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well is that sound i am hearing? it sounds like Blizzard playing a fiddle on the entire video game community.

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Funny thing is that several Senran Kagura games are on the 3DS and Nintendo much like the other 2 first party get royalties from each copy of a third party game sold.

So in other words he is telling you not to give the company he works for money.

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this might be the dumbest comment on this site that is saying something.

this is as dumb as Fox news was with Mass Effect

this is as dumb as everything that came out of jack Thompson's mouth

this is as dumb as those people that call pokemon devil worshiping

this is as dumb as having the two presidential front runners opinion on video games in the past and their views on them causing violence

this is as du...

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this has gotta be the most petty thing a developer has ever done.

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someone people from both sides acting like a dick and don't anyone to any conversation about this.

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okay this is a legitimate sexist comment.

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@gamey if Gamergate were irrelevant we wouldn't be here almost 2 years later talking about it

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considering this is pretty close to the front page i am pretty sure a lot of people here care rather you like it or not.

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if you work as PR for a company that is known for being family friendly this is the last thing you should ever mentioned.

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There's a reason why i don't call IGN a journalistic site but a PR outlet for every major publisher instead.

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kinda of Square state at the Dragon Quest XI reveal that they have plans to bring Dragon Quest X and XI to the NX then backtracked and said they are only maybe bringing to the the NX but nothing is planned yet though Square is clearly interested in the NX they went as far as to say depending on Nintendo's stance with cross platform play Final Fantasy 14 could come to it.

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please do research instead of talking out of your ass.

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this is exactly why i got the special editons of Twilight Princess and Fire Emblem Fates pre-order

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probably gonna use this theme which might be funny to some since my PSN avatar is of Nightwing.

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already bought 5 and now just need to for pre-orders for 0 to open.

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i think he will either be one of the playable characters or the main antagonist.

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nope that ship as sailed but we are getting a physical release of 0.

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whose Sega executive do i need to suck to get these localized especially for 6?

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captain america "i understood that reference".gif XD

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dear fellow gamers who live in english speaking countries. please buy 5 right now if you own a PS3 and buy 0 when it comes out hell if the rumors are true that 0 is coming to PC then double dip too show Sega that we want these games.

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