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Ditto. I was thinking the same thing man.
Hey, nice SN and avatar! ;) Keep it going man! #4.2.1
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"Just having a laugh...yuck yuck"
Apparently looking at yourself in the mirror isn't enough.

"Preperation-H, because trolling N4G all day long makes your fingers sore. Also, doubles as butt-hurt cream."

First-hand knowledge, I'm sure. Care to share any of yours buddy? #7.3
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Very true, but you know what's funny?
So many of the beyond-idiotic MS trolls would label comments such as yours as some sort of "damage control".

"Gran Turismo 5 getting plenty of 9's and 10's" Damage Control, Damage Control.

"The online infrastructures of brand new games (particularly ones like GT5 that has only been out for 3 days now) are usually imperfect and are refined in time" Damage Control, Damage Control!

"Gran Turismo 5 has e... #5.1
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Bottom Line: You haven't played GT5
I'm sure (actually, I'd wager on it) that you've scoffed at any and all reviews bashing Halo Reach, Halo Wars, Halo 3, yet you are so quick to accept all reviews that bash any PS3 exclusive with a big warm hug.

GTFO. #6.3
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@ Ndi_bu
Bashing Forza 3 doesn't make Gran Turismo 5 better, but it puts things into perspective and can put all the blind, arrogant MS idiots in their place; Care for a piece of humble pie? #3.4.2
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Is that really it?
Are reviewers who dare to give GT5 anything under a 9 doing so just because they had to wait a mere 22 additional days for it (or maybe the other prior delays)? So GT5 is getting the Too Human-treatment, except for the fact that GT5 is actually a good game?

There is a positive to all of this crap; it shows that internet reviewers this era have far less integrity and cannot now be taken at face value with their opinions anymore. This has all been a learning experience for me. #2.1
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No, this article is a legitimate piece.
You know how I know, besides reading it myself? Idiots like you try to come in and play it off as something that was created in desperation. If this were really out of desperation, the material would simply speak for itself and attention whores like you wouldn't need to comment on it.

You know what I call desperation? Idiots who cannot wait to tout Forza 3 even when a review of GT5 gets an 8.5/10. Sheesh, a 2-disc racing game in the 21st century. It was acceptable on PSOn... #4.3
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Sh*t, What's next?
Videogames are to blame for his joke of a singing career and his divorce from Angelina Jolie?

Grow the hell up Bob and stop acting stupid and trying to find simple answers to all of your questions. #24
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Axl's doing alright, but he is far from his glory days.
Either way, for the past couple years Kurt Cobain has been making more money, and he's dead.

The fact that Axl Rose still calls his band "Guns N' Roses" is a joke. He is the only original member in the band, and by reading the article he clearly does not want anything to do with any former bandmates. He also didn't want GNR's most mainstream song "Welcome To The Jungle" in the game? Why the hell not?

Today, there is no Gun&... #2.2
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IGNorant? Yeah, now I'm convinced.
Sure the Move isn't quite revolutionary in it's direct architecture, since it is really just a more accurate and precise version of the Wii remote. But to basically disparage the Move on that basis and not even REMOTELY bring up the point of the Kinect as just an enhanced or HD version of the Eyetoy shows IGN's ignorance and stupidity.

Bottom F'n Line: Kinect stems from the same basic technological architecture of the Playstation Eyetoy, so slamming the Move f... #1.3.2
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I love this place. This very dark, sad place.
So many damn random disagrees, all surely reinforced by people who are genuinly thinking "The Kinect is the biggest revolution since Internet Porn!!!" #17
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A "butt hurt" P.I. huh?
Yeah that should make all the ladies at Foster Hill Middle School shiver with passion.

BTW, did I mention how much I love the top screenshot? Yeah I imagine that kid to be Patchstation 3. #1.1.4
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Idiot, blind 360 fanboy Cold 2000 doing what most idiot, blind 360 fanboys do:
Trying to stand tall and creaming their pants while talking of multiplatform titles.

To affirm ComboBreaker's comment, Fallout 3 was in no way the best selling RPG on PS3. Demon's Souls and FFXIII sold more on Playstation 3. I sure as hell didn't buy Fallout 3, nor the Orange Box, because of the piss-poor jobs done on them. #1.1.4
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Not all multiplats are inferior on the Playstation 3.
I could honestly name a few right off the top of my head that were equal or superior on Playstation 3, but your head is so far up your a$$ that you wouldn't care to pull your head out into the light and accept it anyway. #2.1.4
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Halois Fanborius:
A very strange, blind, deaf creature that speaks of Master Chief with the same fondness that gay men speak of Barbara Streisand.

Proceed with caution, as it may be in need of deodorant and hot pockets. #1.4.1
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It was a little rough around the edges at first.
At least according to the demo, but I had a knee-jerk reaction to pick it up once it became a Greatest Hit, and it is a good game. Maybe not good enough (i.e. simple enough) to turn the heads of all the COD fanboys out there, but good enough. #1.2
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According to Yamouchi's vision...
The PS3 did restrict GT5, but for all we know his artistic visions could stretch as far as and be as ambitious to project something that wouldn't be feasible for generations to come.

If everyone were to take it into context, there would be no nonsense fanboy bashing on this. Alas, no such luck. #6
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You never know, the robbers could have been ex-Gamestop Employees.
Old habits die hard! You can take the person out of the Gamestop, but you can't take the Gamestop outta the person.

JK, I keed I keed. #4.1
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LOL! Boon-Ga Boon-Ga!
XD Oh I love the Japanese world!!!

@ Above

Yeah lighten the hell up, will ya? #2
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Sh*t, it took me about 20 resurrections from the grave...
and a downgrade to Regular difficulty. I really thought it was just some sick joke on Treyarch's part to have an ENDLESS respawning wave of Vietcong's coming at you. Always position back in the same places! Always replacing their dead battle-buddy in the same position a mere 7 seconds after you had killed him. I...was...F'n...Pissed!

Up to that point, I was totally engaged in the SP campaign, and even after that point I still was, but the play testers at Treyarch... #1.5
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