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Microsoft might not of beaten them, but they shore did take a huge amount of their user base away from them.

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Many? You mean a few fanboys on N4G.

Most people are just waiting for the console to be announced, before making any decisions.

Anyone that makes a decision based soley on a rumour, is an idiot.

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@greenmeanie You're a moron.

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So why read and comment on it, if you don't care?

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You do realize Xbox Live only costs like $1 a week?

I don't think no ones wallet is hurting over Xbox Live.

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Isn't it in the best interest of everyone that the PS4 and 720 perform as fast and as equal as possible?

Multi platform games are usually always built to look and perform as close as possible on both consoles. So one console being slower than the other just hurts the other console.

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You guys do realize you're arguing over which multi-billion dollar company made more money right?

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Can't wait :)

Just hoping this time, the MP will offer more maps, weapons, and unlocks.

The last one just felt so bare bones and didn't offer enough to keep people playing.

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I don't see a new xbox being released till next year. Announced this year shore, but being released this year I highly doubt it.

360 is selling well at the moment so where is the sense in releasing it this year?

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Rockstar haven't disappointed me yet, so I look forward to playing their latest game.

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Rockstar haven't disappointed me yet, so I'm looking forward to playing their latest game.

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How do you write an article on Rockstar's hits and misses and not even cover San Andreas, Vice City, LA Noire, and Red Dead Revolver.

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Cause he can't live with the fact that people actually enjoy playing on a console not called Playstation.

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Well obvilusly it's more then Kinect if multi-platform games sell more on 360 then they do on PS3 but that doesn't matter when it's only exclusives gamers care about which sell no where near the amount multi-platforms do.

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As long as they fix the horrible lip syncing I'm sold on it.

Sort of like the fact that while Alan Wake didn't sell that well Microsoft hasn't given up on it.

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Why would you disagree with that?

How does that make any sense that to them that US troops invading Iran is the same as Iranian troops invading Israeli.

It makes more sense to me if it was Iranian troops invading Sweden considering it was the Swedes who made the game.

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Never have AAA sequels sold so poorly to previous titles.

Killzone 3 sold less then Killzone 2.

Infamous 2 has sold less then Infamous.

Resistance 3 sold way less then Resistance 2 which sold even way less then the original Resistance.

LBP 2 has sold less then LBP.

Uncharted looks to be the only title which I think will be able to match previous sales.

Now you could say they haven't been ...

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US troops invading Iran > Iran troops invading Israeli?

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Well this year the only exclusive, actually the only game I have played on my PS3 was UC3 while the rest of the year I've been playing my 360.

Last gen I never owned a Xbox while I loved the PS2 but this generation Sony has really dropped the ball in relying to much on average exclusives and not enough in offering a better multi-platform gaming experience.

I would love to be able to play my PS3 more but 360 just plain out offers a better experience this g...

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I have been playing it on the 360 on West American servers and Australian servers playing in Australia and I haven't experienced any lag.

It's not the servers, it's either someone playing on a server too far away or their connection just sucks.

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