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"Coolin "


"but they have a point theres no reason to own a xbox any more now that there exclusives are coming to PC"

You may feel that way but we'll see how the real world will impact to X1 one games goin on WIN10. And I have feeling the impact will be small so we might as well get over it and quit complaining right now. #1.5.6
@Don't worry about it. Enjoy the game when it releases. #1.6
Yeah this means nothing to me they're still console exclusive and even a few of my friends said they're getting the QB X1 bundle. #1.3.3
"There is no battle between anything but fanboys heads. But to say this does not matter is just desperate damage control."

@Game No. Only ppl like you only make a big deal out of something like this, there's no damage control or anything its all made up in your head. The rest of us will be playing these games anyway its only a small minority that actually care this. This whole comin to PC thing is a phase that people will forget about anyway. Wii U or PS aren... #1.1.6
Aaaaaaand nobody cares. So you can go somewhere else with that. You make it sound like X1 specifically have only little to play, so not true. #2.4
"In Alan Wake, the AI was very zombie like," Kyle says. "But here, the enemies have full search patterns, they take on flanking behaviour, all the good stuff that you might see in a quality military shooter." Again: do not sit still. You will die."

Smart and challenging AI I'll take it. #2
@Ranger ONE of the best looking next gen games the THE best.

looked at 2:06 multiple times saw nothing wrong but nice try in nitpicking at nothing loooool. #2.1.1
History shown a game like TF released on not only PC but 360. Two platforms that have very large fanbases still sold more on X1 which X1 had a small fanbase back then. QB will do fine sales wise on X1 imo. #2.6
They look good. And I'm looking forward to at least half of them. Can't wait for more games to be announced at E3. #1
"some people don't care that "others" can play the game too, they want exclusive on the Xbox and Xbox only. Its like you winning something and then sharing it with someone else so they can also experience the win some people don't want that."

Well those ppl need to grow up then. #1.2.5
See fanboys are flip flopping again what happen to console exclusives? Fanboys were very accepting of console exclusive here I called it its so easy to predict the actions of this site, honestly.

BtW nice try the only reason why ppl like you wanna deem that is to make it seem like Xbox fans have nothing to truly play. Like saying "Well Xbox fans ONLY have Ge... #5.1.1
Immediately the presentation looks phenomenal. #4.2
I think this has more to do with MS refocus on exclusives this gen than last gen. Console and PC happened all the time when involving MS platform wasn't a big deal but now it is because MS announcing and releasing worthwhile games it suddenly matters if its on PC or not. #2.2.1
So what does people want MS to do, pull off another 180 and not support PC gaming now?

What do ppl want from MS? #2.3
I'll continue to say this on these QB threads MS said they're supporting PC 2 to 3 years ago. After MS was a running joke trying to support PC 360 generation. Now that they're doing it people ar...who is really hurt by this? Who are the ones salty by this I wanna know. #1.4
X1 fans are happy and PC fans are happy that's all that matters. #1.1.1
But yet MS were nazi's and aren't in touch with the PC community anymore when they neglected PC last gen. MS delivers on this promise of better PC support. The funny thing is the ppl who are disagreeing are "hurt" or maybe to troll but this was MS plan all along. This takes nothing away from me as an X1 gamer. Damn if they do, damned if they don't. They have a bundle out so more the merrier for X1. #1.1.22
Ok I would hope the sequel would have better everything. #1
"And just because you don't state something positive about Xbox does not mean you don't like Xbox."

Right that's how I feel on PS articles you know my pain now. #5.7.9
I rather see the game on all three PS4, PC and X1. So everyone can enjoy it. #1.9.1
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