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??? i thought it was going to gain some hardcore gamers...

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looks so beautiful and brings back memories..

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Sonic Adventure 3 for Christ's sake

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Honestly i want so much to buy a ps4 for this game (reboot). This new camera angle makes the world you are exploring more ''alive'' (personal opinion), honestly from the moment of the reveal i just cant help myself.. Exceptional change of direction and my favourite setting of the Norse mythology, cant wait.

Edit: please don't make just a trilogy with this setting, make mooooooorrrrreeeeeeeee!!!!!!!! please!!!!!!

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@Master 3ds is selling more than PSvita, Is 3ds better than Psvita?

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Good for you, i've been laughing with this overrated game for a whole month... :D

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Ryse says hi...
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Phil praising is a good thing but try for example to turn Perfect Dark to something similar like Uncharted 4 will be even better. thanks.

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Are you serious? '-'

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seriously i dont want to troll here honestly, but these graphics are bad, driveclub looks like cg and is by far the best looking racer out there..

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Sounds like Nintendo love experimenting with everything... must have a lot of cash.

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Metacritic is the biggest joke and plague in the industry.

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PURE GREATNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The problem that many people do not understand is that, THIS IS actually a beta. This is how a beta should look like and not like all the shiny betas that we see often, because the 'shiny' betas are not actually betas. They are pretty much finished games with only some optimization left to be done.

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sad but true.

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This is a testing phase with many of the textures off. come on guys we have enough experience to understand what we see

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Buuuuuuuuurn baby!!!!!!!!

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