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you know the Ps4 is cheaper than a PC?

@[email protected]"

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this game is going to suck... just like lollipop chainsaw.. good for 1 completion.. then its just for perverts who havent seen seen real boobs so they go back and play it game..

this looks like garbage :3

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the guys an idiot, the game is fantastic I think he just wants attention on his twitter page very hypocritical replies and you know what its just pathetic......




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Reading through this comments theres no arguments or anything, its a pretty decent message board for an amazing which I cant want to play either!!

but who are th HATERS!?

why do so many dislikes?

wiiu butt hurt?

because even xbox360 people are going to get a ps4 now..

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The Wiiu is doomed

Stop with this false hope

Pikmin isn't out yet...

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No one cares about driving games

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I see what you did there LOL

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you are absolutely correct sister!

when the wii came out it was great for a month but its novelty, when I bought a ps3 though made me realise wii is a gimmick, and if the wiiu came out with maybe a new design it would sell more, but what they released was virtually the same console twice added a U at the end, and you expect people, or parents to buy a duplicate?

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I enjoyed DMC: Devil May Cry very much, and yes ive played the classics 1234, but I like the new aesthetics of the characters, environments, and even though the story was sort of predictable, the game is hot :3

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.. and you say sony and xbox want everyones money

WII made the most money, and sold the poorest games...

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I hope your not being sarcastic, I loved resident evil 4, and onimusha was amazing im surprised they never botherd to make another, viewtiful joe was great too, and I enjoyed killer7, final fight though.... not so good but atleast back then I had faith in cap com, now I just wait till they are cheap because its obvious they will release GAME + EXTRA later

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well said :)

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you are absolutly right, remember the days where you could play a game 10 times over and still find new things for free and unlock things which were already there, seriously first DMC now BIOSHOCK... I cant take it anymore... and fighting games have been a FAIL this gen.. pay for skins.. da fuq

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I was so hyped.... Seriously...

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PS2 - Games I Bought

Clock Tower 3 /Devil May Cry 1/2/3/ Final Fight: Streetwise / killer7 / Maximo vs. Army of Zin / Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas: Oogie's Revenge / Okami / Resident Evil / Onimusha < FFS / Viewtiful Joe / Under the Skin

PS3 -

£10 Resident Evil 5 from blockbuster
Decided not to buy any other games until a few months later because Capcom always releases a full bundle... Resident Evil 5...

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Mario has been constantly milked.... so its no surprise there is ANOTHER [email protected][email protected]

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I loved the old DEVIL MAY CRY games and I completed them all too there will always be a place in my heart for that story/characters

but Im also loving the new DMC - AMAZING

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I agree with what your saying


for the raped your sister bit....

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