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... Sony couldn't meet the expectations for the PS4 at launch and they have been in the hardware game for how long? It's really not surprising that Oculus were unable to meet the amount anticipated. Producing a whole heap of extra units just for the hope that it sells would be an extremely stupid business risk to take. Also, just because you know x units are needed, doesn't mean you can magically produce that either. Manufacturing can only produce so many units before an entirely ...

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Since when has IGN ever used 5 as an average?

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Because they choose to play a solid, proven game instead of buying into this weeks 'big thing' before it dies in a few months?

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What is that crappy test meant to prove? Despite the fact that the same could be said for the Rift and Vive, you left out the fact that PSVR has lenses (as do Rift and Vive), which magnify/distort the screen (and allow your eyes to actually focus on a screen that is so close). Your test isn't even remotely similar to what you see in the headset...

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The thing with PC is that you cannot simply compare the community to that of the console and expect the same thing.

Both are totally different styles of community; console tend to buy the new games, and play them in large doses until the next 'big thing' arrives, then a huge amount switch. PC players tend to stick to games that are good, and stay on them.

The second top played game on Steam is CS:GO, with first being DOTA. CS:GO is a shooter (so I'...

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And... that's a bad thing?

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Over 5million active subs in a currently crap expansion isn't bad. That's a lot more than many AAA get in purchases, yet alone monthly payments.

Also just because x game exists doesn't mean y game can't be created. WoW isn't holding any other game back.

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That might be true if there wasn't a giant piece of software between them called the Operating System.

Go look at any cross platform library, they all use different code for each OS as they all handle things differently. Then on top of that you have drivers which can make hardware act differently. If you think 'write once, run anywhere' is true for any complicated piece of software you are an inexperienced fool.

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Spenok, are you not familiar with damage control? Of course they are saying they are sorry, everyone was getting refunds and slamming the game, telling others not to buy it. How did the game even get through QA in such a broken state?

You sure as shit should feel entitlement if you pay $60; if you purchase something you should expect it to work correctly (of which there are many laws around the world that support the consumer on this).

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There's one major difference though, one is digital while the other is physical. Sony rolling back a database entry isn't the same as a store losing a physical item.

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It was one of the cheapest options for a media player (streaming 1080p) when it came out, which is where a lot of it's sales are from...

It wasn't until after that better media players starting showing up (shocking in the technology world, I know), and it's not a surprise that large companies can cut prices of their products compared to a kickstarter...

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Sony advertised PS+ by stating that users would get it if they were subscribed. It's the same as any other company saying you will get something if you purchase a product, and then not delivering on that promise.

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U wot m8?

WoW, LoL, and CS are all online only and are arguable some of the best games around...

What PC gamers are saying that? I'm pretty sure the only thing about online that people complain about are single player games that require online to play, such as Simcity and Diablo 3.

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Sure is hard to imagine how someone can afford something that costs a fraction of something compared to a car or a house.

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Also known as the "First Rule of Ubisoft".

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Where are you reading exclusive? He's saying that it was not-mentioned/pushed back a long time so that consoles sell more copies.

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Pretty weird how both result in the same thing (no money to the people who made it), yet you believe they are morally different, especially when you consider that sharing gives you EVEN MORE incentive to not buy the game since you have all the features (aka online), unlike pirated games.

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"Rob Dyrdek Skateboard game"

Possibly one of the funniest things I've ever read on N4G.

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Sharing games to friends gives no money to developers, exactly the same effects as pirating, of which you can do on PC.

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If you want a webcam-like device, I'd suggest buying... a webcam.

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