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"Snake? Snake?? Snaaaaaake!??"


oops. I read another article where the processor was a very latest one and assumed this article would say the same. Must have been wrong but yeah i5 It seems about right. #2.1.2
Pretty sure you won't need a processor that beefy. #2
I'm actually glad to see these articles. Goodness knows why some outlets awarded it a complete 10/10. It's a 9 at best due to the gameplay but the story is weak and the ending was horrendous. #3
It didnt make sense. Why would the real Snake waste years of his life waiting 9 years for medic to wake up? And an inevitable hospital attack. So many holes you can pick apart. And the whole switcheroo thing was a dreadful idea in the first place. A person at Kojima pro should have stopped him doing it like they did with his original idea for the MGS4 ending. #2
I think people are that disappointed with the story they really wish there is a heap of content hidden when it really isn't. I think it is just missing because development was cut short due to Konami fed up with Kojima spending too much time and money on the project. #10
I'm a huge MGS fan but felt really let down by this game. The,ending was atrocious. The use of Sins of the father was underwhelming. No Snake Eater style Bond intro. There was hardly any cutscenes, replaced by tapes. The characters were weak and not fleshed out. The defining point was the gameplay which is the best of the franchise. #6
I felt disappointed there was no epic intro movie like with mgs3 and snake eater but with sins of the father. I thought the song was used poorly during the game when you were sitting in the back of a slow moving truck #12
Just finished it. Great title. Would definitely recommend #4
Not overly keen on the presenters if I'm honest #1
Why can't it just unlock at midnight instead of early in the morning? Stupid. Don't they realise it takes hours to download? #6
For me best to worst
Ground Zeroes
Peace Walker #9
What a ridiculous thing to say #124
I'm British but I would vote Republican if I was American. #9
I'm not sure about the Quiet Theme one but I can't get enough of Sins of The Father #5
I don't like the main character #18
No doubt because there would be a feminazi backlash over here #9
would have preferedif it stayed in the 50s but 60s is also good if right #7
Surely when it releases on pc, people Can make a David hayter voice over mod. If hayter gets onboard that is #14
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Who gives a todge about this plonker #1
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Not impressed so far. Looks clunky and stuttery. #12
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