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I'm not the biggest Halo fanatic but even I can see that Halo with each and every iteration has seen massive improvements over its successors, some Halo's are better than others but point is Bungie put huge effort with each sequel and yes Destiny even took from Halo when it comes to perks, customization, different spartan classes etc Bungie did that with Reach 7 years back. Destiny 2 took 3 years to make? Sorry but a 3 year game should be Night and day compared to its successor no exc...

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The PS3 was 5 to 600$ compared to 360 that was 400 actually running games better despite PS3 being more stronger at the time." It plays the same games with minor upgrades." 900/1080p 60 to 4k to 60 isn't minor. Plus the BC games are supposed to have significant upgrades as well.

"At $500 this is nothing more than a fanboy/tech geek console. There's almost no hype for this thing outside of gaming websites and forums" Excuses, excuses reach as har...

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Interesting never knew adding to the discussion of one of MS biggest problems ever is "fanaticism" @Evolved You need a life like pronto.

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I mean't to say if you own the Ip. "No wonder why Xbox One still stuck 30 million units for 3 years." MS has been stuck at 30mill sold in 2014? MS wasn't at 30mill sold in 2014 I dunno where you got that unless you decided to make that up.

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MS doesn't own DR or PUBG Ip they just publish them. As long as they don't own said property it will hit other consoles eventually. Nothing stays exclusive forever unless published these days.

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We all expected it was timed from the very start.

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They want to sell the Slim version considering its better than base X1 I am a little surprised though.

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Took 4 years to undo his mess all we need now are more AAA games for the console.

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I was about to say from early pre-Orders they seem to be doing ok. The real question is why is it doing so well early on?

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"Xbox live has a drought in player base" That's a new one. If that's so true how I'm always able to find games fast and easy across multiple games with out any problems? Make up stuff as you go N4G if it makes you feel better .Delusional, desperate hate, or just flat out stupid which one are yall?

I'll pick, Probably just stupid.

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"They should beg Sony because there aren't enough gamers on the xbox to play some of the online games sometimes like gears 4."

the biggest load of BS I've heard in a while even for N4G's standards that couldn't be further from the truth.You probably feel proud of that dumbass comment.

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Regardless of which console it is the the thing needs games period.

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I can see that, its a very realistic and reasonable number.

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I dunno bout DOA but having strong legs beyond the holiday is questionable with out the big releases. Sea Of Thieves and Crackdown won't release until next year. 1X admittedly has strong 3rd party support which is good news but that won't carry the 1X forever clearly only for a short time.

The exclusive is a huge, huge problem for MS I just hate the fact we won't here about the big AAA's until next E3 that MS hinted at few months ago smh.... Its always the w...

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Naw he doesn't need no new updates hes a every mans character easy to pick up and play just like Hanzo. Hes kid friendly enough.

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There you go spin it into some BS excuse. Because Its some how inhumane for an Xbox console to gain interest and actually sell out.

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I would opt out as soon its more than 60 year. Hell if it ever goes over we better pick the free games we want a month.

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These days gamers WANT companies to do bad and fail rather than do good but what's your beef? You realize Anthem or any other type future new AAA Ip would never happen if their games don't sell right?

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Of course you would your a fangirl why would anyone think you would play any other type of games outside PS? You would never do anything crazy like that. Only real gamers play or at least have some sort of interest of games outside of their main console. Meanwhile the peasants or fanboys stay waaaaay below the real gamer status, usually in huge abundance fighting a loss and extremely pointless cause.

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