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why can't we all just agree what she did is wrong and that she is the definition of a whore cause of what she did and never bring her up again? #22
Nintendo has just killed this video along with the chances of ridley being in the next smash. #15
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well i am a Wii U owner and have no more interested in the Assassin's Creed series and just most ubisoft games aside from maybe the new far cry and rainbow 6 #21
it only makes sense if they want to hurt their hardware sales #5
it got leaked and that its just pre order DLC for Arkham Knight that lets you play as the Red Hood

if this is true wonder what will happen with the Jason Todd is the Arkham Knight theory #34
its likely a sequel to Arkham Origins or that rumored Suicide Squad game #4
"Doctors have discovered a bile duct that is affecting Iwata's health." GOD DAMN!!!! i really feel bad for this man trying to keep the Wii U alive and keep investors happy even though they want Nintendo to go Mobile and want him fired and it sounds like he came pretty close to having cancer #1
or TV remotes #23.1
and matter more then 1080P

(though sadly i think i am the only one that thinks that) #17.1
Destiny blows Hardline out of the water #2
i got my Vita like a week after i got my PS4 but yeah i the only 2 games i bought so far is Persona 4 Golden and Conception 2 everything else has been Cross Buy games like Steam World Dig, free PSN+ games, or digital PS1 games i already own like Xenogears and Final Fantasy 7 #7.1
that's true Sony needs to make like a major killer app for the Vita and market it like no tomorrow or probably soon i can see both the Wii U and Xbox One out selling it probably by years end #8.1
well Sony can you at least make remote play 60FPS on the vita if your treating it like a PS4 add on cause some games like Battlefield 4's multiplayer puts you at a major disadvantage being locked at 30 while everyone else is at 60 #13
yeah with this and Bayonetta 2 its nice seeing Nintendo rescue cancelled or on the verge of cancellation games #3.2
i want freaking BIG GAMES!!! not smaller one's i don't even care if its an endless stream or not #28
i know about the light novel and manga that Edge Of Tomorrow is based off but i didn't knew there was a Video Game?

great movie though #11
if i had the money i would so finally get an XL #2
@NewMonday 4 Wii U games this year that are first party games and since your discrediting Zelda i will discredit uncharated by saying we only saw a cutscene and Aumora said this about Zelda #5.1.2
@NewMonday Captain Toad, Bayonetta 2, and Smash is coming out this year did you like pay attention to any of the conferences Nintendo has the most exclusives set for this year and next year as far as we know #2.1.4
was this the first comment you have read on this site cause there are far far more Sony fans on this Site then PC, Microsoft, and Nintendo fans hell like 80% of the time the top story is usual a Sony related story #3.1.5
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