wow, I think I got my first hater ... I must say that was fast.


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people still relies on Metacritic after what they did to alien swarm and wonderful 101?
The wolf among us is a great game and received only 85 too.

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"This, is WORLD, WAR, 8" best joke 2013-2014

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so what matters are the online services and not the games themselves. well, sure the OnLive knows how excellent choice is.

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I feel it would be too early to release a sequel.

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Why everyone says wii u is the default console for kids?, There are very good games "E" in sony and microsoft (for example the franchise of little big planet)

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know. hell, if only I did not have the basic need to eat. :,(

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Why not now?, At this time there are good discounts / offers and there are good games coming out at the end of the year (Pikmin 3, the wonderfull 101, etc.)

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if anything I said offended you, I apologize. and if there is anything you did not understand I will try to explain.

but please, try to point out my mistakes, rather than just point out that I made, without saying where they are or what they are.

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you did not understand the message right?

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I love it when the nostalgia fags get angry. "the new Pokemon seem cards from yu-gi-oh, do not even look like animals. first generation forever, and a "urra" by the involution in the game industry". ignoring the fact that it is in the first generation where the worst pokemon. (half a dozen eggs evolve into a palm tree, a rock with two arms ... it evolves into another rock with 4 arms, a jelly purple called "muk" ... evolving ... into another but only higher; a &#...

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in fact this is one of those games you like or do not like. but do not love it or hate it ...will see many people who actually like :3

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where is bayonetta and mirror's edge?

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da fak are you talking about?

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as sega, I believe that when going bankrupt. but meanwhile, do not see much logic not exclusive launch for "wii u". I also think that they are simply paying more attention than they should to the same problem of every generation with "nintendo": n64 will use cartridges instead of CDs? lost. the gamecube is not having good sales? lost. the Wii is less powerful than the other consoles? lost. the nintendo ds have 2 screens? lost. the 3ds does not have a great catalog release?...

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Yes, as happened with the gamecube ... wait a minute ...

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looks fun.

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xbox and ps too. although one likes a game series, also companies must have new ideas that deliver different franchises to not fall into a single category. :3

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@PopRocks359 I know, but if they are not good sales does not help much promote the newly released console.

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