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"Coolin "


And this runaway success will continue. #1.4
Well FH2 release perfectly with the cloud servers. Might I add SSOD 8 player online component is also works flawlessly I don't experience drops or anything.

My comment here.

Dedicated servers aren't the newest thing but its nice when a company dedicates its games and services to it to make your online experiences a hell of allot... #4.2.1
@Bash how many will actually care if SSOD, MCC and COD AW are coming?

Pretty sure Xbox fans won't care as much. #1.1.2
You said it.

We're in the middle of gaming season MS or Sony won't give away newer games considering majority will be playing FH2, SSOD, COD, Halo MCC, AC Unity, Farcry, LBP, TLOUS, etc.

Just like you said they're saving the good stuff for a slower month.

As for the selection. Not really bad but old. That indie looks like it could be fun I guess but I'm focused on trying to buy these games this season than worry about the free... #1.2
I still have respect for him its just that he doesn't know all the lies she makes.

I don't think colbert understands our hobby enough to know better. #1.1
Really glad Yoshida admitted its been a rough launch and his engineers are working around the clock to get things going.

PSN+ is being delayed due to the current state of the game.

Glad Yoshida's being honest about the matter and talking the fans. #1.6
@Disagrees? Been getting a whole lot of that lately anyone care to explain what I said that was wrong? #4.1
This pretty disappointing and huge waste of money, time and resources considering MS has been touting something like this at least 1 to 2 years before the X1 launched.

What they need to do is turn this studio into a games studio if they wanna continue there game focused road map. #4
This game is a technically amazing. Playing with 7 other players with all the mayhem like numerous explosions effects happening all while loads of Zombies on screen and yet the game still holds its frames.

I dunno if its just the stable frames or its MS cloud servers is what keeps things smooth either way this game works damn near flawless.

I'd say this game lived up to the teaser trailer Insomniac showed off a year ago. #1.1
@Riderz What do you suggest?

Tried my best to give feedback. #3.1.2
OMG luckyyyyyyy. #1.1
Lol yes? I can see a scenario where they could maybe extend it but permanently no because MS just like all companies MS wants top dollar. #2.1.2
Well constructive criticism would suggest the stability updates make the service actually stable on all fronts. I'm not saying instant noodles but hopefully by next years time the service would actually be more stable.

Especially if you have to pay this time around.

Maybe add in no downtime when updating in the future. Hopefully they can eventually do it in the background. Like I said its a paid service, theses should be happening unless that money is ind... #3.1
After Jan 3 its back up to 400$ so umm yeah? #2
Congrats Nintendo. Wish you all the best. #1
OMG by itself but not compared to PS4. At this point yall should know what I'm talkin about when I say that.

Its doing just fine when compared to last gen consoles. #1.2.1
Historically both consoles push great numbers during the holidays. But also historically Xbox generally outperforms PS during the holidays (360 and PS3) MS always has a good gameplan during this time of the year Just about every year.

MS could take it but I wouldn't be surprised if Sony still outsells MS even with 350 price tag. #8
Add it to the chalkboard. "______ will save XBox One"

Saving? The Xbox One is doing just fine? #1.2
"Lol, it's not all about exclusives you know,"

Maybe not but in the past 3 years before the new consoles came out it certainly was.

I mean that's all that mattered on here was exclusives. Not indie arcade and 3rd party was even getting shafted here.

Only when Xbox doesn't have the exclusive quanity is when it matters. But when they do have the exclusives its suddenly not all about the exclusives.

I'm... #1.5
That would be amazing but the $$$ that we'd need to spend isn't. #1
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