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@Liquid The cloud hit another platform, which is PS4. People heavily downplayed it when t was announce. There's no forgetting Turns out every fanboy who trolled was wrong.

@Outside No Phil said Azure can be used by anyone even Sony if they wanted. Never was exclusive to MS platforms.

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I guess cloud matters now since its more multiplat.

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I also wanna point out 3 million downloads for The Crew. 8 million now. Hopefully, Beyond Good And Evil gets maybe half that downloads. Im thinking the sequel could possibly get announced next year at E3 using the HD remake to garner attention and hype, but then again thats a looooong stretch. I've never played BG&E and I'...

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I've heard allot from Beyond Good and Evil I'll have to try it. Warriors Orochi 3 and WWE 216 are definite downloads very hot month for me.

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I'll have to say Dreamcast because Shenmue, Sonic Adventures, DOA and Powerstone and Spawn were classics in my book and that's just to name a few and timeless games. Oh and Crazy Taxi was a classic, long live Dreamcase!

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Warriors Orochi 3 and WWE 2k16!? HOT MONTH

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@Loktai Xbox is a worse PS4? Gee where's Uncharted or GoW on Xbox since its a worser PS4 tf... Wii U has more value? No third party support and Nintendo bounced back with Pokemon on Cell phone device not even their own console bounced them back. Unless all you want is Halo and Gears? I've seen so many un-intellectual post saying Gears and Halo is supposedly all MS has and fanboys trying there little hearts out to dismiss some of the new games releasing this and next year that's an...

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Third party is fully behind it. PS4 and X1 are different systems but they're not THAT much different at the end of the day. Gamers want to game no matter who they're going up against.

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Not surprised its Rare afterall. Drop the anchor that was Kinect and let them let loose. Its still a little too early to tell but its seems that they're back.

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So I guess this is gonna be the usual topic amognst certain PC gamers every 3 or 4 years. How to spend more money to keep your PC over consoles. Some of yall do that but ONLY the hardcore PC fans will do that. Do ppl really, really not understand how impracticable it is to sit up there and update your PC every other year or so? Exception of the hardcore PC elist's who in the right mind will upgrade just to "compete" with consoles? Not realistic but highly, HIGHLY impracticable ...

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Break down the barrier once and for all if this is successful we'll see a ripple effect and see more games crossplay with other consoles. Its about time X1 and PS4 players played together and let loose much needed tension thats been built up for 14, 15 years! I also want to give MS props last gen MS ran a very tight ship with XBL and wanted no third party applicants everything was extremely closed off hell they didn't even want a internet browser in their console for a while. Hats off...

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When are we gonna here about the NEO? Feels like media and journalist's are somewhat shying away from it. Sony's not saying a single word about it. I agree with Alexious there's no way NEO's releasing this year and I doubt Sony will do a soft release for it.

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@Overload Since there's such massive confusion across MS products especially around VR and Scorpio explain to me why we haven't seen huge headlines form IGN, or Gamespot? Like we did around the X1 unveil, TV, Kinect, DRM etc all those article massive coverage over the confusion that was the X1? Where are they? You desperately need a life.

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"all he is saying is they will continue to focus more on traditional way of gaming over VR,cos he doesn't see VR as the future of gaming"

That's how I much rather have it we've have other forms of gaming before say like Kinect. The problem with Kinect MS was trying to replace traditional gaming with it at one point. Traditional gaming should always come first over peripheral gaming. Peripheral gaming should always be an option or co exist with traditi...

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That's actually very impressive and Nintendo needed to do something to start making money again. More consoles games and overall Nintendo is here to stay.

EDIT: In fact theres no excuse now Nintendo is fully capabale of making the NX as strong as Scorpio or NEO.

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"We created this thing called a ‘hate table.’ Depending on what you choose to destroy in the environment, there will be massive, big reactions all over the city. Gangs will get together against you. This is the first time we’ve ever had something like that. It’s just starting to come online." That sounds interesting you can be like a one man army in a way. Glad the campaign isn't just tacked on and in full development with new features in it. Delay for a game this ambitious is r...

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Nope, its Xbox.

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I dunno about "allot more powerful" but maybe a slight increase.

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Well MS never attends TGS these days they just don't have that sorta content. MS games wise are at a good position. All the new games will be announced next E3 and of course they're gonna show it "exclusively" on Scorpio. Right now MS is just trying to get everything out at the moment they're at a decent position with their games.

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The Sony doom stuff last year was mainly due to MS going and Sony not going for the first time. We didn't know the effectiveness of Paris Game Show then like we do now.

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