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and with this i am pretty sure these 2 games are the first games for the NX announced. #2
that might be the best use of the bottom screen i have ever seen for a game in the entire DS family line. #2
i do have feeling that Rocksteady's next game will be something DC related but this just comes off to me as a nod to the Justice League and there much easter eggs that felt more creditable in the main game. #7
most likely another DC game cause the amount of the Flash, Green Arrow, and Superman Easter Eggs could be a sign cause after all Rocksteady has done this before like put a map of Arkham City in the warden's office in Arkham Aslyum and in Arkham City you can find a boat Scarecrow was using and dead bodies of his men during protocol 10 so i think it is most likely they are planning on tackling another DC hero or even a team. #20
both Metropolis (home to Superman obivously) and Keystone City (home to Jay Garrick who is Earth 2's Flash and Wally West who is the second Flash of the pre-new 52 main DC Universe) were mentioned by Scarecrow. So its obvious at this point the Arkham universe is a lot bigger then what we have already seen so hope we can one day stop calling the Arkham universe but instead the DC Game Universe. #4
by this logic shouldn't we no longer have EA cause all 3 of the first parties all have had plenty of bad E3's this wasn't the first time one of the first party had a bad conference and it won't be the last time we see a bad E3 from any of them. #3
Am i in the 90's or something? Cause people are saying Doom is too violent, Final Fantasy 7 is in development right now and to top it all off a Jurassic Park film is currently playing in theaters. #5
Screw it because i hoping to get a release date during E3 so i hold off on importing the game. But since E3 just came and went without any date and now might come out in the fall i just decided to order a copy off of amazon should be arriving on tuesday. Gonna have quite the busy week thanks to not only Batman Arkham Knight but also now Yakuza 5. #1
if anything Season Pass's don't make me want to buy any of the DLC until all of them are out. #4
hope we get Mother 3 during the digital event. #5
if this is fake then is easily by far the most impressive fake leak i have ever seen. #4
actually the leaker says the PS3 and 360 version will use the skyrim engine while the current gen version will use a brand new engine. #6.1
by Japan standards that is very good #6.3
seriously this is why i am tired of all of this sexism discussion's in just in the media in general why don't worry more about actual people and not fictional one's instead. #8.1
god damn it Capcom.... #1
i haven't read arkham asylum a serious house on serious earth yet (despite owning it) but i have heard nothing but great things about it and its cheaper then both buying both the book and game separately. #3
no i'm talking about the port begging that is already going down. #2.2.1
its on mobile so in a way you can say it had a non history of non playstation platforms. #5.2
well this comment section is gonna be interesting to say the least

*grabs chair and popcorn*

better not let me down fellow N4G commentors #2
not having iron sights is pretty accurate to star wars cause after all storm troopers suck at aiming and we will be playing as them half the time XD. #10
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