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But that's not what this is about and we know the same could be said about PS or any console no need to suggest what he should buy, and that's exactly what you're stay on topic.

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Maybe here in dummy internet Sony fantard land you think nobody wants it. But in the real world, yeah the real world I've spoken to ppl anticipating a smaller X1 and actually planning to pick one up. But have fun on taking over an Xbox article I mean you and many others here don't have anything else to do nobody here has a life clearly. No matter you guys don't have opinion's or a voice nobody wants to listen to stupid bias ppl, the gutter bottom of the barrel gamer that ppl d...

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"MS can't be trusted. By getting rid of the Kinect port on the new Xbone S and shutting down Xbox fitness is all you need to know. It is broken promises after broken promises."

So they got rid of the things that nobody wanted in the first place in favor what ppl wanted all along. But yet flip floppers like you would say "yep MS is none gamer with their Kinect, Xbox Fitness, Kinect Sports" if MS held those promises and you would be ridiculing immature...

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Is N4G really showing this guys content on here? You realize he's the biggest Xbot known to man right? 90% of the stuff he post's is extreme fanboyism and that's kinda the point of his channel is to troll and not take his crap serious. I'm against fanboysim in any shape or form this needs to be taken down immediately.

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They did smart one.

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"Doesn't change the fact the games being shown were shown last year and the year before that. Don't let them spin it though. Goal post moving...."

So and whats the grand prize? Whats the reward? Xbox fans get to play games soon and you and your fanboy friends sit around and bitch complain and get upvotes? That's the new goal for fanboys have fun with that sounds like a blast. But I'm so wrong.

You realize once MS games release th...

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@Abash so I've been yelling new ip's for a while. At the moment MS has a decent slate of games all we need now are release dates/windows for them now. Next E3 MS will show new Ip's but for now I'm actually content they've done they're share of games showcases, for the time being anyway. Side note they're re-releasing Phantom Dust next year so I'll be busy with that personally.

There's always "criticisms" surrounding MS around h...

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@Pumble how would have Activision done better than MS? It took everything in Sony's power to get Crash into the limelight and even then we're getting remasters. MS was treating Rare like crap last gen but they have ultimate freedom to do as they please this gen.

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"He clearly didn't give a damn if anyone liked it once he made it an XBone exclusive"

No he doesn't give a crap in general what anyone thinks hes making the game hes always wanted. Hes been known to block ppl and say offensive stuff to whiners, haters etc.

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I think its clear the dragon is the real star of the game. The protagonist I feel like is the voice of the game to move things along dialogue wise and to get you pumped for big boss battles. You can customize the protagonist also but its still the same guy Vs the dragon that can be vastly different then say your friends dragon. How the dragon plays, moves, skillsets, and probably how he response to your protagonist.

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The fact you get to 4 player Co-op all across the world from start to finish with your highly customized dragon is enough for me.

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It would be nice if MS spread their games out, but at the same time its not like I'm bored through out the year. People act like only exclusives release on the consoles and nothing else exist. Third party makes up the majority, a "big number of exclusives releasing at so and so parts of the year" are just bragging points on the internet and ppl think PS or Xbox gamers aren't gaming certain parts of the year or something. Like what? At the end of the day as long as I know th...

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@Naruga Please keep your fanboyism under control. Besides the Japanese market everything else you said is just fanboy tangents you we don't even know what Kojima's game is gonna be like? Plus everything you said is definitely in your opinion.

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Now you see what its like to see hypocrisy every 5 secs from Sony fanboys, Its annoying isn't it? The funny thing is ID @Xbox through out the years have been secretly and slowly back tracking dropping their policies to make it easier for devs but yet in 2013 and 14 MS swore these policies were needed for parity and other none sense. Yet another back track from MS but they'll never admit it.

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Not really. MS still has much to prove to the masses. Their reveal back in 2013 is still not totally forgotten. Pus Sony sales compared to X1 doesn't compared. Sony still in a great position. MS making some good moves yes but MS needs to make many more. Gotta be realistic.

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Me fanboy? I know for a fact you're not talkin to me.

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Yeah 2, 3 years ago.

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Last holiday to late summer lots of games from MS. Early this year not so much, this holiday once again a decent line up. Sony releases its games early in the year but not much for the holiday, TLG is the only notable one this year. That seems to be the pattern, nothing wrong with that.

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The same ecosystem, still exclusive.

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@EDMIX they're still exclusives but nice try though. That's MS plan aallllll along. Considering you can't play the games on PS or Nintendo. "Xbox had no more exclusives" argument won't be happening so sorry.

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