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"Coolin "


Yeah the X1 is much better than launch that's for sure.

But I am having a problem I never received the update for X1. It rolled out Monday and still don't have anything.

WTF is up with this.

EDIT:Uber Thanks I'll try that. #1.4
Wow Nice screenshots looks great. #1
Sounds a little bit like publicity to me. You know, trying to get people talking about the game.

Its coming to X1. I don't see why it wouldn't, even Activision doesn't know why. #1.1.2
@Mystic "As for parity, I think multi plat differences this gen will continue to be more noticeable than last gen,"

To be honest I'm still yet to see a huge difference between the two.

There isn't that one game yet where PS4 multiplat games completely blows X1 version out of the water.

Maybe there will be later on but I'm just not really seeing it, right now at least. #1.1.3
Wow big AAA corporations are really starting to get out of control.

Seems like more blood is on the line to create these AAA's games.

Power, egos, creative differences could be the fall of AAA's devs in the future if they don't straiten up. #2
Cheap casual games and some shooters. Definitely nothing ground breaking but its a start.

That's good that MS is at least trying to get their foot in the door in China. #1
I was thinking the same thing. #2.1
DRM is starting to sound like an excuse since everyone constantly uses that support their one and only argument.

That would be like saying someone doesn't trust PSN because it got hacked. I mean, Come on, that's ridiculous .

Its part of MS list of screw ups, in fact its the biggest one. But everyone wants to focus on the negative (back then) and the not the growing positivity (present).

At the moment I dunno if a 400$ price will make... #3.1.4
@Axe How bout we Ax your comments? Your not a real gamer if you wanna see another game, or console manufacture gone. #1.1.3
This is E3 all gloves are off. I belive this year will get people more reason to buy these consoles this holiday. Compelling games is what's gonna be the target at E3 and in fact it has to.

Launch games were fine for a while TF and Infamous were both great but I think the second time around these games need to further showcase why we own these systems. And why last gen was great in all, we need games that will break us from last gen and truly get us in the next gen side o... #6
@Abriel I noticed that to I guess those fanboys are sad Yoshida saved a very valuable part of gaming as a whole.

You know, exclusives. Smh no life fanboys... #1.2.4
Yoshida saving very valuable assets of PlayStation with out 1st party there is no PlayStation. Thank you Yoshida for being the gamer that we all are. #6
I'm pretty sure blocking used games is CRYSTAL clear to allot of people.

Yeah, we can comprehend that MS. #1
It maybe weird but its something the old MS would never approve of that's for sure. Don Mattrick and the old team would canceled this or better yet "canned" this.

That's the first thing that came to me when I saw this type of game. #1.1.1
So the X1 version will look great.

I'm SOCKED. #1
Use light to kill the monsters. Alan Wake had a deeper inspiration than I thought. #2
I hope its not just the vocal internet talk. I have a feeling it could be but I'm fairly confident allot will jump on board this one.

This games been a long time coming. #1.2
@Snuffles This is coming from someone like you who never even played the game but instead you go by what others wrote so you base your conclusion off that.

Typical internet.

"Outdate Source engine graphics"

Not once, NOT ONCE did EA or Respawn ever say this game will be some graphical beast. Throw that stupid argument away that's an excuse that never existed in the first place.

Your right the engine is outdated... #1.5
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Wasn't it a rumor that EA said TF sold a million? #4
But its not MS talking here its Grip Games commenting on it. #3.1
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