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Why would Lucina be in her own row or column far away from the rest of the Fire Emblem cast. #18
No, its just you saying it. #3.1
Awesome news, the first game was pretty good. #4
Sakurai knows what he's doing. #14
Still waiting for Zero Suit #9.2
Plan to pick all those up actually except Far Cry 4 #12
The ability to act as a mini fridge. #11
This is pretty similar to what Charlie Sheen actually did LOL. #2.1
I think GRID had the best damage system for a racing game. Or I suppose Next Car Game would have the best collision damage. #29
There not going to do it and they don't have to. #13
Maybe your not but a lot of people in the Silent Hill community are fine with it. Go look at forums and communities, not just based on what you think. Also this game isn't just target at SH fans anymore, there are now a shit ton of fans from only playing the latest teaser. It's Silent Hills, it pretty much screams reboot. #16.1.1
Agreed but I wouldn't be mad if it was first person because I was still scared shitless.

Recently went back to play RE1 that I haven't played in years. The game is still scary even though the graphics have aged and its 3rd person. I say its still possible to have a scary game in 3rd person if done right. #6.4
Mostly all Silent Hill fans are okay with it being first person. First person feels more immersive in the world and for a horror game like this, it just feels right. But traditionally SH games have always been 3rd person. I think they should do both if possible with the player having the option to switch between. #16
Is there a comparison between the 360 and One version of the game? Don't own a One yet but I might buy this on 360. #12
Hope not. I don't buy many games on release so I can wait but still. Same goes for exclusive DLC or timed exclusive DLC. #3
Thanks for a real explanation. Just a question, not bashing Driveclub guys... #7.3.1
That's strange considering in the full video posted here on N4G, people said it was probably a photo mode. I'm just asking not bashing this game... #7.2.1
It was paused though after because it pans out and looks at the other cars. I was thinking it was a replay or something. The gameplay shown before it looks pretty different to me. #7.1.1
Really impressed with Driveclub however isn't that photo-mode for Driveclub? Not really a fair comparison. #7
Sorry but the last place you want to play is in the bathroom ;D #2.2.2
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