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It's a game you have to play to understand. There is no luck in the combat, it's removing the combo memorization from the fighting game and getting straight to the high level mind games. In fact, if you want the interview they explain precisely that.

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Honestly, ignoring the last 20ish minutes, the ending was all about the characters. Saying goodbye to everyone was a really powerful moment.

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It's a really good level. This Portal 2 level creator is really awesome.

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Freed from the shackles of FOX forever!!!

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This makes me want to play New Vegas

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Mass Effect's multiplayer is really good. I hope that more games emulate its style in the console space.

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That's the worst thing I can ever think of

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I understand where you're coming from, but I don't relate. I don't enjoy watching other people play because I want to play and it seems like a waste of time to me.

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Glad you agree. This really is a fantastic game.

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It is, this game is so good. I fear that Gears of War 3 will not be able to be this good.

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I agree. It really is only an issue for those rare, equip items.

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Everyone is kind of a budgeted gamer, games are expensive and so is other shit. It's all about choosing what you want and taking what you can get.

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Dates can change, but so do relative time frames. Why not just say it will come out sometime in a year, but when it's ready. We want it to be done, but we want it to be good, so it may be pushed.

Of course if you're going to push something, only do it once please.

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I'm finding my own feelings for skyward sword draining. However, my favorite game, re-textured and up-rezzed? Yes, please.

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Well said. While I can't agree with the entirety of the blanket statement, I've pirated and then bought the games to support the developer, but I've also never claimed to just buy the good games. I love games. Sometimes I couldn't afford them and I didn't want to wait. I just make sure that I did buy them when I could.

I've never used piracy as a 'demo.' I did it because I was young and income-less. Once I got a job I stopped pirating. It was a...

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Well think about it. An eight hour game would mean around an hour and a half demo. That is ridiculously long. That and no self respecting publisher will allow a developer to put up almost a fourth of their game for free. It's insanity.

What the author is suggesting is that he wants to basically rent a game for free. Way back when we used to rent things for around five days at a time, you usually wouldn't finish the game you rented. It's different now, but that'...

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Well I agree about the save thing, but you didn't add anything you just restated what the author said. The only real criticism of this piece I can see is the issue of monetary gain. You're right, the demo of fracture made it look good so people bought it and the developers benefited. That's the point of the demo, they're not made for you.

Demos are a marketing tool and no one in their right mind is going to use a marketing tool to show that their product is su...

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I think that demos are at the height of their prevalence. Bioshock, Burnout Paradise, Bulletstorm, Dead Space 2, the list goes on and on. There have been so many fantastic demos that I don't really understand what you want.

For the most part, demos are a vertical slice. They show us the best aspects of the game. Sure they may mislead with this, but the point of them is to get you to buy the game, not show you that you shouldn't.

Also, 3/16ths wouldn&#...

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It's so amazing. I can't keep buying games. Bulletstorm, portal 2, pokemon, the 3DS, oh god!

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Very true. This week's was just exceptionally good.

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