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So much for wanting to stay independent and not be controlled huh Vince Zampella? I love how he gave in to the very thing he's been fight against, especially EA's track record and their biggest mishaps to date MTX and Lootbox controversy.

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Which Xbox owner doesnt want games? Iv'e already said numerous times what MS needs to do. The only area at the moment that needs serious help is the games why make excuses about it?

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Would be nice but MS had some reconstruction and changes to do in MS studios.

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Obviously, the console needs long term investment and exclusives help that.

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Plus advertisements for all those. They downvote when you say something right and they can't rebuttal, they absolutely can't prove you wrong so you win.

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Yep as of November 21, 2017 they started 1st party stupid can you actually be....

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As I stated above those games in 2014 either released or got cancelled. Fable Legends, Scalebound, Phantom Dust Reboot cancelled. Sunset Overdrive, Quantum Break, Ori & The Blind Forest, Forza Horizon 2, Halo Master chief collection, have been released Crackdown 3 releasing next year. So there isnt this pretend void in the past 3 to to 4 years of MS not releasing anything. So much for being lied to either know your history or get off that make believe agenda.

That goes ...

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@Uptown Those games in 2014 either released already or got cancelled. So I dunno what you're talking about.

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The only ones making the "Switch" are tech enthusiast. Real die hard gamers are perfectly content with what they have especially PS owners who have a huge AAA games down the pipeline. Pro and Switch are perfectly fine and grateful with what they have.

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It's probably some indie game that nobody cares about, knowing Geoff.

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Building AAA 1st party games. Getting MS in the limelight of AAA talk and anticipation. A renewed brand awareness and having new games and renewed sense of long term interest in Xbox consoles.

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Since Phil and the team came through and promised on hardware. If they gave as much care as they did with hardware I can only imagine the software will be there. Phil said there next focus is on games and first party. Why doubt them now since they recognized they had a hardware problem and fixed it I can only see the same effort being done with the games.

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"You are lying. They look the same. They are the same image, same gameplay with marginal differences in resolution."

Ok so how were The PS4 and X1 console's SO DIFFERENT almost 4 years ago? Any reasonable gamer had the EXACT same argument 4 years ago. Now what you're saying is true, absolutely true. But how come your narrative is so accepted now, then it was when the consoles first released?

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FFXV came out almost a year ago. And FFXV didn't have any special DLC content on PS4 except some exclusive advertising, plus I remember both Sony & MS showing off FF at E3. COD and Destiny both have content deals through PS. They both want COD and Destiny to be the best place to play deals on PS despite 1X being the stronger hardware.

So they're holding off on 1X version until further notice.

No tinfoil hat/conspiracy just simple logic.

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"You should stop blindly believing in everything what Phil says and open that Xbone eyes for once."

Are you stupid or something? In 2013 Don single handedly destroyed 8 years of successful Xbox brand after the under performing OG Xbox. Don simply Be little press and gamers alike with "If you're backwards compatible, you're really backwards," NOBODY knew the X1 could do BC which further hints Don not care to exploring what his own console is capab...

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I suggest Phil buying Crytek. New Ryse sequel, Crysis 4 or a brand new Ip from them.

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That 1 billion is probably already spent if you include advertisements.

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Its funny because they've been trying. Phantom Dust reboot, Fable Legends and Scalebound were attempts but ultimately cancelled.

Quantum Break, Recore, Sunset Overdrive, Titanfall (1) and Ryse, Ori, Super Lucky's Tale all released. Of course Halo, Gears and Forza always seem to make there rounds. Hopefully soon to be released Sea Of Thieves State Of Decay 2 & and Crackdown. Looking at this ratio MS has more successful releases then flops with Sea Of Thieves, Sta...

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I agree Its not lookin too hot. It is gaming season its to be expected.

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My guess is they started working on Ghost Of Tsushima as soon as Second Son went Gold. That'as quite a while ago, You can't rush perfection SP just needed time is all and from the looks of the trailer, it looks promising.

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