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3DMark is a benchmark tool for testing specific parts of hardware and comparing them to other hardware, they aren't about being the graphically best software out. #32.1.1
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Nothing like correcting a grammatical error and making one yourself. #15.1.1
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Diablo 3 was in development for 11 years, and that turned out fine... eventually. #1.1.1
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"THE best looking racer anyone has seen."
"Bear in mind this is about consoles and that's what we are talking about."

Conflicting statements then, isn't it? #33.3.4
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And what's your experience?

Do you think people just make games and release it when it's ready? You know that EA is a company right? They run on money, with the goal to make more money.

Hardline was going to release in the prime time of sales, right before Christmas, of course there was friction when they wanted to delay till after that.

I'm curious as to what you think non-technical roles play in the g... #4.2.2
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Most butthurt fanboy this gen: patrik23 #5.5
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Haven't you heard? They are releasing the game, you just won't be able to see anything. #2.3
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'Building your brand' doesn't exactly come into play when you are a multi-billion dollar company that is one of the largest, most well-known companies in the world. It's about making money now, not about being known.

This also isn't some impulsive buy, if you don't think MS had some of the worlds best people looking over this deal you are a fool. There is clearly money to be made. #5.2.2
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And that's why you don't run a multi-billion dollar business.

Minecraft is so well established. Look at its sales, its platforms, its merchandise, its a brand name that so many people know, it even has a conference. You can't name a single new IP that even comes close to Minecraft in ANY of those terms.

MS could make some new features and slap a 2 at the end of the name and sell millions of copies in an instant across most of the platforms. #5.2
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$4000... You should invest in a pair of glasses. #3.1
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"52 race tracks (not including circuit layouts)"

That last part is kind of important. GT6 released with 33 locations, not including circuit layouts.

More cars aren't always a good thing either, how many of the 1,241 cars in GT6 do you regularly use? 10?

Quality > Quantity all day. Not saying Project CARS will be better, just that numbers don't make a better game. #11.1
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Can't believe people are bitching about having options. If you don't want to play it, don't... #14
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What does that even mean though? 'Aiming' 60FPS for what specs? What about us that have cards that can pump out way more? Why can't we just set our own limits like pretty much every other game? #2
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According to their graph there were far more PC players at launch than any other console, and is it really a surprise those numbers dropped? I screwed around with unplayable shit for the first few weeks and then gave up. I have the option to play better games that actually work, so why would I stick around? #25
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Capping at 60FPS is truly crap, and default of 30FPS is even more WTF. Why isn't this a setting in game? Why limit us to 60FPS if we have rigs that can go higher? I don't understand the logic at all. #2
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ITT: Nobody knows what a prototype is. It's not unusual for companies to TRY things. If you think a company just throws something together and just rolls with the first thing you are a fool. #16
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Plenty of RPG's (even non-RPG games like CoD) have level caps, they aren't exclusive to MMOs... #1.6
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Demo's are dead, which is a shame, I'm a big fan of try before you buy. When I downloaded PT on PS4 there was a total of 6 demos or something, nearly a year after the consoles release.

Luckily I have pirate bay for PC demos. #3
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B-but muh R9 290 equivalent g-graphics card! #53
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I primarily play on PC, I am well aware of framerate differences. Minor framerate drops at high fps (ie 60 to 53) is barely noticeable. And I was just pointing out how weird it is how the same people who WERE saying 60FPS isn't even noticeable are now complaining about minor drops. This is a mere 12% drop, yet people don't seem to complain about far bigger drops (such as Infamous 33% drop). Seems like fanboys hating for the sake of hating. #47.1.1
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