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"Coolin "



DX12 is still a work in progress and still in early stages. How much will it affect Xbox ultimately is still in the air at the end of the day.

But is confirmed it will take advantage of X1 substantially.

X1 will benefit from DX12. #5.1
Well this game looks very nice.


"Developer Area Effect, a studio consisting of Ubisoft veterans, has just announced their first game for an Xbox console titled Izle. This 3D action-adventure RPG lets players build their own world by terraforming islands with powers only gods should have. Players are able to explore... #1
Fantastic news but this was already said here. #1.2
So allot people are still goin by what Phil said 3 months ago.

Its obvious Phil and his team are still working on DX12 unlocks on X1. Things change and progress happens.

So people can't automatically revert to Phils statement like what he says is permanent and any statement made by an MS exec after that is irrelevant, because its not.

So look at this: 8h ago by AngelicIceDiamond | View comment
I really, really wish Bioware would make Jade Empire 2 happen for Xbox.

That would be amazing. #4
"One day people will stop buying into Sony's lies."

Umm what? MS single handily nearly doomed Xbox 2 summers ago. Sony at that point didn't have to do much at all to gain and stay in the lead.

MS doing what it needs to do. Improve its hardware and focus on the games. #2
Well, maybe.

The headlines and clicks everything that runs the gaming industry to give us game news or a different way of look at games (opinion pieces) would be way less or different to say the least. EDIT: (The click baity stuff is what I mean't)

In fact if console and PC unite and if it works 100% the way MS wants it, then allot of journalist would be with out jobs.

This video explains the wages of journalist's and why clickbait ar... #1.1.1
What about it? #4.1
Phil's is an incredible boss always love reading his tweets.

Can't wait to hear more games get announced with cross play with PC. I'm hoping for indies games cross play as well as AAA cross play.

Battlefront crossplay would be HUGE. E3 everyone cross fingers.

Its gonna be nice chit chatting with PC fans and playing with them. So glad Phil and his team are finally uniting PC and console.

I feel like we're final... #1
MMO and shared world are starting to throw off people thanks to Destiny. #1.1.3
One of my most anticipated games of this year. #1.2
Don't get upset yall its simply his opinion. #1.2.3
@Snookies Exactly leave that to the established IP's.

Plus its a cinematic story telling game the very last thing you wanna do is show all the good parts.

Think of Mass Effect.

Just like that one article with the gifs thinking he has it all figured out lol right. #1.1.2
@Reason Lol wait you think this is bad!? Do what Hugs just did except championing the Xbox on PS4 related article and see what kind of comments you can stir from them.

They'll attack so quick and hard its like a pool of sharks and gators eating you alive in those comments. You'll lose a piece of your self.

I Dare you.

You'll barely come out a live with a bubble missing

On Topic: Look this is great Phil's ownin... #4.10.2
Everyone thought PlanetSide 2 on PS4 was supposedly gonna be 60 frames, turns out it wasn't. #1.1.11
Whoa at those insane physics.

Its clear X1 can pull off some amazing physics in certain games. First Quantum Break now Screamride. #3
@Dark Ahh seems sounds like we're in to some great gaming this year and beyond.

From MS we're yet to see Rares new game/BattleToads Leap Experience pioneers which also spawned SOTA: State Of The Art, [FUN]CTION Good Science, Np Studios and Platform Next. Black Tusk Gears 4/collection, Twisted Pixel, Lift London, Play Dead Labs new project, Press Play.

more on Scale bound Phantom dust and Crack down.

MS has some unannounced games as... #2.1.1
If there's one form of journalism that is often overlooked is previews.

If trailers and interviews don't do it, simply read a preview of your favorite game. Previews tend to be more honest because the journalist has actual hands on time with it and telling you his thoughts.

People don't read previews due to time and they can be long. You don't gotta read the whole entire thing just sum it up at the end of the paragraph.

If you... #2.3
Great trailer this should clear some confusion. #2
@Seed I have a question. So does that mean any Indies released will automatically be crossed over to X1 and vice versa?

Or I guess PC to X1 cross over. #1.3
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