Snake? Snake?? Snaaaaaake!??
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Animation is extremely important for life-like worlds too

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Wake up, get up, get out there (and buy it)

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Hopefully there's a British side to the campaign and not just the Americans as usual

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Gregory Horror Show. A forgotten gem.

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It only has one saved setting and that is for 'Game mode' so when you switch HDR off with the higher contrast colours and what not enabled, it's still there and makes the pictures oversaturated. And these days TVs don't need messing with that much to get the best picture.
Uncharted 4 and The last of us though. Look very washed out. Hardly any colour compared to the SDR mode. And I'm not the only one with the same issue.

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First Japanese RPG for me. seems a bit hand holdy so far. And stops to text boxes every few seconds. It's slowly opening up but I'm not feeling the magic so much with it so far.

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I've got a Sony 4k HDR TV. I don't get the hype behind HDR. In many cases it actually looks worse unless you mess with the settings every time it switches to HDR mode. 4K though is a very, very clean image.

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Nah I think there's a strong chance it could come out Nov/Dec this year. Been little talk of where it's at though.

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Don't we all?

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The first few hours were great but after that it just turned incredibly boring the way the missions were set out all the same in each area

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Bloodborne is a bit too niche

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Animation matters equally. When you get an NPC with wonky movements or they jump a frame, I completely lose immersion.

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So how come he is working for Umbrella now?

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Please be on pc too

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This will be a train wreck

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Well said. I didn't see this much whinging from right wingers when Obama was elected.

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