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that is right, it actually sold pretty good with what it is offering now. there is no killer game and most of the Japan only PS3 services are not working on PS4 yet. I am in Japan and I bought PS4 but I think I will use PS3 more for a while. Dark Souls II and Persona5 is coming soon, many gamers are more interested in those than PS4.

but still when MGS5 launches with the special bundle in March, we will see big numbers again.

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"This isn't a Sprint" ???
but it seems MS is all about flashy starts. how many exclusives they have launched for xbox360 in last 1-2 years? not many. It seems they've been working hard on xbone for a flashy start.

and compare that with PS3. they are still launching a lot of amazing exclusives on PS3 and at the same time launching new titles for PS4.

noone knows how it will be for PS4 and xbone in 4-5 years. but our only evidence cu...

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another game to get platinum! demon's souls and darks souls were the only games I played until I got platinum.

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playing jap version of this game for a while, it is great. it gets quite tough after a while, you need to select correct spells and have a good strategy for boss fights. some boss fights are really long.

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Cloud strategy was really great, I am not sure if MS can match that one. It is a part open to problems when it first launched, but I'm sure they will improve.

Also agree the console itself is just a decoration. everyone knows many colors and version of it will come.

Anyway this was enough for me to make my decision to buy PS4 day1.

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Definitely I will buy at $600 and I think it will be around that level. Why make it cheaper? Many ppl like me will buy it anyway around $600, and others will wait for a price drop anyway. Even if it is $500 still many will wait for a price drop. $600 initially and drop to $500 one year later will sell more than $500 at launch and keep at $500 two years I think.

Also I think $600 for a console is not expensive for me thinking of how long it will be used. Many other things I bu...

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Played Persona4 Golden on Vita, my first Persona game, for my Japanese studies :) It is an amazing game, spent more than 90 hours on it.

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I just got my Japanese persona4golden and played 4 hours already. it looks amazing on vita screen, colors are so beautiful. and the game looks great as well(my first persona game). vita definitely worth the price I paid.

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So happy to be in japan. I preordered this, it says it will be released Oct 25th, can't wait for it. it includes Complete Guide Prologue + Special Map + Original Soundtrack, sounds great!

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100% agreed...

this game, together with Dark Souls, is all about exploring, developing your character, finding weapons, etc. Main story is not the focus. I just played about 10 hours and loving this game so far, planning with which classes I should finish the game. This will be my second platinum after Dark Souls.

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