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ODST? They can keep it. #1.1.2
PS2, OG Xbox, Dreamcast, and Gamecube allllll day. WAY more innovation when it comes to games in that era hands down. #1.1.2
Never ending success. Congrats Sony. #1.1.2
OMG finally. #1
@Cindy Sony money hatted most of the major third party games this year. Just like MS did last gen.

Now Sony did make a machine powerful and easy enough for third party to willingly back Sony this gen. Just like MS did last gen.

Everything your saying isn't anything new its just what MS or an Xbox use to say last gen.

Its the war of third party MS can achieve similar amount of success by retaking back the strategy that Sony's doing now. #1.1.12
Just like what I stated here.

And I gotta bunch of fanboy disagrees.

Like I said Pachter doesn't know what hes talking about this isn't 2011 2012 still. He doesn't read up on this stuff like we do. Hellooo Phil's in charge not Don.

So automatically assume Sony will destroy is inaccurate and too early to tell. #1.1.12
Not bad at all but MS needs to keep that price to keep up the pace. #2
Sounds intriguing. #1.1.1
@EZ That's great maybe after said all that you can sleep good at night.

Anyway its not desperation its simply good business. I guess MS was "desperate" all last gen around Christmas outselling PS3 at every holiday and doing the same deals like they did with X1.

MS had this planned probably as early as last January and realized after getting outsold every month they had to plan this a earlier than expected.

Like I said MS is kno... #1.1.17
Not to mention sales. Capcom needs this game to sell and putting it on major platform isn't gonna help their goal. The games on PC but realistically (I know yall hate that word) how many units will the PC push?

Just like realistically Square releasing TR on X1 exclusively isn't gonna help their sales goal overall.

But its fine, I guess its ok for third party exclusives are ok now. According to a certain fanbase they weren't ok and complained abou... #2.8
"The Order: 1886's New Trailer Showcases Absolutely Nothing"

We don't know that, it could be a totally new monster for all we know. #3
Sony: The Order 1886, Bloodborne, Uncharted 4, Street Fighter V.

MS: Halo 5 Guardians, Rise Of The Tombraider, Quantum Break and Fable Legends is MS line up.

And I'd say it looks pretty healthy AAA blockBuster line up for both.

So I don't understand @Webbyy pointless and certainly uncalled for disagrees.

As far as indies Sony will definitely outshine MS.

In terms of AAA blockbusters they have the sam... #1.1.9
Ugh, I wanna see this game so damn bad.

EA better show this game off next E3.

In fact EA better have a real E3 next year and not half ass it like they did last summer.

2015 is the year EA steps up. #1
@PS? Yeah and?

Why so you can brag about it to all your little online friends?

Sounds like a blast. How bout we all just play games instead. #9.1.2

The hate over a, a, a machine is just... astounding.

Just....astounding. #7.3
Of course you got something negative to say about Xbox what else is new on this site..

Tell me what else is really new?

Its a headache here. #3.1
Every time NPD rolls around Sony and MS are like... #1.3
Yeah I was upset at first but then I thought do I really wanna go through another Destiny type of disappointment?

No I don't so another dealay is fine. #2
I guess technically that's that could be the story of the year,

Hell that's gonna be the story of the entire generation.

This 1080p thing won't get better. #2.1
Tomb Raider exclusive, Street Fighter exclusive, Destiny over hyped and low scores. #1
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