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no one agrees with that...

heck just the locations count alone in fallout 3 was vastly larger.

and MUCH more interesting #3.1
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the reason for that was not the video card.

It was not cpu optimized #11.1
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Looks good!

On a side note... go 49ers :) #1
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Exactly the issue people were concerned about.

this seems like the beginning stages. #1.1
Announcing them has nothing to do with working along side and designing them.

the citroen gt, nissan gtr, this car and MANY others have been designed and built into production cars with the gt team in some way.

Forza has not. the best they've had are announcements of cars alongside the game. Which GT has had done as well.

which microsoft probably paid them to do. #1.2.3
And people dare to compare to forza...forza doesn't have anything like this happen... PLUS this is one of MANY REAL cars that have come from gran turismo.

says which one car manufacturers take seriously. #1.2
It only had 4 days of sales recorded for npd #2.2
I agree, He seems to be very reassuring on the games progress. #1.1
typical gamespot downplaying playstation..."looks mostly CG" #3
ironically enough you say that but he was many xbox fans biggest saving grace last gen because he was all about xbox.

I have a feeling you just don't like his new console of choice #13.1
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how is stating the obvious dumb? because its against xbox? #14.1
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Because his channel isn't pro xbox anymore? #7.2
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I mean it does seem like it could get a little bit repetative...I mean he went back and fourth behind a few crates and paused time 4 times in one combat senario, but I think thats more chopped down to the nature of the demo. #1.2
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these shots are literal screenshots from the gameplay trailer that came out today #8.2
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There goes your credibility...

killer instinct IS a remake and available on older platforms and you forgot to mention mlb the show on ps4

and thats just off the top of my head

plus really?
kinect sports rivals...powerstar golf and fighter within?

no one gives a shit. #2.4.7
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Sorry man but keep grasping at those straws... you guys havent had a new game out since titanfall. On top of that there are lists ALL over the internet that say otherwise to the HIGHEST degree.

But we all know you have selective why bother proving you wrong

Allow me to answer that question.
http://en.wikipedia... #2.2
personally I thought this looked cool as a fps...

not saying it looks worse now, but it was intriguing to see it before #1.3
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the getaway AND eight days!!!!!!

why skrew eight days???? the concept looks better than any getaway game!!! Didn't you hear about it??? a country sized map!! #1.1.3
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blowing has worked since the days of n64 xD #1.1
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Playstation has a surprising amount of horror gsmes down the pipeline...

Just seems funny to me considering this is the same brand I spend hours diving into ratchet and clank, crash, jak and daxter, sly cooper etc. xD #1.1
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