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DX12 has been pretty disappointing so far. It promised a lot that sounded great if it worked, but those ideas have yet to be realized. (double vram in SLI, less reliance on high end CPUs etc.

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what graphics settings / computer config?

I have a i7 6700k 32gb ddr4 ram @3000mghz
and 2 1080 ftw in sli and I still get massive lag spikes at 1080p with a fresh install of windows 10 and 8.1

(yes I've disabled sli)

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Don't let this distract you from the fact that EA is consistently named the "Worst Company in America".

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His awards are interesting as lately that games thought to win certain awards don't. Mainly due to garner attention.

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Why do these things always neglect the OS...adds to the price

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Plus the 980ti is 5.6TFLOPS at PEAK performance.

they'd have to gimp some stuff or wait until economies of scale increases and prices of older chips decline.

The only cards pushing 6tflops + are the 1080, 1070, pascal titan, R9 Fury x, and maybe...390x/480x(just under I believe)

Those are all some HOT running/expensive cards

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Oh my god enough with the Harambe jokes...

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Easily one of the best looking console games to date. Even rivals some PC games visually

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"I don't think its going to be on any game of the year lists"

I'll quote you on that...

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The only thing laughable about that was the xbox had "better hardware spec"

That guy is working off old news back wen the cell was not very well understood.

The ps3 consistently had better graphics near the end of it's life there is nothing that looks like uncharted Killzone or the last of us on Xbox 360.

And there are plenty of best graphics awards to prove that.

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Brilliant games designer, but man this guy could be a d**k sometimes...

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Yeah no..I don't know what you were watching or what news you are reading but this game is running with the same everything on both ps4 and xbox one and the ps4 consistently has a higher fps in 90% of cases...

from this very article:

"That's all well and good for PlayStation owners, but how does Hitman fare on Xbox One? First impressions suggest a near identical presentation; we see the same 1080p rendering resolution with all of the same visual ...

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dx12 makes one heck of a difference!

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are you high? the gta V video was sitting around 45-50 frames through most of the video when NOTHING was going on on Im pretty sure I saw a few settings "off"

and the BF hardline video same thing..thats sitting around 45-50 with dips into the 30s. thats not a stable 60fps.

Im a PC gamer but this is what I hate in the Pc community. Everyone is lying about how big their penis is (in this case how powerful their pc actually is) Most games...

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I don't think I ever laughed so hard...Ryse wasn't even the best looking game when it came out.

Heck Polygon, one of the most biased sites even said killzone shadowfall looked better.

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yes, its the ign stream via youtube can be watched on the youtube app

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Microsoft had their best conference in years

Sony really needs to come out swinging, With all the first party studios they have at their disposal I wouldn't be surprised by MANY new game announcements. Plus the added benefit of going last always allows Sony to make last minute adjustments.

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You're seeing what you want in this.

The battlefield skin was one of my greatest fears...the general consensus however is that this is sticking almost religiously to the battlefront formula.

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AHHHH...there's the catch...

Lets hope they add more support (which will most likely happen as they test/build/etc.). Honestly the MS conference was stellar aside from the always present Microsoft fine print.

Sony needs to come out swinging in order to catch up, but I guess that's one of the benefits of going last, You see what the standard is and know the grounds to exceed it. Either way Sony needs an ace in the hole.

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I'm sorry man, but that is pure ignorance....the video game industry, and in particular the AAA video game industry is but MAYBE 1/100th of their business.

They pretty much own the machines in most gambling institutions around the world.

Not to mention the fact that putting all your eggs in AAA games these days can be very risky as Nio-Nai said above.

One failed game can ruin a company these days similarly to the film industry especially ...

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