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"Snake? Snake?? Snaaaaaake!??"


Excellent news #17
If only it had some soothing water sounds or music or something #1.2
No it's got to be third person #7
A new Conker game or nout #16
I'd put my money on June #7
I want an omikron remake with David Bowie #8
Should almost certainly be 60fps on consoles. #11
I doubt it will release this year. Next year yes. we've heard nothing about it yet. #10
My money is on it releasing in June. Similar to Mgs4. #6
Mouse and keyboard gives you crooked fingers #1.2.2
Please go back to World War 2 #18
Pretty sure he is just a Koji Pro dev who has scanned his face into the game #1.2.1
Wish women would piss off with their feminist equality shite #5
F*ck these ugly, obese and ridiculous hair coloured feminazis. #52
It's ok. Nothing to cry over #4
I heard a geordie accent in there. Class #19
That just seems wrong. Especially when Playstation Access was making all those videos about it. #1.1.12
We need a hideo Kojima style director to reinvigorate the bond name in videogames #7
wish this could be remade for ps4 or ps5 #4
It's the same when you fly in with a helicopter. No displacement #4
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