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Depends Skyrim had around 2 to 300 hours of supposed gameplay. But 300 hrs of repetitive recycled missions over and over until you maxed out everything. And thats after you discovered all the map. I'm all for grinding but at least make the grind interesting in these games. Give us new locations of this 400+ hr games. #1.1.6
If MS put in their first party the same way they put in third party last gen then it will be damn near marathon of games from MS. #1.1.10
When indies abandon your platform?

That's odd whats this?

So MS losing out on early piece of DLC is makes them none competitive now that's interesting. I highly agree on Jap devs skipping Xbox. Don't know what you mean by European pubs skipping out on Xbox.

Heres... #1.1.1
I'm seeing a 7 to maybe 10 minute vid for this game at Gamescom. 3, 4 min vid on crackdown and 3 min vid for Scalebound. If paced out nicely.

@Chris Don't get me wrong I'm finally excited MS is giving us new Ip's they been announcing them strong lately. But, I feel they're announcing maybe 1 too many.

We won't here anything about Recore or Sea Of Thieves at Gamescom so I feel like they're pushing it aside for yet more new ip's... #1.1
@Rocket "And most of these games where either new at the time or hadn't been on a console before which is alot different"

Ok so you, me and others NOW understand it was just new games or timed exclusives AKA buissness, it took some digging to find all the major acquisitions that happend back then and I commend the arthur for that. Listen, "TIMED EXCLUSIVE" a term that didn't really exist up until last generation. But a practice that's been happ... #1.2.8
Rare had the Kinect shackles on them for years I'm sure Sea Of Thieves is taking all of their years of thrown away creative thinking and finally being made to good use, all in one game. #1.1.14
Its kinda obvious. Sports titles, movie licensed games and other licensing games have expired and I'm sure theres a small fanbase that would wanna go back to those games anyway. #1.4
@Tar "1/2 released on a system that had the bigger fanbase for the titles."

Shenmue 2 released on the Xbox and PS2 lead over that was near galactic. Nobody cared so whats the problem now with TR? #8.1.3
@Spawn Consider how wrong you are you just proved everyone's point.

Its not just MS that's been doing this. #4.3
Allot of these games are from older gens, indie arcade or early 360 days. Back in the PS1, 2 and even early PS3 and 360 days nobody made and outrage over those games and types of deals. MS is simply doing what industry has been doing since day one, both are for that matter.

The infancy of the internet is the main factor back then there was no Twitter, Facebook or any real open media to talk straight to the developers just forums where the hardcore were voice there concerns bu... #1.4
Fantastic sales. Congrats Sony, well deserved. #1.1.31
Whats with all the disagrees? Its still a great number but not nearly as good as PS4's obviously. Congrats to MS nonetheless.

This site man. #1.1.15
Creating new Ip is not easy, never was for any publisher. MS is as afraid of new Ip just as any other other publisher is. EA's didn't show off any new AAA Ip at E3. Sony, MS, Ubi, and few others are showing off new games finally.

So of course MS is maybe not "afraid" but cautious. But they're going for it anyway because MS NEEDS new material, unlike late last gen and and Phil is overloading Xbox fans with new games.

Quantum Break, Sea O... #1.1.1
Whatever is going on here MS needs to fix this pronto. Can't afford to piss anyone off MS, especially a guy whos handling a game like Scalebound. Gotta tell it like it is MS dont screw this up for yourselves and us the fans. #1.1.17
"Mattrick is the reason why you early X1 guys dropped an extra $150 for no reason at all. He's still there and now he's working on Hololense which means more dumb a$$ games from him and his team. He also went on various shows and lied about Kinect."

I agree Kinect is a waste from a games point of view but it still serves purpose for my living room however and with Cortana coming later Kinect will be more interesting and accurate.

IDC for Hol... #1.4.3
@Space "In a couple of years when Xbox has more exclusives, maybe I'll consider it."

What do you mean Xbox has a ton of exclusives this holiday and through out the course of 2016. Plus more will announced at Gamescom? Well you said nothing interests you besides Quantum Break but that doesn't mean nothing else exist that's ridiculous.

"But to say that Corporate leadership changed is far from the truth. They simply got rid of the one... #1.3
Man I can't wait to see their latest work on the game. #3
I notice the compression. Everything's seems to be a bit more blurry on WIN stream. Its only a slight difference though. Looks nonetheless. #1.1.1
Quantum Break, Sea Of Thieves, Recore, Gears 4, Crackdown, Scalebound. And that's not including indies.

Plus new ip's announced at Gamescom. Looks good to me. #1.1.7
I think ppl are just upset the fact its a year away instead of 6 month like many were speculating. #1.1.16
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