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Oh my... that game was the only reason that would make me buy an Xbox One S / Scorpio... :-/


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just skip to 19:00...

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Edit: LOL at the disagrees.., wont change the fact that it will score well, the fact that i like it and the fact that i'll buy it so... feel free to give more disagrees. come on people do your best, wont change shit. :)

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surely to take advantage of Pro's and Scorpio's power. Good news!

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it's the same trailer that they showed at E3, nothing new, but it's a beautiful looking game.

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i hear this shit EVERY year...

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You had me at Nvidia, you lost me at Tegra..

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??? i thought it was going to gain some hardcore gamers...

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looks so beautiful and brings back memories..

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Sonic Adventure 3 for Christ's sake

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Honestly i want so much to buy a ps4 for this game (reboot). This new camera angle makes the world you are exploring more ''alive'' (personal opinion), honestly from the moment of the reveal i just cant help myself.. Exceptional change of direction and my favourite setting of the Norse mythology, cant wait.

Edit: please don't make just a trilogy with this setting, make mooooooorrrrreeeeeeeee!!!!!!!! please!!!!!!

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@Master 3ds is selling more than PSvita, Is 3ds better than Psvita?

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Good for you, i've been laughing with this overrated game for a whole month... :D

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Ryse says hi...
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Phil praising is a good thing but try for example to turn Perfect Dark to something similar like Uncharted 4 will be even better. thanks.

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Are you serious? '-'

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