #9
I wonder which of the endings from Human Revolution this direct sequel will continue forward with.

*spoiler alert*

I also wonder if Megan is still conducting nefarious actions behind everybody's back. Either way, I hope the new Deus Ex comes out this year. #1.2
Kate Upton is smoking hot, but I think Charlotte McKinney is giving her a run for her money. #3
With that nice little statistical tidbit now published, I think it's safe to assume that all the femi-nazis are now formulating some campaign against Game of War. I can already predict what they're thinking:

"Game of War is Sexist! because it shows an attractive woman like Kate Upton in their ads...By the way we can't wait until the new Twilight comes out with all those vampires and werewolves that run around with their shirts off". #2.1
Amen Brother. #2.1
The X-Ray attacks are looking a lot more like fatalities now. Kenshi's was a bit a good way. #3
Where is Spawn? I heard straight from Todd Mcfarlane that he was going to be included in the game. Let me guess...DLC? #21
Ditto. I was thinking the same thing man.
Hey, nice SN and avatar! ;) Keep it going man! #4.2.1
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"Just having a laugh...yuck yuck"
Apparently looking at yourself in the mirror isn't enough.

"Preperation-H, because trolling N4G all day long makes your fingers sore. Also, doubles as butt-hurt cream."

First-hand knowledge, I'm sure. Care to share any of yours buddy? #7.3
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Very true, but you know what's funny?
So many of the beyond-idiotic MS trolls would label comments such as yours as some sort of "damage control".

"Gran Turismo 5 getting plenty of 9's and 10's" Damage Control, Damage Control.

"The online infrastructures of brand new games (particularly ones like GT5 that has only been out for 3 days now) are usually imperfect and are refined in time" Damage Control, Damage Control!

"Gran Turismo 5 has e... #5.1
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Bottom Line: You haven't played GT5
I'm sure (actually, I'd wager on it) that you've scoffed at any and all reviews bashing Halo Reach, Halo Wars, Halo 3, yet you are so quick to accept all reviews that bash any PS3 exclusive with a big warm hug.

GTFO. #6.3
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@ Ndi_bu
Bashing Forza 3 doesn't make Gran Turismo 5 better, but it puts things into perspective and can put all the blind, arrogant MS idiots in their place; Care for a piece of humble pie? #3.4.2
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Is that really it?
Are reviewers who dare to give GT5 anything under a 9 doing so just because they had to wait a mere 22 additional days for it (or maybe the other prior delays)? So GT5 is getting the Too Human-treatment, except for the fact that GT5 is actually a good game?

There is a positive to all of this crap; it shows that internet reviewers this era have far less integrity and cannot now be taken at face value with their opinions anymore. This has all been a learning experience for me. #2.1
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