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Gotta admit, that's a sexy boost on X1. Glad to see DX12 is slowly starting to become a significant thing on X1 now. #1.1.5
@Bubii I understand you passed out at MS reveal and E3 of 2013 and you recently awoke but its a different year. Don Mattrick is gone and Phil Spencer is in charge and its said Phils gonna go game crazy at E3. Its a games console first.

Now your up to date. #1.2.5
Sony doesn't have to deliver? Why is that? True, 1st party or not Sony's gonna sell, and they're gonna sell big. But that doesn't mean they can slack off they have to deliver the goods and work just as hard as everyone else. That's a terrible mentality you have there.

It sounds like your already saying Sony won't impress at E3. #1.3.2
I can see allot of 2016 titles like Uncharted 4, GoW 4 and GG's Horizon. #1.2
I can see those games. But that title of "winning" E3 isn't just one game its a series of games and other top notch announcements along with it. Who delivers on what people want.

You can say MS was "winning" E3 back in 10, 11 and 12 they didn't win me over or any hardcore gamer for that matter but Xmas came early for little kids and moms around the world. And MS did sell a ton of consoles every holiday. Who really "won" not ppl like me wh... #1.2
@Monster I don't recall @Moldiver saying he wanted Fallout to be an exclusive, rather MS COULD make it exclusive if they wanted to.

TF was an exclusive because of the resources MS had and TF IP was a hell of allot cheaper from the get go.

Fallout is an entirely different monster. MS could be spending millions and millions on something like Fallout which would be no issue.

Phil even mentioned over twitter that he manages where he needs to... #5.2.2
I severely hope your wrong.

"I'm not really expecting big shockers from sony this E3. I think they'll play it safe given their lead."

Doesn't matter if they're in the lead or not they need to work just as hard as everyone else to deliver the gaming experiences.

Not just for sales purposes but this gen is very, very young to slack off now. We know for a fact they're 1st party is very busy. I'm just wondering h... #1.4
This is why I'm looking forward to EA more than any other publisher right now.

Business wise they're horrible but game wise they usually deliver. Mass Effect 4, Mirrors Edge 2 alone is getting me excited.

Maybe Jade Empire 2 is part of that unannounced line up. One can dream. #1.1
And let it blow us alll away. #1.3
I agree. If MS confirms a secret Alan Wake project or sequel that would be amazing. #1.2.1
Greatest line up in XBOX history. MS needs to announce new Ip's at this point its been long time since they've innovated with new ip. I'm excited for Crackdown, Scalebound, Rare's new ip, and Phantom Dust.

Its said MS is said to confirm at least l new ip. I think we could get up to 2 maybe MAYBE 3 new ips if MS new studios are ready to show some things off. #2.3
As far as we're all concerned, its still timed. #1.3
I think it will depend on if Shawn Layden would want to push Tv again and hit the stage.

If he does hit the stage and talks about it, lets hope he keeps it at the minimum. E3 for all conferences is crucial. You really gotta choose what you want to focus and talk about in a short time span.

I believe Sony has some big surprises come E3. #1.1
@Mesh Tombraider and Uncharted, Just Cause are 3 different action adventure games I agree. But I think starting a modern action adventure from the ground up would be very difficult for MS. I feel like they rip a page out of Sony's Uncharted or Tombraider.

Which isn't really a bad thing it happens all the time, maybe I just want something from an original series. Imo the perfect game to do a AAA action adventure game from MS would be to reboot the Perfect Dark franchis... #2.3.2
You can replace your whole entire statement and put in PS4 and Street Fighter.

So instead of getting a new ip to compete with Killer Instinct they just pay off a developer to not release an an already existing franchise on other consoles.....all i know is if this is true the Street fighter franchise and all developers along with it are completely dead to me. Only an idiot would now go out and buy an PS4 that wasn't planning to otherwise just for this.

Not... #13.5
Imo if MS wants there Uncharted for Xbox they should create it themselves and don't let it be a blatant rip off of Uncharted.

As for Tombraider, good news. Might as well keep it exclusive forever the more quality AAA games that stay on Xbox the better. #2.3
Imo 1TB is enough but they could go 2TB there's just no way MS can do another price drop. It would be even better if they released it shortly after E3 to really make an impact.

But realistically MS will want to bundle it with a first party game or maybe a unannounced third party game this holiday. #2.3.1
Slim with 1TB would be interesting. #2
Well hes not talking to the likes of you or @Transistor. This article isn't for you. He doesn't care what you think because ppl like you are stuck in your negative ways towards them. Ever since he became the boss last year that's been his main focus.

Hes talking to current and future X1 owners not the bottom of the barrel low boondocks of gamers who love to be negative. #1.3.3
I hope so to this games gonna be sick. #1.4
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