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Its still selling with out its games being exclusive to its platform. The rest of the world does not care, so there's nothing stopping you, oh wait imaginary fanboy goal posts that's right and walls of weak excuses. You don't like Xbox ok that's fine then stay in articles that suit you, if not then you're gonna continue to get schooled for your anise comments.

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Don't worry about it, you'll never plan on buying the console to experience any of it so why tf does it matter to you

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"and are trying to divert attention away from the PS4 Pro."

Now what kind of buissness would MS be running if they didn't? Free hand outs to its competitor is not how buissness nor how the world works I hope you never planning on owning a buissness with your mindset you'd give happily advertise for your competitor.

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I think it'd be wise for MS to reveal the console before E3 imo.

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Funny you say that because not only is that completely false and extremely wrong you should be ashamed of your ignorance but you ignore Sony's advertisement that I've seen all over TV. But you're gonna justify and spin that into a positive aren't you? That's what you ppl do right? So bring on the sorry ass pathetic af back peddling excuses and usual hypocrisy. ...

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So digital is cool now and thats where everyone is heading. Wasn't cool and apparently thats not where we were going 3 years ago. Thought digital wasn't the future?

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Well Xbox gamers are still gaming and MS is still releasing games. Just another article for the stupid fanboys to downplay I see all of you yall are not slick.

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@King ".even the scorpio is trying to boast power just because the ps4 was more powerful than the xbox." Power of a console isn't innovative nor exclusive, its a choice.... With your "logic" I guess Sony copied MS with the power of the PS3 since MS had the strongest console during the 7th gen, your logic.

Again with your logic PS VR is a copy from Oculus.

PS Move is a huge a copy from Wii/ Wii U

MS mad online ga...

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Ms still has an uphill battle MS can't afford to get comfortable they have to work harder than Sony.

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"I'm sure the same people you guys call trolls are just giving their opinion," Damn if I had a nickel every time I heard that lol. So fanboys entering articles on their most hated console is an "opinion" now pure humor. News flash man ok listen, just listen fanboys "opinions on something they hate is always negative and trolling, goal posting, spin, spin, spin for all eternity.

"You know what's funny you guys have this belief that Sony tro...

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Did I say ZERO Xbox trolls? I said they're enjoying their console and games more than the other fanbase. Just take one look on here and its beyond obvious the writings on the wall in bold print which fanbase spends their time chest beating vs just playing the damn games. Even on many other websites.

Nice embellished statement.

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Seems like MS is sorta forcing it on Sony's platform and not waiting around.

EDIT: True, Maybe Sony's starting small and wants to use Minecraft as an experimental.

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Phantom Dust coming along nicely man I can't wait.

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Seems like indies titles just eat each other alive through publicity "killer this and that" indire literally bury each other alive for attention sakes. Makes sense considering indie games don't have major ad backing with the exception of NMS. Clicks, publicity, ratings, the amount of coverage, comparisons to other indies and promoting them as the the next big indie title. Its not like AAA's that co exist like COD and BF indies are like the next popular kid in school. "N...

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From the looks of it you get to not only explore the entire planet but mine the entire planet down to the core now that's something else. Looks interesting I'll probably give it a try.

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Considering MS shot themselves in the foot multiple times with X1 reveal MS would be wise to do everything right with Scorpion. All those free games and gift cards were shades from the negative reactions still. Again MS needs to be nearly flawless with the reveal of the Scorpio then they'll be selling on its own.

"Scorpio is just next on the list of the moments that were going to turn everything around for Xbox and never did."

Correction yes...

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" But Microsoft can't as all Xbox games are now also available on PC thereby making the Xbox redundant, period."

Maybe to you and allot of others inside the walls of this spec of a site. But X1 seems to be selling ok despite its games on PC you understand in the real world not in the echo chambers of N4G the console is still selling pretty well.

"What is the point of out-muscling PS Pro when your console itself is no longer necessary?&q...

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Meh, don't care for October.

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Res sure did matter hard 3 years ago. We don't need a link to provide "proof" any logical person knows just being here on this site is proof enough of this sites extreme hypocrisy but of course fanboys are time sweepers and try to erase what they did and said and start up a new arguments and agendas. And when they get proven wrong again in the future they'll, thats right, try to erase time and history and make up more BS. Fanboys will forever take L's and embarrass thems...

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