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The funny thing is MS games list looked worst before. I dunno think anything will compare to 1 or 2 games a year.

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Phil mentioned there probably won't be a separate console reveal but E3 Scorpio will take the main stage. That kinda sucks they need to get as much buzz as possible with Scorpio by having its own thing like the X1 and leave E3 for mostly games. Pacing will be everything for MS this E3.

I agree they can't drag on any game like they did with GWENT or at least let it be a big AAA game they have to promote then that's ok. Overall the Scorpio reveal needs to be delib...

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Couple in Scorpio revealing with games. The reason for this is to not spend too much time on Scorpio alone they can talk about the hardware while showcasing the games that'll take advantage of it. In terms of Ip's MS has OG Xbox games they can bring back they have a sizable amount, understandingly MS is lacking teams for it but I think they have enough to work on 1 or 2 OG Xbox games. Develop them as AAA status.

That last bit is more or less wishful thinking but Sc...

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That are in the past? Sure lets continue to talk about the past for no reason instead of focusing on what they need to do in the future. Bringing up the past for the millionth time is a great idea where do you come up with this?

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From what it sounds like they're leading with very different games. Imo Halo 6 should release next year again imo. Either way this a great step in the right direction.

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Can't wait to dive into the arena of Phantom Dust. Third Person Real time Action Strategy Card Game. All in one ridiculously fun game.

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Phil teased a new Ip at for E3. Always hyped for new games definitely but will it see the light of day who knows.

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Scorpio isn't new console if X1 versions will release right along side it.

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"It seems like Microsoft wants ppl to think that this is in some way the cancelled remake when in fact it is simply an HD Remaster."

Oh my God the STUPIDITY please stop. They announced it will be a remaster after they cancelled the reboot.

@Sparta you got marked for mis information I linked the remaster but you just continued on your little agenda considering I never mentioned anything about PD2. In Which PD2 doesn't even exist it was origi...

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Yeah and??? Why you pony boys in here anyway? This news and the game DOES NOT relate to you whats so ever. Still need to build a wall from you ppl.

Phantom Dust my fave game of all time and I will probably log in 2 to 300 hours again so a remake is perfect. But you and the rest of you stupid fanboys never played so you all wouldn't know.

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@Overload who cares! You won't be playing it, go awaaaaaay.

@Sparta You make my head hurt. I'm sure if Xbox fans were to link PD it would pop up as a remaster. Because that's wtf it is they even said it was a remaster and no longer a reboot duh. Overload is attempting to troll by telling ppl its a remaster which is stupid because everyone knows its a freakin remaster, because they announced it as a remaster, Einsteins man. Why are ppl so stupid on here? Not th...

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@Master It wasn't Phantom Dust 2 it was suppose to be a reboot all together. Either way the Ip is still happening and I couldn't be happier about the game considering its literally my favorite Xbox game of all time. Its even suppose to support the arena functionality on Xbox.

@Sparta Remaster just as good for me again its my fave Xbox game of all time so I'm stoked.

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MS may know it but they're no AAA MS games that we can all enjoy. Third party is CLEARLY important (ask Nintendo) but MS needs there own games no excuses.

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The game is still coming just not the reboot. The HD remaster is more than enough for me and hardcore fans of it.

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Phantom Dust is still happening. Ii agree we need to question MS R&D and why games aren't being released.

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Right MS released the slim in which allot ppl here didn't think it was gonna be that big of a deal or "cut in the sales of the Scorpio??" Since Phil been in charged hes turned the whole Xbox ship around. Scalebound's cancellation is a big deal and I personally am very upset and hell I'm even questioning MS games studios now but to question his stance over in the industry over a cancelled game is absurd. Hell Don Mattrick, Forced Kinect, Higher price W/ slightly weaker sp...

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You can focus on the negative which is fine but knowing you, you'll glance over the positives, like mainly saving the Xbox brand all together. Who else in MS is qualified?

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Phantom Dust isn't cancelled, don't spread lies I hate liars.

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