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@Fox Loud about their console? Answering twitter questions? We've barely heard anything regarding E3 and games. So how are they loud right now Fox? I'm dying to know. In fact somebody answer I bet nobody can.

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"Sony is gonna murder Ms at E3 because Sony has been quiet." So has MS? Besides nobody needs to murder nobody competition is good quit being childish.

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I'm noticing both Sony and MS are rather silent this year. Which is good more surprises and both are treading carfully this year. Mainly MS is being careful and staying hush until the reveal. Lets just hope weeks for the event nothing gets leaked.

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Project cars devs started it. Scorpio won't be held back by Vanilla X1 originally not by Pro.

“We may go higher resolution on Scorpio compared to Pro, or we may keep lower res but increase detail. Again, too early to say, and if we can do something extra on Scorpio easily we will do, we won’t hold it back due to Pro,”

Just proves that certain devs have no real alliances or favorites and just look at the raw numbers. Getting the most out of a console is fi...

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Damn you got ripped tf off

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@Feelz Lol that's because you don't know what you're doin

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How is Phil playing its fans? (and fanboys) I'm very curious.

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Just proves that gaming season is looking less and less attractive when you factor in low AAA sells this gen thanks to to the holiday rush. I don't buy many games during the holiday like I use to just like pre-ordering is dying down. Sony imo has it figured out that's why they release their major games earlier in the year so they can see those maximum sells.

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Or it just gives the devs more time to improve and get away from the crowed holiday that every dev feels the need to release their games in.

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The dev even backtracked in his own comment by saying (parapharasing) The Pro is really, really powerful but not powerful enogh for 60 frames. Live interviews always put devs on the spot.

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Parity was never the problem earlier in the gen and even now. I remember games were 1080 30 or 60 on PS4 and 720 30 or 60 on X1. Devs used each consoles capabilities at the time and still are. We don't know if Scorpio can do 60 or not but if it can then it should be no different with devs utilizing the consoles abilities despite a marketing deal. A marketing deal should never hold back another console back that's unheard of and crazy.

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"Right or wrong, it is what it is." No you're Dead wrong try telling that to Nintendo with Bayonetta 2 and see how they respond.

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Honestly MS needs green light the sequel like ASAP no more waiting around at this point considering they need games this would be the perfect AAA that's way different from any other.

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Trust me I've been doing my part. I honestly didn't think I could get into it the second time due to being possibly burnt out but I'm playing it like its my first time. The only way MS will do more with this game is if ppl simply download it and the reception is positive. Then hopefully a full fledged AAA sequel will get made. This re-release game only has one shot sink or swim or swim and I seriously hopes it swims....

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No it was a reboot.

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How do you figure that? Wasn't having Halo Gears the issue?

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I wish I could find the article but apparently MS does has some sort of marketing deal with Assassin's Creed. But its not the only marketing deal they have another with another major publisher apparently. Sony doing 3rd party deals and are successful MS is simply following suit no use in either Sony or MS fans fighting over 3rd party deals even if they are bad for gamers as a whole.

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"They should stop doing what they been doing. They should support their consoles to the end of each generation instead of stopping support halfway"

The 360 was the longest generation of 11 years the one before that was Xbox of 4 the usual time frame for a console then. The X1 S a slimmer and slightly improved version of the vanilla X1 out. Not sure what you mean.

"they should play nice with developers and the competition and stop the bully tac...

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"There no hint of Microsoft even trying to compete at that level. Or even starting."

MS, Phil Spencer to be exact has stated multiple times that they're evolving its first party he said it in a interview few months back, and stated it again in a press release. I've already posted a link the facts are there.

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