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There's one major difference though, one is digital while the other is physical. Sony rolling back a database entry isn't the same as a store losing a physical item. #9.1
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It was one of the cheapest options for a media player (streaming 1080p) when it came out, which is where a lot of it's sales are from...

It wasn't until after that better media players starting showing up (shocking in the technology world, I know), and it's not a surprise that large companies can cut prices of their products compared to a kickstarter... #4.1
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Sony advertised PS+ by stating that users would get it if they were subscribed. It's the same as any other company saying you will get something if you purchase a product, and then not delivering on that promise. #15.1
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U wot m8?

WoW, LoL, and CS are all online only and are arguable some of the best games around...

What PC gamers are saying that? I'm pretty sure the only thing about online that people complain about are single player games that require online to play, such as Simcity and Diablo 3. #10.3.3
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Sure is hard to imagine how someone can afford something that costs a fraction of something compared to a car or a house. #16.1
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Also known as the "First Rule of Ubisoft". #5.2.1
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Where are you reading exclusive? He's saying that it was not-mentioned/pushed back a long time so that consoles sell more copies. #14.2.1
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Pretty weird how both result in the same thing (no money to the people who made it), yet you believe they are morally different, especially when you consider that sharing gives you EVEN MORE incentive to not buy the game since you have all the features (aka online), unlike pirated games. #11.1.3
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"Rob Dyrdek Skateboard game"

Possibly one of the funniest things I've ever read on N4G. #2.5
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Sharing games to friends gives no money to developers, exactly the same effects as pirating, of which you can do on PC. #11.1.1
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If you want a webcam-like device, I'd suggest buying... a webcam. #3.1
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Who plays games to be cool? #3.2
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It still requires a PC, a TV, and a controller. This isn't anything that someone with those three things can't already do, so if they really wanted to do it, they already could... It's just more convenient than moving your PC next to a TV, plugging in the HDMI and using a controller. #3.3
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This has been the norm for years... I can remember as far back as PS3 release had articles like this, and what's wrong with it? Some of us don't like dishing out full price for a game that can we can complete in half a day. #36.4
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It's really not that simple. Humans still have a sense of balance, so if there's an application that moves people around (ie even using a camera to look without turning the head) some people will feel dizzy as their eyes are telling their brain one thing, and their balance senses are telling their brain another. This causes conflict which then causes motion sickness. #5.1
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Damn, I was hoping the game took 90mins to complete so it was more cinematic. #41
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It's funny seeing people complain over something like this, yet you go on any 'piracy' article and it's all about 'hurting the developers'. #15
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" Oh yeah, wait, why the hell does anyone have corded anythings anymore? "

The same reason people use cables instead of wi-fi, it's more stable and reliable. #4
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Fantastic journalism... The two 'examples' had nothing to do with feminism. The attacks at the transgender had nothing to do with them being a "female", and Zoe Quinn's attacks was because she slept with people to get good reviews, the exact same thing would have happened for any other favours that did the same thing (and do happen).

And the so called 'boy club'? I'd say the majority of guys would gladly like females to play games with, not s... #17
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Call it what you want to call it, but they used a logo without permission.

It's no different to if they put the McDonalds logo on it. Just because you buy a product from something doesn't give you permission to use everything they own. #9.4
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