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"Snake? Snake?? Snaaaaaake!??"


Way to go Sony! /s #4
Hardly leaked when it isn't a fully reputable source #4
I've been crying for custom soundtracks for ages #5
I would throw a letter from him straight in the bin anyway #19
Everyone's got to survive on something #3.1
Nope. Not risking it. #1
When are we even going to see some gameplay for ourselves? It's out in a few weeks and we've seen nout #2
Because we paid a lot of money so we want to play big blockbuster games on it. Not some little indie game that looks like it was dragged up from 20 years ago #11
it wouldn't be used as a marketing tool if the xbox could do the same performance as ps4 #1.3
"Don't Worry About Tom Clancy's The Division Graphics Downgrade on PS4, Xbox One and PC"

Sooo, there will be a downgrade but they're saying just don't worry about it? lol #7
MediEvil, Syphon Filter, The Getaway #3
Custom soundtracks #9
pretty lacklustre article #1
The Getaway. Medievil. Syphon Filter. #18
Custom Soundtracks. Been wanting it ever since the PS3 and it's ridiculous it's taking this long #12
custom soundtracks ya kernts #13
The whole thing I hope and not a shortened version #3
I know a Clint quote when I see one #7.1.2
Howay Koji, show us the goods mate! #7
I imagine the Witcher 3 has shaken them up a little so they will be working very hard on making a game even better #6.1
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