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Of course you would your a fangirl why would anyone think you would play any other type of games outside PS? You would never do anything crazy like that. Only real gamers play or at least have some sort of interest of games outside of their main console. Meanwhile the peasants or fanboys stay waaaaay below the real gamer status, usually in huge abundance fighting a loss and extremely pointless cause.

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They need to show off the MP that's the real seller.

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Weird title MS never said anything in deciding to have lack of excluives when they themselves said on numerous occasions they are investing in 1st party and that they are making advancements in all of MS Xbox branding starting with the console, online now there focus is on 1st party, they've hinted at undisclosed, deals projects, something from Coalition and 343. Phil even said he didn't wan to show off games too early. They're changing thing in their first party again as they sai...

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The image is sharper and clearer with deeper color on pro. The S looks a little more washed out with a softer look its kinda hard to explain but its image quality thats the difference. But its pretty obvious to me.

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I see it the Pro is way superior.

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Someone asked a stupid question basically.

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Hopefully this game will capture a new audience. Having a hard time seeing older audience returning especially after the second one. Though the online play should merge both audiences or any type of gamer that likes mass mayhem shooters.

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True but all versions of the game should be treated with respect.

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If this was the other way around ppl would storm down MS headquarters and take down the whole corporation. The only ones who are making a big deal out of this is Youtubers but the mainstream corporate journalists aren't.

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As of late Phil's been more open when it comes to 1st party chatter but everyone else at MS seems to dance around the question. I get it they're trying to sell a console and make it seem like all if not most aspects of the console is strong and it makes sense but this PR drill from certain folks at MS is annoying tbh I wish they would be more forward. If you compare the consistency of 360 exclusives to 360 to X1 is on track at doing better. State Of Decay, Lucky's Tale, Ori, Cup H...

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There's no way in hell Coalition and 343 can make the same stuff over and over for years and I don't believe it when Rod Fergusson from Gears said hes gonna make Gears forever. You get fatigue burnt out, and the once loved franchise is go's down hill eventually that's how it go's with anything. I believe its brand new projects from these guys.

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I'm lovin it. I'm surprised it hit 1mill considering the tedious learning curve. Though it is F2P so its not too, too surprising.

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"Power: I'm not entirely sure that matters. I truly don't think third-party developers are going to go out of their way to make sure the Xbox One X version is superior to the PlayStation 4 Pro version."

I most certainly hope they would. They did it with PS4 and X1 why would they stop now with these consoles? Funny how the the power is " doesn't matter" narrative is switched. I never switched my narrative on power 4 years back and don't pl...

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Oh..Hell yeah.

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The conference goes in two parts. Hardware wise, MS did great comparing to the X1 reveal 4 years ago. Game wise a little weaker due to lack of true heavy hitters like Ryse, DR3 KI surprise at the X1 reveal. Yes X1 reveal had the big games but mediocre console reveal and I'm not talking about being slightly weaker than PS4 I'm talking about not playing used games, always online and forced Kinect which upped the price. IGN said this was the best E3 in years for MS, questionable imo depe...

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You really need a life its not that serious.

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One conference talked about a number of games the other just showed games. How can you even argue that? That's retarded who cares not something you can complain about but it is N4G known to make any sort of argument no matter how stupid it is.

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A console launch exclusive is pretty clear unless your slow af. In case you didn't know those games will see other platforms later. Pretty simple.

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Ignorance is already starting with you @Omni. Never knew there were dormant Atari fanboys.

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"It was always that we were going to have two games: a classic campaign with four-player co-op, which is a homage to the original title with similar mechanics and updated graphics and more narrative." No wonder ppl are saying its more of the same that's pretty disappointing tbh. Well I planning on playing the MP more than anything with 10 friends, though I hope the MP has rewards or substance and not just rocketing everything that would get old very, very fast.

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