Snake? Snake?? Snaaaaaake!??
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It should have prepared then. Instead of being so snobby and thinking it was going to be a definite yes to stay in

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We didn't leave Europe. We left a dangerous political construct. And I hope the rest of Europe joins us in leaving too.

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I'm a young voter. 22 and I voted to leave. And most of my friends did too. Nothing to do with age.

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An excellent result for the country. And I hope the rest of the EU countries follow and leave the anti democratic, failing EU. This was a vote for sovereignty and democracy and we won a great victory today. Happy Independence day!

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You're the bigot. Grow up and respect the democratic decision. People like you don't think we're good enough to run our own affairs. over 17 million do believe we are good enough.

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Only want COD4 remaster. Couldn't care less about the futuristic rubbish

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Lefties probably w*nk off to this rubbish

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3,2,1, angry feminists

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Would be an absolute waste to scrap everything set out. Really hoping for a follow up game.

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No proper ending, cut content.
Conclusion was just plain bad and ruins the whole series imo. Repeated missions. Bad character design, old Native American guy c'mon. Bad story,vocal parasites Jesus Christ...Predictable story. Gameplay although pretty amazing got repetitive after so long.

To me I don't consider this a true MGS title. 1,2,3,4 are but the Big Boss storyline is just hot p*ss

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As good as the E3 reveal footage?

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Can't stump the Trump

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London is barely England anymore anyways. Half the population aren't native British.

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Had the same problem but just kept refreshing and bingo. Great it's a steam key too. Nice thing to do for depressed Bowie fans like me.

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Such a sad day today. Not ashamed to say I cried a number of times today. RIP Bowie. Will always be missed.

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We need a ps3/360 emulator

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Same here. Cdkeys is also always ahead of the competition if you keep a watchful eye for deals

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Try to keep my games on Steam for convenience. Origin for Battlefront only because I have no choice.

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There's no need for 4K unless you have like a 60 inch tv or whatever. Give me 1080p and 60fps standard anyday

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